Consider the Lilies..: 2017   

Apr 22, 2017

Pig ears and puzzles..

We were going to start ripping up the carpet yesterday but we had a bunch of errands to do and time got away from us.  Then we decided that we would start early this morning, but we noticed yesterday that some of the boards on the fence need to be replaced because the dogs can almost squeeze through. So now Clay is in the neighbor's yard fixing the fence.
He is determined to get started on the floors today though.

We are going to move some rooms around while we replace the floors, so that's going to take some additional time.
Sky wants to move back to the basement, Clay wants to move his loading bench into the green room where my office is, and he wants to move my office to the yellow room where Sky is now.
Right now the basement is full of stuff so Clay has a lot of heavy lifting to do today.

Gunner and Keisel start school on Sunday.
 I'm not really looking forward to it because it means that I have to be all stern, and that's next to impossible with this puppy because he's so freaking adorable..
(he's pouting because he can't have Buster's pig ear)

The other day Sky decided that she wanted to put a puzzle together so she went to Walmart and bought 10 of them.. Yeah, seriously, 10.  2 boxes that each had 5 different puzzles in them.
So I'm thinking that we would set up the card table, spread out the pieces and leisurely put some puzzles together.
Well it turns out that Sky can't just put a puzzle together leisurely.  Once it's out of the box, she has to  sit there and work on it until it's finished and glued.
So she started and finished a puzzle yesterday.
(5 of the puzzles are Disney villains)

She started another one last night but I made her stop and go to bed. I'm sure it will be finished before she goes to work today.

Oh, speaking of Sky..  She gave me Mother's day gifts yesterday. We really suck at waiting to give presents!
 She gave me Burt's Bees stuff, this absolutely fabulous Star Trek charm bracelet,

These little solar powered hummingbirds,
That light up when the sun goes down,

I watched them for about an hour last night :)

And this basket to hold all the stuff I keep by my bed.

I guess that's it for now..  I have laundry to do and carpet to rip up (some time today).

Have a happy Saturday!

Apr 14, 2017


I finished Katelyn's blanket and then made a scarf with the leftover yarn while I waited for the Yarn for Alyssa's blanket to get here.
It came yesterday and I love it!

I started on the blanket right away.
It's hard to see in the picture but it's mint green and gray.  So pretty!
When I finish, I will have one more niece to make a blanket for, and then I'm all out of nieces.
I guess I'll have to work on my own blanket after that :)

I think Gunner is pretty much housebroken, at least there haven't been any accident's for a few days.
Well, there was one at about 4:00 this morning but it was on the floor right in front of the doggy door, which was locked, so he couldn't get outside.  But he tried!

 I found a new book that I want to get.  I found it on Amazon.  
I have't ordered it yet because I have a dozen other books on the shelf that I haven't read.
I really like this guy though.
I stumbled across him on YouTube about a year ago and I've learned a lot from him.
The problem though; I can't hold a book and crochet at the same time, and the books that I want to read aren't on audible.
I know, rich people problems right?

Right now I'm listening to 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'
I've seen the movie s many times I have it memorized; Bette Davis AND Joan Crawford in the same movie?  Seriously, how could I not?
Anyway, oddly enough, I haven't read the book before now.
I'm surprised at how well the movie followed the book, I wasn't really expecting it to.
Then again, it's an old movie and they did a better job of its back then :)

Clay will be home on Thursday!
Seems like he's been gone forever.
He has a couple more positions lined up at the moment.  One near Pittsburgh, one somewhere in Texas and one in Colorado.  And still the one in Russia.
A contract between Chevron and Cabinda was signed just the other day so they will probably try to convince him to stay in Angola and also run things in Cabinda.
I don't see that happening though, not unless it's his only option.  He's pretty sick of Africa. 

Apr 10, 2017


Bully sticks do not smell good.

Gunner loves them and they keep him occupied for a while, but they certainly do not have a pleasant aroma.
Then again, considering what a bully stick really is, I shouldn't expect them to..

I'm almost finished with Katelyn's blanket. 
As usual, the colors don't show well in the picture, but it's really pretty.
It's super soft too..
I might even have enough yarn left over for a scarf :)

I think I'm getting bronchitis.
I had to sleep sorta sitting up last night so I could breath, my chest is kinda tight, and the stuff in my throat isn't exactly fun either (gross).
Fortunately Clay keeps us supplied with Z-pacs (one of the few perks of working in Angola) so whatever it is will hopefully be gone in three days.

