Consider the Lilies..: 2017   

Jun 8, 2017


I'm almost finished with Alyssa's blanket
It's taken me longer to finish than the other blankets, not because it's any harder but because I keep finding stuff to distract me.
Oh, and I'm not watching television as much, and usually when I watch tv, I crochet.
I've been keeping the tv off during the day so I would be more productive, so instead I work on the blanket while I listen to lectures.
I finished the course on the Westminster Confession.  I earned a whole credit and a half! Hah!
 Yesterday I started a course on John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.
By the way, if you're a Christian and you haven't read this book; why haven't you??
I really like the course so far. I've read everything Bunyan had ever written and I thought I knew just about everything I could about him (I even have a hoodie with his face on it!) but so far I've learned a few things about him that I didn't know and I've only listened to two lectures.

So..  Clay isn't going to transfer to Russia.  
He didn't like the offer and unless they change a few things, he said he's not going to accept it.
But..  He's had two other offers; one from Cogo and one from Kenya.
I honestly didn't think he'd entertain an offer from anywhere in Africa because he's been saying that he's pretty sick of Africa.  But apparently he's only sick of Angola.
So as of this moment, I have no idea where he will be going and neither does he, but after 15 years of the oil field, I've learned to just go with it.  

Well this was an uninteresting blog post, I have more but I can hear the dogs in the yard chewing on something so I better go see what it is..
Happy Thursday!

Jun 5, 2017

Favorite things..

My favorite things this week..
(it's mostly make up)

It's eyeshadow made by the same people that make LipSense.
Oh, my, gosh!
I will never wear a different brand again.  Not even kidding!
I use it as eyeliner too.
I put it on at 6:00 yesterday morning and it stayed on until I washed it off at 9:00 last night.  
It doesn't even come off if you rub your eyes.
This one is Garnet.  I'm going to get a couple more soon.  Well, not soon, but kind of soon.
The friend that sells it made up a subscription kinda thing where you give her a wishlist (I keep adding to mine) and once a month (or whenever you want) she will pick something off of your list and deliver it.  
Oh, by the way..  I learned something about how to apply the lip color and now it doesn't fade for a full 12 hours. Seriously!
I'm telling ya ladies..  Ya gotta try it.  I know that $20 bucks for a tube of lip color seems like a lot to spend, but if you never have to reapply, it doesn't come off on anything, and repairs your lips so they don't get chapped anymore, is $20 bucks really too much to pay?
Oh, by the way..  I don't get a commission or a discount for plugging lip sense  Truly!

Ok, next..  Mascara
It's not from SenGence, the Lipsense people (but they do have mascara too).
I got a little sample tube of this when I subscribed to Ipsy.  I canceled Ipsy because I really like SenGence and I was getting a lot of samples that I didn't use.
But this mascara is awesome.  Only need one coat, looks great, and doesn't flake.
The sample bottle is almost out so I bought some other mascara at Walmart yesterday.
This stuff:
It sucks.  A lot.  I had to put on 3 coats and it still didn't look as good as the Mad Lash (or any other mascara I have ever used) so I tossed it.
I ordered more Mad Lash from Amazon.  

Elf Primer
I have tried about a bazillion make-up primers.  Expensive primer, cheap primer, free sample primer, you name it.  But Elf primer is the best.  And it's only $4.  Elf has several different primers; I used the clear primer for a while and I really liked it but this time I bought the purple primer.  It doesn't look very purple when you look at the bottle but when you pump some out, it's pretty darn purple. Like Barney the purple dinosaur purple! 
I was a little nervous when I first saw how purple it was, but I gave it a shot and it works really well.
Purple helps with redness and when you're over 40 you want that.  
Plus I used to smoke a lot and I used to drink a lot and both of those activities add redness to your skin.
But with this purple Elf stuff, I don't need to wear foundation anymore; just some tinted moisturizer..

My last favorite this week..
This happy face.
He really is the happiest dog in the world.  He's always smiling.  
Even when I'm trying to make him get off my bed so I can put clean sheets on it.

May 22, 2017

Bunch of stuff..

