Consider the Lilies..: 2017   

Oct 17, 2017

Bathroom is finished!

It was a lot of work but Clay finished Sky’s bathroom. He had an extra week at home and good thing too because he wouldn’t have finished otherwise.  To tell you the truth, we weren’t sure if he was going back to work at all for the past few days. He got an email from his boss telling him not to get on the plane that he was scheduled for because Exxon was considering shutting down the contract in Equatorial Guinea. So Clay stayed home while they did some coring (it’s what they do to see whether or not an area will produce oil) and they found some so they called Clay back to work. So for right now he has a job for another month. After that we don’t know. It was kind of funny though, we were pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to finish the bathroom before he was scheduled to go back to work and then he got an extra week. Yesterday he finished the bathroom and got an email telling him to get on a plane today. Perfect timing!

So, the bathroom. 

Before pictures-

We noticed a little bit of water damage around the outside of her shower so Clay pulled the whole thing out and found that one of the walls was pretty damaged and there was mold starting to grow. Apparently whoever put the shower in just used regular drywall rather than the cement wall stuff you are supposed to use when installing a shower. 

So Clay ripped out the walls and replaced everything (the right way).  It was a lot of work re-tiling the whole shower plus he extended it several inches to make more room and even built shelves. The diamond pattern around the top of the shower took him the longest, he said the tiles were a “bitch to cut”   but the floor was pretty simple :)

So anyway, after pictures-

Clay did some plumbing (which he absolutely hates to do) and moved the sink over to make more room and Sky painted everything a more cheerful color (she said the other color made it look like a prison bathroom).

I gotta give Sky credit too, she did quite a bit of work herself once her dad showed her how. So now I have a husband AND a daughter who knows how to tile. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Oct 9, 2017

I am a Spoonie..

I’m sick and I’m tired and I’m sick and tired of pretending that I’m not sick and tired. 

The whining begins here, so feel free to skip this post..

Seriously, I’m about to lay it all out..  
The whole truth..

I am not a recluse who never answers the phone or goes anywhere because I’m so introverted that I simply cannot handle talking to people. 
No, I rarely leave the house and I ignore the phone because I just don’t have the energy. 
My condition has worsened, quite a bit. It not only affects my digestive system now but my joints, my muscles, my liver, and my kidneys. 
It takes me five times as long, five times the energy and five times the strength to do an activity that any normal person can do easily. 

For example: 
I have my groceries delivered because because by the time I have gone to the store, filled the cart and paid for everything, I struggle to get back to the Jeep. Then I sit in the Jeep and wait for my heart to stop pounding while trying to catch my breath and build up the energy to load the groceries into the Jeep before I can drive home. 
You wouldn’t believe how long it takes me to get all of the groceries into the kitchen so I can put them away. 
Most days I don’t leave the house because I know that I will have to face the stairs to get back into my house when I get home. 

When people learn that I do not work outside the home or have small children to raise, they usually ask me “then what do you actually DO all day?" (they say it just like that).
I tell them that I clean all day. 
Then they give me that look that says “you don’t have children messing up your house, tons of laundry to do every day, kids to drive around everywhere so how much cleaning do you really have to do?”.
The answer is, very little.  Just normal upkeep that would take any other person maybe an hour or two. 
But when you have a very limited amount of energy and everything you do is painful, small every day tasks take considerably longer. Plus it takes a good half an hour to an hour resting in between those small tasks to build up the energy to do another one. 

When I do plan to go somewhere. I know that I will need to conserve my energy for a couple days leading up to it.
This Friday I am going to the Orpheum with a friend to see Finding Neverland. I am excited to go but the dread of the stairs I will have to climb makes my excitement wane a little. 

But I’m tired of making excuses every time someone asks me to come over, or have lunch, or go shopping. 
I’m not busy and I don’t have a prior engagement. 
I just don’t have the energy.
It’s that simple. 

Ok. So there it is. I'm sick and I'm getting worse.

I am starting a new treatment soon that will hopefully force this condition into remission. I’m taking more meds (8 pills a day now!) and I’m hoping that the vitamin injections will give me more energy too. 
So it’s not all bad. 

As crazy as it sounds, I’m thankful for all of it. Isn’t that the weirdest thing?  
My priorities have changed, things that were a big deal to me before are not now, and I'm learning how to say ‘No’. 
My prayer life is so different than it used to be; what I pray for, who, and why. How long or how often I pray, and the changes that are happening within myself because of it. 