I only have one more shade of LipSense to buy and I will have every color.  
Well, not every color, but every color I want.  
The problem is, they no longer make the last color that I want, so my LipSense person is looking everywhere she can to find it.
She will though, I'm sure.
I got this color yesterday; Crimson Red (diamond)
Oh, speaking of LipSense.. 
Ami- We were talking about Bella the other day.  I wore it yesterday and it lasted for 13 hours!
I know, it sounds like I'm selling it and I'm trying to get you all to buy some.  
I'm not selling it, I just really really love it.

Well, I gotta go to CVS and buy some Mucinex..
Happy Monday!

Apr 2, 2017


I planned on going to church today.
We are still in the book of John, and the sermons are so good that I hate to miss it.
 But Gunner decided that 5:AM was a good time to get up.
Usually it's not a problem because he gets up, goes outside, and then goes right back to bed until 7:AM.
But this morning all he wanted to do was run around the house and bark at Keisel.  Plus I have a splitting headache, so I'll be staying home today..

Clay called this morning to tell me that he should be receiving a job offer from Russia in 3 to 5 weeks. 
We don't know yet if it will be a live-in position or a rotation yet.  Hoping for rotation but right now, just knowing there is another job lined up is enough.
If it's a live in position, we will make it work.
Clay was pretty worried (although he would NEVER admit it).  
He had a physical the other day and his blood pressure was much higher than it should be.  
With his boss laid-off and him running everything, along with the added stress of knowing that he could be laid-off at any time, it was getting to him.
So I'm super glad that he got a heads up from Russia!

Well..  I guess I don't have anything else to blog about..
Excuse any typos.  I'm sleepy.

Mar 29, 2017


The dogs woke up an hour early expecting breakfast.  They were disappointed.
It's raining so I had to carry Gunner down the stairs and stand in the rain so he wouldn't pee in the house.  yay.
Now they are just staring at me wondering why they haven't eaten yet.

I finished Sky's blanket.
The picture doesn't capture it well, the colors are much deeper and not so fluorescent..

And I started Katelyn's blanket.
I like this one so much more.  

We are expecting Clay to be laid-off any time now..  Angola is shutting down.  He's been told that things won't shut down until September and they will be keeping him on until then (because they have laid everyone else off and Clay is the only one who can keep everything running) but this isn't our first time at the rodeo so we aren't really taking them at their word.  
The manager in Saudi is waiting on new contracts before bringing in anyone and they want Clay when they are ready for him, but we aren't sure that's going to time out right, and Clay isn't going to take that chance, so he's put out feelers in Russia and some locations in the states.  
I'm not worried just yet.  Clay's reputation speaks for itself; and he has his well-control certification now so there is more available..
It is what it is and will be what it will be right?

Have a great day!

Mar 26, 2017


I have about 20 minutes before I gotta leave for church.
It's only 40 degrees right now and the top is down on the Jeep, so it's gonna be a cold ride.  But hey, Jeeps aren't for sissies.

It rained all day yesterday.  Turns out Gunner hates getting wet.  So he wouldn't go outside unless I carried him and then he wouldn't potty,  just stood next to me looking all miserable before he would bolt back up the stairs. 
But Keisel loves the rain so he spent most of the day playing outside and then tracking mud all over inside.
It's not raining today so both dogs have been in and out all morning.  The yard is still muddy so they are bringing all that lovely mud in with them. 
My floors are horrible.  
I'm so glad Clay is tearing up the carpet when he gets home! 

The new yarn for Katelyn's blanket arrived. 
I really, really want to get started on it but I HAVE to finish Sky's blanket first.  I'm playing yarn chicken right now..  I have one skein of yarn left and only about 20 rows until I'm finished. 
I found a Joan Crawford movie that I haven't seen on YouTube so after church and after I mop the floors (again) I'm gonna plant myself in a chair and finish the darn thing.

Have a happy Sunday!

Mar 22, 2017

Favorite things (this week)..

OK, so I realize that my favorite things is a weird thing to blog about but I really don't have anything else.
When Clay goes back to work, my life looks like this:
Monday-Saturday: Bible stuff, housework, crochet, read, play with the dogs, start trek, bed.
Sunday: Bible stuff, church, grocery store, home, crochet, play with the dogs, star trek, bed.
That's it..
There's not many blog posts you can do with that.
I do have a coffee date with a friend tomorrow, so if anything exciting happens I'll let you know..