I think everything is starting to go back to normal now.
Clay goes back to work today but it's possible this will be his last hitch in Africa, which is good because he's pretty sick of it!
Russia is finally happening, and it's rotation so we don't have to move.  He'll have an apartment there instead of a room in a staff house and he will be working under Lindsay again.  Lindsay is the guy that created the position for Clay in Angola.  They have worked together in 3 other countries and have become good friends.  It will be nice for him to be working under a guy he can trust again.
Plus he will be working somewhere I would actually like to visit :)

The floors are done, the dumpster has been filled and taken away, the garden is planted and the trees are trimmed.  It's been a busy few weeks!
We had the puppies neutered.  I really didn't want to, but Gunner kept lifting his leg on Sky's closet and he was starting to bully the cat and Buster so we just decided to get it over with.  His surgery went well and he is recovering quickly.  
They sent him home with a cone but that didn't go over well.  He freaked out so bad I was afraid he would tear out his stitches so we got him a Zen Collar.  Much better!

Then we took Keisel in.  Things didn't go as well for him.  The poor baby.
One of his "boys" was so far up into his abdominal cavity that they had to perform major surgery to get it out, so now instead of just one small one inch incision, he has three; two one inch and one six inch with 10 staples and his whole belly is bruised.
Let me tell you..  Keeping two Australian shepherd puppies calm is literally impossible.
They both were prescribed sedatives, but the sedatives they gave Keisel are so strong that he couldn't even lift his head off the bed and he had to be carried outside and then held up so he could go potty, so we have decided to only give him a sedative at night and just give Gunner the ones that our vet prescribed him.  His don't do much, but they do calm him down a little so we are sort of hoping that if he's not super hyper, Keisel won't be either.  It's sort of working.
Sort of.
At least right at this moment..

Mother's Day was awesome like always.
Clay and Sky always do pretty great on Mother's Day.
Sky got me another rosebush and planted it in the back yard (the dogs attacked the first one). so she put a fence around this one.
And brought Sushi home for dinner.  Best daughter ever!

Clay got me a ring with Sky's birthstones
And some of my favorite perfume (well one of my favorites)

And he brought up the patio furniture from under the deck, bought a new cushion for the lounge chair,
 bought some outdoor candles for the tables and even put up an awning so I can sit outside and still be out of the sun.

I think he's a pretty OK guy..
(Gunner keeps photobombing my pictures).

Sky wasn't completely happy with her haircut so she went back and had more cut off..  I absolutely LOVE it now.

She starts the day shift again today so instead of working 2 pm until 12:30-1:00 am, she goes in at 6:00 am.  
They opened a new department so she will be the assistant manager of that department as well as the lead welder.

I guess I've covered everything.
Oh wait!  This stuff.
The best hand cream I have ever used.  For reals!  It's pretty pricey for such a little bottle, but I use way less of it than any other brand and I only have to put it in twice a day.  
I normally use a lot of hand lotion..  I'm over 40, and if you're over 40 you know how your skin gets drier more often.  
So this stuff is bomb-diggity.
It's made by the same company that makes LipSense.  *shocker huh?*
Turns out they make a lot of stuff and so far everything I have tried is AWESOME..
Seriously.  Awesome. 
I don't sell it.  Honestly!  Even though it sounds like I do.  I don't even get a discount for plugging it so much.  It's just really good stuff..

Ok, that's all.  
Happy Monday!

May 12, 2017

Every bunny was kung fu fighting..

So we have a crazy bunny that spends most of the day in our front yard.   I was watching Clay do man stuff outside and noticed that one of the rabbits that wander around the neighborhood was following him..  He stayed back a few feet but wasn't afraid of him at all.  Then later in the day I happened to look out the window and saw that he had become quite territorial, chasing squirrels and other bunnies away whenever they ventured into the yard and then later that evening I saw him again, but this time he was hopping around the yard with a big tuft of fur in his mouth.  Apparently he is the boss of the yard now.

The Dumpster was delivered yesterday. Yay! 
Clay is finished with the floors. He just needs to finish the trim on the seconds set of stairs and it will all be done :)  Then we get to clean out the garage, attic, yard, and declutter.  I looove to declutter!  There is something satisfying about purging all the junk we've accumulated.  It's crazy how much stuff a family can manage to collect in just two years.

Sky looks a little different now.
She had her hair chopped off because it was too hot at work.  They don't have a/c which is insane to me. Seriously, they work with fire, heating up metal all day wearing welding hoods, heavy gloves, and welding jackets all inside a metal building.  I would think that a/c would be a requirement.  But no.
Even with her hair in a ponytail it was still on her neck and making her uncomfortable so now it's all gone.
I snapped this picture of her in the kitchen and was kind of surprised to see how much we look alike.
People say she looks like me all the time but I don't usually see it.  This picture I really do though.