 I have lots of time to read and study, and everything I learn seems so much more significant to me than it used to. Before it was just information. Just more stuff I knew. But now?  It means something. It means something to me.  Personally.
 You know?
Maybe you don’t. I’m not sure I’m explaining it correctly?
Particular passages in the Bible have become more significant to me and I do find a comfort in reading scripture that I never had before. 

So life isn’t all bad. In fact, in some ways it’s quite a bit better. 

Happy Monday!

P. S.  I will blog more positive stuff soon. Promise!

P.S. Wondering what a 'Spoonie' is?

Oct 6, 2017

One more thing..

My case manager just called. My vitamin D levels are nonexistent. I also have extremely low vitamin B12 levels. 

So I get to give myself shots.

With a regular syringe, not even an EpiPen. 

And take a lot more pills.


She scheduled my first four IV infusions and I start them on the 18th. The Remicade will hopefully cause my immune system to back off but apparently that also means that I will be highly susceptible to flu and pneumonia, so guess what? Yeah, more shots. 

Super fantastic. 

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m feeling sort of overwhelmed with everything that needs to be organized and scheduled and remembered. 

I even cried a little.

Just a little though. 


Done. Again..

The procedure went well.
I was pretty nervous about it.  
I was expecting to wake up in recovery after having emergency surgery but fortunately I didn't.
I was also expecting to wake up in a lot of pain and that didn't happen either.
They managed to stretch the scar tissue so hopefully that will provide some relief until the Remicade.

Now I'm just waiting for my insurance to give the OK for the I.V. infusions.
I talked to my case manager the other day.
Yeah, I have a case manager now.  You have to have a case manager when you start Remicade.
She's wonderful! And she handles everything.
Seriously, everything.  I don't even call the doctor, his nurse, the front desk, nothing.  I just call her.  She will be handling my meds, infusions, appointments, procedures, everything.  
Even my diet.

And let me tell you about my diet.
I'm sorta angry about it.
Not the new diet, but I'm angry that I've been doing what my doctor told me to do for about 2 years now in order to loose weight and be healthier when all this time it's been making everything worse and causing me to gain weight!

So my doctor said to do the low carb/high protein/high fat/whole grains thing.
Not too much fruit because of the sugar, lots of raw veggies, high fiber, blah blah blah.
No pasta, potatoes, bread, white rice, etc..
Which is all well and good.  If you are a normal person who can digest stuff properly.
But I can't digest the normal low carb, paleo diet stuff.  So instead of going through my system, the food just sits there.  And what happens when the food in your body had no where to go?
Yep, eventually your body absorbs it and it turns into fat.  Plus, with the strictures (constriction and scar tissue throughout my intestines) the food has even more time to just sit there and turn into fat.  

While all this extremely hard to digest food is slowly traveling though my already inflamed and incredibly sensitive intestines, it's also scratching and tearing the tissue causing even more strictures.. 

So, what should I be eating?  Pretty much everything I thought I shouldn't be.
White bread, pasta, refined grains, plenty of cheese, lots of fruit (I hate fruit) and white rice.
Plus the stuff that hadn't changed: no corn syrup, nothing artificial, nothing fried, more fish and poultry, less beef and pork, no corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, nothing specifically made to be "low fat" or "sugar free", honey instead of sugar, TONS of water, and lots of probiotics and green tea.
Oh, I can't have raw veggies anymore.  That's a serious bummer.  And I have to peel everything. 

So that's that.

Did I mention that Clay was remodeling Sky's bathroom?
I'll post pictures when it's finished.

Oh, I think Sky is going to be promoted again soon.  She said something about it yesterday but I was still drugged from the procedure and don't remember exactly what she said..  So I'll blog about that later too.   

Sep 28, 2017


My G.I. called today.  
The MRI showed lots of scar tissue and constriction (duh).  It also showed that parts of my lower intestines and colon have fused together. 

So tomorrow the nurse is going to call me and schedule another procedure. This time they are going to stretch the scar tissue, which sounds incredibly painful. 
I get to prep for another procedure.  

I will also be starting a Remicade treatment. Three hours of intravenous medication every two months.  They are hoping that the stretching will be successful and will last long enough for the Remicade to start working.  
So as of right now, no surgery.  
Unless they tear a hole during the stretching procedure in which case I will have to have surgery and another stay in the hospital.  But they said that doesn't happen often.