Soooo...  I have lots of favorite things this week!

First one..
I'm reading this book again.
Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes.
I had it on Audibook too but the narrator was so bad that I just couldn't listen to it so I returned it.  She read it as if she were reading to preschoolers.
I read it last year and really enjoyed it so I pulled it off the shelf again. I went through it looking at everything I had highlighted (I do that) and realized that I didn't remember half of what I read.  
Sort of dumb when the point of the book is to learn something right?
So I started reading it again.  I think it's interesting that the things I thought were important enough to highlight before are not the same things that stand out to me this time reading it.
Oh!  You know what would be cool?  If someone else read this and highlighted what they thought was highlight worthy and then gave it back to me so I could read it from their perspective too!
Any takers?
Of course I have used a highlighter and a pen, so I guess you could have to use a crayon or something so I could tell the difference what you underlined and what I underlined  :)

This stuff
I stopped drinking soda about 5 years ago.  Unlike every other person on the planet, I did NOT loose 10 pounds.  
I never went back to soda though.
So now I drink sparkling water.  I like almost every flavor, there are a few I don't like but right now I'm loving the lemon flavor.  Lime is my usual go-to flavor and last week I really liked the grapefruit flavor.  But this week it's lemon.

It's not the Journible this time I promise.. 
Although I do LOVE my Journibles..  But this time it's the pencil.
I've always had a love/hate relationship with mechanical pencils.  Lots of people use them and they seem to like them, especially men.  Have you noticed that?  Men seem to use mechanical pencils more than women do.
So I buy one thinking that I'm going to like it.  I never do.  The lead is too skinny so I'm always breaking it and I don't like the way it feels in my hand.  
But I found these on Amazon; they're fat mechanical pencils.  They came in a bunch of different colors too :)

Moleskine journal.
Clay gave me two for our anniversary.  21 years!!
I love the journals..  
Of course I do, I love any journal. I have six of them, counting this one to fill.
But I love these Moleskine journals the best right now..  
I'm not really using it for a journal per say, at least not a diary or a sort of prayer journal; but more of notetaker's journal.  I keep it with me so I can write down any little tidbit that gets my attention for a second like a quote from whatever I'm reading or from a sermon I'm listening to, stuff like that..
Clay ordered it from Missional Wear, the same place I got my John Bunyan hoodie.
I got him beer glasses with the Five Solas etched on them.
I could spend a LOT of money on that website so I stopped looking at stuff. :)

Coconut coffee..
We used to buy Starbucks coffee, but I found out that they support Planned Parenthood.  Darn it.
We had to stop shopping at Target for the same reason.  The transgender bathroom thing never bothered me and to be honest, since a lot of people began boycotting Target, shopping there has become much more enjoyable.
But Planned Parenthood (in my opinion) is different.  It doesn't matter to me if it's a small percentage that they give, it's the fact that they give it at all.  It burns me up that any of our taxes go to fund them but there isn't anything I can do about that.  But I can't sit here and enjoy a cup of coffee knowing that even a percentage of a cent of the money (I willingly paid) is going to help planned parenthood kill another baby.
(Please don't leave a comment arguing about this.  I'll delete it. Seriously, not even up for discussion)
*Rant over.*
Anyway, we switched Brands.  Turns out, I really like Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  
Especially the coconut..
Unfortunately you can't find it everywhere and it's only sold at certain times of the year.
Dang it.

This adorable, obnoxious, destructive, lovable puppy.
Here he is destroying the paper he pulled from the printer.
I am convinced that 4 months is the equivalent to a toddler's 'terrible-twos'.
When we first brought him home, he only pooped in the house twice, but then we got a doggy door (I'll get to that in a minute) and he started going outside.  Then he realized that he could lift his leg, so we had to keep a closer eye on him.  He seem's to have stopped that now, but if we see him sniffing around we scoot him out the door.
But since he turned 4 months, he's pooped on the floor a half a dozen times, chewed up 2 of my Crocs (don't judge me, I only wear them at home) has decided that he doesn't know his name again, and literally talks back and throws a tantrum when I tell him 'no' or he doesn't get what he wants.
For reals.  If I tell him 'no' he will sit down in front of me and bark at me.  If I tell him 'no' again, he will bark louder.  When I tell him 'no' the third time he will (I kid you not) flop down on his side and howl.
Oh, and just recently he has decided that chewing on the carpet is an OK thing to do.
Clay will be replacing the floors when he gets home, so I'm not as freaked out about that as I normally would be.
Oh, and he's decided that my glasses are toys.  I lost my glasses yesterday for a couple hours.  I went outside to hang a blanket on the clothesline and noticed Gunner sitting in the middle of the yard with my glasses in his mouth.  
Right now he is under my bed growling at anyone who might decide to walk past the doorway of the bedroom.  There is no one in the bedroom by the way.
Oh wait, now he's under Sky's bed barking at her while she's sleeping..
But he's so sweet too!  When he's not yelling at me for not giving him what he wants, he's incredibly playful and really lovable too..
Obedience school is scheduled to start on April 23rd though.  You know, because he's crazy.