 She decided that she didn't want her garden in pots on the deck anymore so we went to HomeDepot to get some fencing to put around the little garden that she wanted to build. 
I honestly don't think she has ever walked through a HomeDepot before.
So before she left for work she planted the garden..

She planted a rosebush on the other side of the yard too but I forgot to take a picture.

I haven't been doing a whole lot, just mopping up puppy prints and having staring contests with Gunner..

I had to unravel about 32 rows of Alyssa's blanket.  I was so mad.  I didn't realize until I was over halfway finished that I hadn't made it wide enough.  Dang it.  

It occurred to me that I haven't been doing much at all for quite some time now.  Crocheting and playing with puppies all day is a pretty cool gig, but I really should be doing something a little more productive, so I registered at Ligonier Academy.  
I'm not going for another degree this time though; I'd have to write a dissertation, and I really don't wanna do that!  
So I'm just going to take whatever courses I feel like until I don't want to take them anymore.  I have about a bazillion to choose from (might be exaggerating a little) and not just biblical studies either, I might even take some Christian living courses and some book studies too.  There are some classes on a few books written by puritan authors that I would love to learn about.  I'm thinking about starting with Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.  I love the book and everything else he has ever written, so an actual class on the book would be pretty awesome..
So anyway, I'm a student again :)

May 1, 2017


Clay is working on the hallway today.  He pulled up the carpet on Saturday and then took a break on Sunday.  The padding underneath the carpet was really nasty so naturally I'm posting it for you all to get a good look at it too. Yay for you!  
Knowing that I have walked barefoot on this carpet seriously grosses me out now.  But Clay will be finished with the new hallway in a couple minutes.  
 Then he just has to tear up the living room carpet, put down the floor, paint the railings and put them back up, and paint the baseboards and put them back. Oh wait, he's gotta do the stairs too. And tile the bathroom floor. And put in the new vanity. And a bazillion other things :) I'm not doing much at all, just hanging out on my bed working on Alyssa's blanket while binge watching Criminal Minds. 
Gunner is working hard on a pig ear.   
I had no reason for posting this picture other than he's the cutest puppy ever and I don't want y'all to forget it. 

Apr 27, 2017

New Floors!

Clay started on the floors!
Gunner is helping.  He even got the hang of pulling up the carpet :)

We moved my stuff into the yellow room and Sky back to the basement.
I love this room!  It's so bright and cheerful and yet, still indoors, whoo hoo!

And these floors!
The picture doesn't really do them justice.  They aren't really brown but gray.
I think the color is aged oak?  Something like that.
He's going to eventually change out the baseboards and doors to better match the floors.

He did his room next.
I forgot to take an after picture but it looks great too.

He hasn't had time to organize everything yet, but he's going to set up his loading bench and other manstuff in here.

It started to rain while he was working on the green room so now we have a big blue canopy on the deck to keep his tools dry.

He pulled everything out of our bedroom last night and we spent the night in the living room.
He just needs to put the baseboards back and we can move the furniture back in.
I'm so happy that this room is done.  While we were still in the process of housebreaking Gunner, he peed somewhere in our room while I was sleeping and I couldn't find where.  
But now it's clean and does't smell like puppy pee. Yay!

So tomorrow Clay going to take a break and relax.  Or so he says.  He can't sit still for long so I don't really expect him to kick back. 
Saturday he's going to do is the hallway and living room and then he'll be finished.
Whoo hoo!
Well, at least with the laminate floors.  He wants to tile the bathroom floor too.  Plus he's gotta make several trips to the dump to get rid of the carpet, and all the stuff I'm gonna throw out while I do the spring cleaning and decluttering.

Oh, we got the itinerary for our trip to Israel, now I'm even more excited! 
I'll tell you all about it next time.
Y'all are probably going to get sick of reading about it.
But hey, it's my blog.
Sorry not sorry.

Apr 22, 2017

Pig ears and puzzles..

We were going to start ripping up the carpet yesterday but we had a bunch of errands to do and time got away from us.  Then we decided that we would start early this morning, but we noticed yesterday that some of the boards on the fence need to be replaced because the dogs can almost squeeze through. So now Clay is in the neighbor's yard fixing the fence.
He is determined to get started on the floors today though.

We are going to move some rooms around while we replace the floors, so that's going to take some additional time.
Sky wants to move back to the basement, Clay wants to move his loading bench into the green room where my office is, and he wants to move my office to the yellow room where Sky is now.
Right now the basement is full of stuff so Clay has a lot of heavy lifting to do today.