The doctor said that it is too much to hope for remission at this point; right the goal is to stop the damage from getting worse. 

That's all I know right now. 


Sep 22, 2017

All done.. Sorta..

The procedure went well.
Kind of.  
There was too much scar tissue and constriction for the camera to go all the way through so I have a few more tests to go do.
No one told me that the doctor would be taking several large biopsies during the procedure so I woke up in quite a bit of pain and spent the rest of the day in bed.
But I'm much better today.
So at the moment I still don't know anything.
Except that I can't go to Israel in February.
I'm seriously bummed about it, but what can ya do?
If I need to be put on a biological treatment program it will take a few months to get regulated and hopefully forced into remission and I will need to stay close to my doctors. If I need surgery, it will be a major surgery, lots of recovery time, and I'll need to stay close to my doctors.

Clay took Buster to the vet last Thursday.  
It was so sad and really hard on Clay.
And then today we got a card from the vet with Buster's little paw prints on it.
I'm glad they did that but it sorta made be bawl like a two year old..

Sep 19, 2017

Dang it..

I went to my first in a series of appointments with my G.I. team yesterday.  The steroids aren't working and my regular meds aren't doing enough on their own.  I'm still having pain every day and now it's not regulated to just one area..

So, today I start a two-day prep for another colonoscopy.  Dang it.  Normally a two-day prep really isn't two days because the average person starts prepping at 1:00 in the afternoon and they start out on a low residue diet that morning.  
But because I'm just super special, I get to skip the actual eating and go straight to clear fluids and 2 bottles of magnesium citrate-

before I even get started on the whole gallon of GaviLyte-N.

Don't you wish you were me?

The G.I.'s are pretty sure that more healthy tissue has turned to scar tissue and that the Crohn's has become more serious causing more damage. They said that I will most likely need to be put on a treatment program and add Humira or Remicade to my current daily drug cocktail..
Yay me!

Apparently the treatment isn't going to be as easy as I thought.  I figured that I would just up my fiber and probiotic intake, walk more, drink more water and everything would be fine.
See, I also figured that since I wasn't in excruciating pain every day that I was in remission.
No one told me I was, I just assumed.  
Turns out, I have never been in remission. 
Not alerting my doctors when I am experiencing pain and only going to the hospital when the pain has become unbearable and the vomiting won't stop isn't a good plan either..

But why assume?
Well, probably because no one wants to believe that they really are suffering from a serious disease I guess.  
I mean, if you take your meds every day the symptoms go away, then everything is fine and life is good right?
Besides.  It's just Crohn's.  
That's always been my mindset.
"Just Crohn's"
And what is Crohn's anyway?  It's IBS, just a little more serious..
That's not true AT ALL, but that's what I've been telling myself for the last 6 years.
It's really an auto-immune disease that causes your immune system to literally attack your own body because it thinks it's saving you, when in reality it's slowly but surely beating the hell out of you. 

I mean look, I'm epileptic and I'm ok.  
Epilepsy is huge, but I handle it pretty well.  I'm not even on seizure meds anymore and haven't been for years.  We figured out what triggers the seizures, and now I just avoid those things.
Easy peasy.

So I thought we could do the same thing with Crohn's.
And because of that mentality I will be going in for my FOURTH colonoscopy on Thursday to see how much damage has been done, what can be done to stop it or at least slow it down, whether or not I will need to have surgery, and then most likely start a treatment program that involves giving myself bi-weekly injections..
So basically, this is all pretty much my fault.
Dang it again.

Ok.  That's all for now.  I have a bunch of disgusting liquid to drink.
I promise my next posts will be updates and not pity parties..

Happy Tuesday!

Sep 13, 2017


I spent a couple nights in the hospital again.
Went to the Emergency Room around midnight on Sunday because I couldn't handle the pain and the vomiting anymore..
I had an MRI and several X-rays that showed inflammation and more scar tissue.
So they admitted me again.
This time they put a tube in my nose, down my throat, and into my stomach to pump out whatever was left.
Which was nothing.  How could there be after 4 hours of barfing?
The tube was horrible, I had to be sedated so I would stop freaking about about it.  After 12 hours I told them if they didn't remove it, I was going to to remove it myself.  They weren't happy about it but they did.