Our kitchen table.
We had a breakfast nook for about 5 years and I really liked it, but it took up a lot of room and the table itself was pretty small.  We couldn't fit our plates and the food on the table at the same time, especially when we had dinner guests (ok, we really only have one extra person at our table on occasion and it's always the same person, but there still wasn't much room for him).  So we gave the nook to a friend and Clay went to NFM (Nebraska Furniture Mart to you non-nebraska people) and came back with this.

The doggy door.
This my friends is a wonderful invention.  Especially if you have puppies.  I really wish we had thought to get one when Sky got Keisel.  We called him the ninja-pooper.  One second he was right in front of you, and the next second he was pooping somewhere.  It got worse when he realized that he was no longer afraid to go downstairs.
Most of the people I complained to said not to worry about it because he would get his cues from Buster and learn to go outside.  That didn't happen.  Nothing changed until Tracy suggested the potty bells.  They worked and he was housebroken.  Except he jingled the bells every 3 minutes and since we were afraid that he would pee somewhere if we didn't let him out, we were constantly running to the door to open it.
So we brought Gunner home and a couple days later Clay put in the doggy door.
I think doggie doors should come with a puppy,  Buy a puppy, get a free doggy door.
Fortunately Gunner does take his cues from Keisel so once Sky convinced Keisel that going through the door was not as terrifying as he thought it was, he started going through it and Gunner followed.
Now it's constant.  All day.  Back and forth.  
One day they were so hyper, running in and out so many times that Keisel got confused and actually came inside to pee.  Of course Gunner saw him and did it too.

Cast iron pans
Another item I have always had a love/hate relationship with.  
I hear people rave about cast iron so I always think that I want cast iron too.  
Then I buy it and think that it's gonna be awesome. But I don't know how to take care of it.  How to season it, how to clean it, how to season it again.  Do I scrub it and put it in the oven every time I use it?  Do I use water?  Is it true that I can't cook tomatoes in it? Can I use soap?
There are so many different opinions that I get frustrated and get rid of the pan.
 I bought a whole set of cast iron once but I gave it all away because I couldn't figure out how to use it properly.
So last week I saw a video on Facebook about how to care for cast iron.  It looked simple enough, so I gave it a shot.  I had 2 cast iron pans in that drawer at the bottom of the oven that no one ever opens.  I followed the instructions on the video and it worked! 
I know how to cook with and care for cast iron!  
I use them so often now that I don't even put them back in the drawer.
Yay me!

Last.  This cookbook.
Not even kidding.  This cookbook is fantastic.  
You should get it.

I have another favorite.  LipSense.  But that's a whole other blogpost!
 Are you wondering if I really will write a whole post about LipSense?
I told you my life was boring ;)

Mar 20, 2017


Since my doctor perscribed Ambien, I have been sleeping all through the night. 
8 full hours!
I don't lie awake for hours, I don't wake up in the middle of the night any more.
I just drift off to sleep. 
Or I thought I just drifted off.. 
Apparently my brain shuts off before the rest of me does.  
According to both Clay and Sky; we have conversations that I don't remember having, watch entire episodes on tv that I don't remember watching (we watch an episode of Star Trek in bed before we go to sleep, don't judge me) and I've even had conversations through texts with a friend that I don't remember having.  
Apparently I think I am far more alert than a I really am because I think I can crochet after taking Ambien too..

I thought that I had almost finished Sky's blanket and was pretty impressed with myself that I had made so much progress.

I had to cut out 10 rows.  I was so mad.
So I won't be bringing my crocheting into the bedroom anymore.

Dang it.