Gunner and Keisel start school on Sunday.
 I'm not really looking forward to it because it means that I have to be all stern, and that's next to impossible with this puppy because he's so freaking adorable..
(he's pouting because he can't have Buster's pig ear)

The other day Sky decided that she wanted to put a puzzle together so she went to Walmart and bought 10 of them.. Yeah, seriously, 10.  2 boxes that each had 5 different puzzles in them.
So I'm thinking that we would set up the card table, spread out the pieces and leisurely put some puzzles together.
Well it turns out that Sky can't just put a puzzle together leisurely.  Once it's out of the box, she has to  sit there and work on it until it's finished and glued.
So she started and finished a puzzle yesterday.
(5 of the puzzles are Disney villains)

She started another one last night but I made her stop and go to bed. I'm sure it will be finished before she goes to work today.

Oh, speaking of Sky..  She gave me Mother's day gifts yesterday. We really suck at waiting to give presents!
 She gave me Burt's Bees stuff, this absolutely fabulous Star Trek charm bracelet,

These little solar powered hummingbirds,
That light up when the sun goes down,

I watched them for about an hour last night :)

And this basket to hold all the stuff I keep by my bed.

I guess that's it for now..  I have laundry to do and carpet to rip up (some time today).

Have a happy Saturday!

Apr 14, 2017


I finished Katelyn's blanket and then made a scarf with the leftover yarn while I waited for the Yarn for Alyssa's blanket to get here.
It came yesterday and I love it!

I started on the blanket right away.
It's hard to see in the picture but it's mint green and gray.  So pretty!
When I finish, I will have one more niece to make a blanket for, and then I'm all out of nieces.
I guess I'll have to work on my own blanket after that :)

I think Gunner is pretty much housebroken, at least there haven't been any accident's for a few days.
Well, there was one at about 4:00 this morning but it was on the floor right in front of the doggy door, which was locked, so he couldn't get outside.  But he tried!

 I found a new book that I want to get.  I found it on Amazon.  
I have't ordered it yet because I have a dozen other books on the shelf that I haven't read.
I really like this guy though.
I stumbled across him on YouTube about a year ago and I've learned a lot from him.
The problem though; I can't hold a book and crochet at the same time, and the books that I want to read aren't on audible.
I know, rich people problems right?

Right now I'm listening to 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'
I've seen the movie s many times I have it memorized; Bette Davis AND Joan Crawford in the same movie?  Seriously, how could I not?
Anyway, oddly enough, I haven't read the book before now.
I'm surprised at how well the movie followed the book, I wasn't really expecting it to.
Then again, it's an old movie and they did a better job of its back then :)

Clay will be home on Thursday!
Seems like he's been gone forever.
He has a couple more positions lined up at the moment.  One near Pittsburgh, one somewhere in Texas and one in Colorado.  And still the one in Russia.
A contract between Chevron and Cabinda was signed just the other day so they will probably try to convince him to stay in Angola and also run things in Cabinda.
I don't see that happening though, not unless it's his only option.  He's pretty sick of Africa. 

Apr 10, 2017


Bully sticks do not smell good.

Gunner loves them and they keep him occupied for a while, but they certainly do not have a pleasant aroma.
Then again, considering what a bully stick really is, I shouldn't expect them to..

I'm almost finished with Katelyn's blanket. 
As usual, the colors don't show well in the picture, but it's really pretty.
It's super soft too..
I might even have enough yarn left over for a scarf :)

I think I'm getting bronchitis.
I had to sleep sorta sitting up last night so I could breath, my chest is kinda tight, and the stuff in my throat isn't exactly fun either (gross).
Fortunately Clay keeps us supplied with Z-pacs (one of the few perks of working in Angola) so whatever it is will hopefully be gone in three days.

I only have one more shade of LipSense to buy and I will have every color.  
Well, not every color, but every color I want.  
The problem is, they no longer make the last color that I want, so my LipSense person is looking everywhere she can to find it.
She will though, I'm sure.
I got this color yesterday; Crimson Red (diamond)
Oh, speaking of LipSense.. 
Ami- We were talking about Bella the other day.  I wore it yesterday and it lasted for 13 hours!
I know, it sounds like I'm selling it and I'm trying to get you all to buy some.  
I'm not selling it, I just really really love it.

Well, I gotta go to CVS and buy some Mucinex..
Happy Monday!