Apparently my meds aren't working even at the highest dosage and everything has been inflamed for quite some time.  It's gotten bad enough now that blockages are pretty much inevitable..
I haven't been on track like I should be either..  I'm supposed to be doing my stretches every day, walking every day, eating way more of what I should and way less of what I shouldn't.  OK not less, but none.

So the plan-
I have several appointments with my G.I. team (yep, I have a whole team) for more tests so they can come up with a new treatment plan to hopefully force me into remission.
I'm on steroids for the next four weeks.  I hate steroids!
I'm not reacting to them well at all.  I never do (who does?) but it's worse this time.  
I increase my probiotic intake, eat more fruit (yuck) cook my veggies (darn it) and drink at least a gallon of liquid every day.
Plus the stretches and walking.

Thank God for Sky!
She took 2 days off work to take care of the dogs, and the house, and made several trips to the hospital to bring me stuff and run errands.  I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes.
Clay will be home tomorrow!

Aug 20, 2017


Nothing much going on.
Seriously, nothing.  

Clay was on a rig for a week so he couldn't call home.
That kind of sucked.

There was a storm last night with lots of lightning.
Didn't sleep well because Gunner is afraid of the thunder and kept crawling under the covers every time there was a noise, and I woke up with a terrible headache.
I'm not going to church today because I can still feel the electricity in the air (it's an epilepsy thing) and I don't want to have a seizure at church, at least not without Clay there.
Instead I am watching debates for and against infant baptism.

I went back and re-studied eschatology.  Again.
And the Pentateuch.
Because I like to punish myself I guess.
I'm moving on to Prophets, Poetry, & Wisdom tomorrow.
I just saw that there was a KJV-only debate so I might look into that.
Meh, I'll do both.

Well, so far this is a pretty boring blog post isn't it?

I finished a blanket yesterday.
I made it for myself.  I had a bunch of extra yarn and figured why not?  Nothing fancy but it matches the couch and who doesn't like to snuggle under a blanket and watch Netflix?
I started one for Elaine yesterday too.
I think I'll make one for Vickie when I'm finished with Elaine's.
Have I said that before?
Hey Vickie, what's your favorite color?

I'm making plarn too.  Plastic yarn.
I'm going to make sleeping mats for the homeless out of plastic grocery bags.
Like this:

I just found another debate on YouTube.  Reformed Christianity (James White)  VS. Mormonism (Martin Tanner).
I don't think I'm going to get much done today.

Aug 6, 2017

Thought bubbles..

The Jolly Ball is the perfect outdoor dog toy.
Keisel isn't an outdoor dog, just the ball :)
There isn't any air in it so it can't deflate no matter how many times they puncture it.
Unlike the soccer blob.

I'm really enjoying the courses I'm taking. 
I even sort of liked the study on Job.
It helps when the teacher has a cool accent.

Clay is on a plane to Ethiopia right now.
He promised me that he isn't sitting next to a goat.

Sky has been working with fire 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in a non-air conditioned area.  Her arms are burned, her hands hurt, and she's been limping pretty hard on her bad knee for the past 4 days.
She hasn't complained once. 
She is definitely her father's daughter.

Aussies howl.
A lot.
It's adorable.

We still don't know if Clay is going to work in Colorado, Ghana, Iraq, some other crazy location, or if he will have a job at all after this hitch.
Nothing is certain in the oil field until it is.
I'm usually worried by this point.
But I'm not.

I finished Alyssa's blanket finally.
So I started working on the one for my bed.
I've been working on it on and off for about a year.
Then I looked at all the extra yarn I have and started another one.

I realized recently that life has become much easier for me during the past 2 years.
I don't mean financially or anything like that.  We still have bills, unforeseen problems still arise, Clay's future employment is uncertain, I have health issues that are not improving, etc..
 But I'm not worried.  I'm not angry.  I don't have anxiety waiting for the next bad thing to happen.  Things that offended me, annoyed me, or flat out pissed me off don't even bother me anymore.
There is no stress.
No drama.
I'm happy, but it's more than that.  
I have peace. It's crazy weird.
I think maybe, that when you not just understand the sovereignty of God but accept it as absolute truth; life is just different you know?
Actually now that I think about it, I'm certain of it.

Happy Sunday. 

Jul 15, 2017


The bathroom is finished :)

So..  The floor before:

And the floor after:
I know I've already posted pictures of the floor but Clay did such a great job that I'm posting another one.

