Consider the Lilies..: June 2017   

Jun 8, 2017


I'm almost finished with Alyssa's blanket
It's taken me longer to finish than the other blankets, not because it's any harder but because I keep finding stuff to distract me.
Oh, and I'm not watching television as much, and usually when I watch tv, I crochet.
I've been keeping the tv off during the day so I would be more productive, so instead I work on the blanket while I listen to lectures.
I finished the course on the Westminster Confession.  I earned a whole credit and a half! Hah!
 Yesterday I started a course on John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.
By the way, if you're a Christian and you haven't read this book; why haven't you??
I really like the course so far. I've read everything Bunyan had ever written and I thought I knew just about everything I could about him (I even have a hoodie with his face on it!) but so far I've learned a few things about him that I didn't know and I've only listened to two lectures.

So..  Clay isn't going to transfer to Russia.  
He didn't like the offer and unless they change a few things, he said he's not going to accept it.
But..  He's had two other offers; one from Cogo and one from Kenya.
I honestly didn't think he'd entertain an offer from anywhere in Africa because he's been saying that he's pretty sick of Africa.  But apparently he's only sick of Angola.
So as of this moment, I have no idea where he will be going and neither does he, but after 15 years of the oil field, I've learned to just go with it.  

Well this was an uninteresting blog post, I have more but I can hear the dogs in the yard chewing on something so I better go see what it is..
Happy Thursday!

Jun 5, 2017

Favorite things..

My favorite things this week..
(it's mostly make up)

It's eyeshadow made by the same people that make LipSense.
Oh, my, gosh!
I will never wear a different brand again.  Not even kidding!
I use it as eyeliner too.
I put it on at 6:00 yesterday morning and it stayed on until I washed it off at 9:00 last night.  
It doesn't even come off if you rub your eyes.
This one is Garnet.  I'm going to get a couple more soon.  Well, not soon, but kind of soon.
The friend that sells it made up a subscription kinda thing where you give her a wishlist (I keep adding to mine) and once a month (or whenever you want) she will pick something off of your list and deliver it.  
Oh, by the way..  I learned something about how to apply the lip color and now it doesn't fade for a full 12 hours. Seriously!
I'm telling ya ladies..  Ya gotta try it.  I know that $20 bucks for a tube of lip color seems like a lot to spend, but if you never have to reapply, it doesn't come off on anything, and repairs your lips so they don't get chapped anymore, is $20 bucks really too much to pay?
Oh, by the way..  I don't get a commission or a discount for plugging lip sense  Truly!

Ok, next..  Mascara
It's not from SenGence, the Lipsense people (but they do have mascara too).
I got a little sample tube of this when I subscribed to Ipsy.  I canceled Ipsy because I really like SenGence and I was getting a lot of samples that I didn't use.
But this mascara is awesome.  Only need one coat, looks great, and doesn't flake.
The sample bottle is almost out so I bought some other mascara at Walmart yesterday.
This stuff:
It sucks.  A lot.  I had to put on 3 coats and it still didn't look as good as the Mad Lash (or any other mascara I have ever used) so I tossed it.
I ordered more Mad Lash from Amazon.  

Elf Primer
I have tried about a bazillion make-up primers.  Expensive primer, cheap primer, free sample primer, you name it.  But Elf primer is the best.  And it's only $4.  Elf has several different primers; I used the clear primer for a while and I really liked it but this time I bought the purple primer.  It doesn't look very purple when you look at the bottle but when you pump some out, it's pretty darn purple. Like Barney the purple dinosaur purple! 
I was a little nervous when I first saw how purple it was, but I gave it a shot and it works really well.
Purple helps with redness and when you're over 40 you want that.  
Plus I used to smoke a lot and I used to drink a lot and both of those activities add redness to your skin.
But with this purple Elf stuff, I don't need to wear foundation anymore; just some tinted moisturizer..

My last favorite this week..
This happy face.
He really is the happiest dog in the world.  He's always smiling.  
Even when I'm trying to make him get off my bed so I can put clean sheets on it.