Mar 18, 2017

Modern Spirituality And Your Mind - Voddie Baucham

Mar 8, 2017


My new washing machine plays a song when the cycle has ended. 
    I don't think I will ever be tired of reading Little Women. 
    I am tired of Emma Watson though. 
    But I'm really digging John Bunyan again.  I read a couple of his books and a couple of his sermons but then set them aside to read Bonhoeffer. 
    I started reading Pilgrim's Progress again. 
    I'd forgotten how good it is. 
      I thought I paid the rent on the 1st but it turns out that I didn't. Now we have less in the bank than I thought we did. Darn it. 
        There are a lot more businesses that support Planned Parenthood than I originally thought.  

        Clay bought all the materials for new floors today!  He won't start on it until his next hitch home though.  
        He got a trailer for his Jeep the other day, he's pretty happy about it. Now instead of renting a dumpster he can take stuff to the dump.  De-cluttering is about to happen!
          I really need to start working with Gunner, he's becoming incorrigible.  It's super hard to discipline him though because everything he does is so cute regardless of how bad it is.
            Speaking of dogs; I made homemade dogfood for Buster!  I hope he likes it because the food we switched him to is pretty expensive.
              I've reached the point where I don't just need my glasses to read. Used to be that when I wasn't reading, the glasses made everything sort of out of focus. 
              Now they make it easier to see everything. 
              I'm getting old. 

              I just realized that there is a Bette Davis movie that I haven't seen and the only way I can watch it is in 10 separate YouTube videos. 
              Dang it.
              Later- I just watched 10 separate YouTube Videos.

              I'm almost at the point where I can start decreasing Sky's blanket. When I'm finished with it I'll go back to working on Katelyn's. I finally found more teal yarn but then Gunner grabbed it and ran all over the house with it and now it's all one big tangle. 
              Darn adorable dog..

              We paid our deposit for the trip to Israel. Just think, this time next year we will be on a theological study THROUGH Israel!  I'm totally nerding out!  My pastor and his brother (incredibly brilliant theologians) will be leading/teaching the group. I'm gonna learn so much!!  Yay!!

                Mar 6, 2017


                So it's Monday.
                That doesn't really mean a whole lot to someone who doesn't have go to a job, but it's still Monday :)

                Sky is staying home from work today.  She made sure to take the day off to recover from the tattoo she got on Saturday.
                She really is the toughest girl on the planet.  It took six hours and she did it all in one session. It covers her right side from the middle of her shoulder blade to about four inches below her hip.  
                I'd post a picture but there's just no way to do that without showing too much of the rest of her.
                It looks fabulous though.
                She had the artist freehand it, so it's unique.

                Clay may or may not be going back to work today.  He is still waiting on his Visa.  It was shipped from Angola and is supposed to arrive today, but there is no guarantee that it will. 
                He was up at 2:AM this morning arguing with Angola over flights.  He's still in bed right now so I'm not sure how it went.
                He's just about finished with Well-Control school and already sent his resume to Saudi Arabia.
                Now before y'all start panicking; he wants to go to Saudi.  
                So nobody freak out because is going to work in another scary, dangerous place.
                There is a position opening there and it's a position he has wanted for a long time.  
                Plus it's on a roving land rig and that means no more working in an office.  
                If you know Clay at all, you know how he feels about working in an office.
                There's another reason he wants to go to Saudi too.
                It's full of Muslims who don't know Jesus.  
                He wants to change that.
                So there you go.

                Gunner is pretty much housebroken.  YAY!

                I want to say completely housebroken since there hasn't been any accidents in two days, but I don't wanna jinx it :)

                I was worried about Buster for a few days..
                Poor old dog.
                About 4 days ago he started vomiting and became lethargic, then he stopped eating. He didn't want to go outside either.  When he stopped following me everywhere I went I became really concerned.  He's been following me around for 16 years!

                We kept offering him food but he wouldn't eat so I boiled some chicken and rice and offered him that.  
                He nibbled a little on the chicken but wouldn't touch the rice.
                Then he peed in the house 3 times and would hardly move.
                Yesterday was day three without eating so Clay made 'the call' to the vet and told them that he would be bringing him in the next day.
                I was soo bummed!  
                But I had to be honest with myself.  He's 18 years old and completely deaf, and blind in one eye.
                He's not going to live forever.
                But up until 4 days ago he's been agile, happy, and had a good appetite..  
                He had no problem with stairs, went with me for a walk every day and even chased Keisel around the yard a few times a day. So I figured he was still OK.

                Last night Sky tried one more time to get him to eat.  She mixed some boiled chicken with his regular food.  He ate all the chicken but spit out the other food. 
                So she thought that maybe his regular food just didn't agree with him any more and perhaps we should try the more expensive dog food (the stuff that you have to keep refrigerated) and see if he would eat that.  So Clay ran to Hyvee and got some.  
                He ate it!  
                This morning he was up before the alarm went off, alert, happy to go outside and was excited about breakfast.
                So he's gonna stick around for a while longer..

                Our tax return was finally approved!  That means we can put in new floors when Clay is home next hitch..  No more carpet!  
                Whoo hoo!

                Feb 18, 2017

                More thoughts..

                • You can take just about any kind of leftovers, mix them together and stuff them into an orange bell pepper, and it is going to come out pretty darn good.
                • Some puppies learn their name right away, and some puppies don't. 
                • A pulled groin muscle is one of the most awkward things to deal with. 
                • My husband and daughter will never stop leaving stuff on the kitchen table.
                • Little Australian shepherd wiggle-butts are adorable. 
                • Clay and I can empty all the trash cans and sweep and mop all the floors in our church in less than two hours. 
                • A doggie door is totally worth the money. 
                • I love LipSense lip color
                • Hollywood should stop making X-Men movies. 
                • It's taking me a lot longer to finish crochetting this blanket than I hoped it would. I think it might be a little too big too. 
                • I didn't expect it to be, because I'm a coffee snob; but Dunkin' Donuts' coffee is pretty good.
                • I think Clay likes to shop for meat almost as much as he likes to shop for tools and guns. 
                • Separating meet and putting it into freezer bags sort of makes you lose your appetite for it. 
                • I really like audiobooks. 
                • I came up with a new way to make pork roast. It involves apple butter. It's so good!
                • I'm probably going to stuff pepper with the leftovers. :)

                Feb 5, 2017


                I have made it a personal goal to be kinder to others.
                I stopped myself from making rude comments on Facebook four times today.
                Hey, it's a start..

                Every time Clay says he's about to get on a plane in Africa I think of the "on a plane to Africa" scene from Hector's search for happiness.

                Crane's vanilla coffee is better than I thought it would be.

                I got a new Charles Spurgeon devotional the other day.
                I may have a Spurgeon obsession.

                I'm not watching the Super Bowl this year.
                I never watch if my team isn't in it.
                I'm probably going to watch the Puppy Bowl though.

                I realized last night that I complain a lot about where Clay works.
                I also realized last night that in spite of the THOUSANDS of layoffs happening in the oilfield right now, that Clay still has his job.
                I'm grateful.
                For his job.
                And for the conviction.

                Humility is not an easy thing.
                Neither is meekness.
                Or patience.

                I'm thinking about getting another Australian shepherd when Buster is gone.
                A blue merle. 
                I just wish they were born housebroken.
                It doesn't look like Buster will be leaving us anytime soon.

                Clay is on his way home.
                I've missed him.
                A lot.
                More than usual even.

                We are going to Salt for dinner Monday evening.
                Never been there before.

                I found my favorite crochet hook.
                But it's too far under the bed to reach it.
                I have to wait for Clay to get home and move the bed.

                I ordered a LUUUP litter box.
                It's pretty cool.

                I really like Lipsense lip color.
                Even if it is $25.00
                It stays on for hours.
                Once you get the hang of putting it on properly.
                Trial and error.
                It's worth it though.

                I've copied almost 5 chapters of John in my Journible.
                I have to order another copy of Romans.

                My dog is snoring.

                I need to do some laundry.

                I ran out of thoughts so I went to bed.
                It's Sunday now.

                I guess it's still too early for thoughts.
                I gotta get ready for church anyway.

                Jan 29, 2017


                I'm so sleepy..
                I stayed up late watching a movie and then for some reason, woke up two hours early this morning.
                I would like to go back to bed but because of my tooth, I haven't been to church in 3 weeks and I really need to go.
                I've been listening to the sermons at home (soo good by the way!) but I really should go to church rather than just listen to it.  
                Even though I would much rather stay at home in my pajamas not surrounded by people and listen to the lesson online so I can sit at my desk, press pause whenever I want, and make as many detailed notes as I'd like.

                My tooth is fixed though.  Now there is just a huge whole in my mouth where my molar used to be.
                I have more dental work to do though.  I have 2 broken teeth on the right side (seizures make you break your own teeth) and they will need to be crowned.
                It's a good thing I don't mind going to the dentist :)

                I haven't really been doing much else.
                Just the usual.
                I had hoped to finish Katelyn's blanket by now but I lost the hook I was using (I have no idea how) and had to order a new one.  So while I wait for the new hook to arrive, I started a blanket for Sky.  
                We were at Walmart a few days ago and she saw some yarn that she really liked and asked me to make her a blanket.  
                She's never asked me to make her anything so I jumped at it.

                I supposed I should get dressed.  Even though it reeeeeeaaally feels like a pajama day!

                Jan 17, 2017


                I've been soo lazy these last couple weeks.  
                Slacking off on everything:
                Bible study
                You name it..

                Going to bed too late, getting up too late.
                Not eating right, not drinking enough water.

                Too much sitting on the couch crocheting and watching far too much Netflix.
                Too much Facebook.
                Too much carrot cake.

                When I slack off on my Bible, everything else seems to come to a stop too.
                Strange huh?

                This infected tooth isn't helping either.
                I had an appointment for a consultation with the oral surgeon yesterday but the ice storm put a hold on that.
                They rescheduled it for Friday.
                The antibiotics are working though and it's nowhere near as painful as it was.
                Still, I've used it as an excuse not to really do anything.

                Elaine stopped by and dropped off the scarf she made for me.
                It's so pretty!!

                Ok..  Enough whining..

                I have a bunch of Bible and laundry to catch up on.

                Happy Tuesday!

                Jan 13, 2017


                So if you follow me on FB, you know that I had to go to the dentist yesterday.  
                I woke up to a pretty swollen face and the pain was horrible.
                I got a cavity under a crown and didn't know about it until one side of my face was twice the size that it should be.
                The dentist said that the tooth need to be pulled.  Great!  Do it now!
                Nope, he said that an oral surgeon needs to do it because the decay is so bad the he could possibly pull out part of my cheekbone if he just tried to pull it.
                So he gave me a prescription for Vicodin and some antibiotics to kill the infection, and referred me to an oral surgeon.
                I have a consultation on Monday.
                In the meantime I get to deal with a huge swollen cheek and a lotta pain.
                It was HORRIBLE last night..  The Vicodin didn't help at all and the pain just got worse.  I was pretty close to just grabbing a pair of pliers and pulling the damn tooth out myself.  The swelling was getting even worse which was contributing to the pain.
                Then it occurred to me that the dentist only prescribed pills for the pain, not the swelling.  So at 11:00 last night I went out and bought some Advil.
                Finally!  Some relief!

                So I'm not doing much today except for sitting on the couch and working on all my crochet stuff.
                The other day Sabrina (mom of a niece and nephew) sent me a picture of a messy-bun hat and asked if I could make one.  I've never made a hat before but I found a video on Youtube, and guess what?  I can make hats!
                Now I have 7 hats to make.
                One friend wants a really long stocking cap in hunter orange..  I can't find a video on how to do it, or even where to find hunter orange yarn, so that'll be a challenge :)
                I have a bad habit of starting projects before I finish others so at the moment I have 3 going at once..  
                A blanket for a niece (I've started decreasing one side, so it won't be long until its done), washcloths for Elaine and some for my bathroom, and hats.
                I'm working on a practice hat right now, trying to figure out how to do a brim, but with the pain pills and antibiotics, my head is kinda loopy so it's difficult to concentrate on anything.

                Wanna know what sucks about having an infected tooth?  Besides the massive swelling and the excruciating pain that is.
                I can't open my mouth very far..  Which means I'm living on mostly yogurt.  So if anyone wants to drive up to Omaha and pick up some egg drop soup from Hunan Fusion, that'd be great!
                Speaking of yogurt; I stopped at the store to buy some on my way home from the dentist.  I decided to try Noosa.  It's pretty yummy by the way.
                So I was texting Clay later that evening and I told him that Noosa yogurt was the best yogurt I have ever had.
                Now, I've never googled that yogurt, or posted about it on Facebook or anything.  I just mentioned it in a text to Clay.
                Well this morning when I looked at my Facebook and Twitter feed I saw that there were advertisements for Noosa yogurt.  
                Weird huh?