The vanity (he put the baseboards on right after I snapped the pic).

The sink (duh)

The absolutely adorable faucet.  
I took the picture with the water running because I like how it pours out like a miniature water pump).

He even got new towel holders that match the faucet :)

Medicine cabinet (and other new towel rack, lol)

And this...
Go ahead and judge if you want, but I'm gonna tell y'all straight out; if you don't have one of these, you need to get one.  For reals.
I am not ashamed ;)

So that's it.  The bathroom is finished, and my husband is the most amazing guy on the planet.

Jul 14, 2017

Floor is finished :)

The bathroom floor is finished!

He finished laying the tile Wednesday evening

Then did all the other stuff yesterday

And he put in the new toilet..  YAY!

He did such a good job.  I really don't think there is anything he can't do..
He put the new vanity/sink in yesterday but it's not completely hooked up yet.  He still needs to touch up some paint, put the medicine cabinet in, put a seal on the floor, and put in the new towel racks and stuff like that. Oh, and put the baseboards back on.
He still has three weeks left at home so I might have to find more stuff for him to do so he doesn't get bored :)

I finished Alyssa's blanket, nothing at all compared to remodeling a whole bathroom but hey, I did something!
Oh, I also finished my eschatology course (finally!) and started a course on the Sermon on the Mount.  After all the amill, postmill, premill, pretrib, midtrib, posttrib, preterist, futurist, dispensationalist, historical, etc. I'm more than ready to move on to something else!
Besides, who doesn't love the sermon on the mount?  I've taken 2 other courses on it but I know I'll learn something new; plus this course is taught by Sinclair Ferguson.  Bonus!

Sky is having her stitches removed today.  Did I blog about that?  
She got hurt at work. Again.  Dropped a huge piece of metal on her hand. Again. 
Wrapped it with packaging tape and went back to work. Again.
Came home thinking it was no big deal. Again.
And then went to the hospital because her dad told her she needed stitches. Again.
I'm telling ya, she really is the toughest girl on the planet.

She started doing yoga yesterday, even though she calls it "stretching" because according to her she's not a "grass-juice drinking hippie who spends my time aligning stupid chakras and all that crap"..
Gunner likes to help.

Clay will be going back to Angola for at least one more hitch, and then after that we aren't sure what is going to happen.  Right now it looks like either Other Africa or Colorado.  He said something about Iraq and I think Pakistan?  To tell you the truth, I never know (and won't know) until he gets a work VISA in the mail.
That's life in the oilfield y'all.

Jul 12, 2017

More remodeling..

Clay is home and has started remodeling our bathroom.   So, before pictures..
(I don't normally keep toilet paper there, but he had already started moving stuff before I snapped the picture)
I'm not really sure why I snapped a picture of the toilet except that we got a new one. I'm pretty sure it doesn't look much different from this one though. :) Then he pulled everything out and ripped up the linoleum. 
 And he found someone or damage under the toilet and had to fix it, yuck. 
 And then he ripped out the medicine cabinet  
 He was able to get quite a bit of the new tile laid down before it got too late. 

 He's not able to do much work on it today though, so  for now we are using Sky's bathroom downstairs which isn't too big of a deal except when you have to pee at two in the morning. We have to go through her bedroom to get to her bathroom and naturally the dogs have to follow us. Apparently Sky doesn't appreciate Gunner standing on her head while she's trying to sleep.  

Clay's cousin Vicki is in town and we had lunch today. We haven't seen her in almost 18 years and we've never met her son (he's 14 and super cute) so it's been really awesome catching up.  We are going to meet for dinner this evening before they start for home.  

 Anyway, I am hoping the bathroom will be finished by the end of the day tomorrow, mostly because I would like to get our old toilet off the deck and hauled away to the dump (no pun intended). 
Nothing says white trash like a toilet on your deck. 

Jun 8, 2017


I'm almost finished with Alyssa's blanket
It's taken me longer to finish than the other blankets, not because it's any harder but because I keep finding stuff to distract me.
Oh, and I'm not watching television as much, and usually when I watch tv, I crochet.
I've been keeping the tv off during the day so I would be more productive, so instead I work on the blanket while I listen to lectures.
I finished the course on the Westminster Confession.  I earned a whole credit and a half! Hah!
 Yesterday I started a course on John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.
By the way, if you're a Christian and you haven't read this book; why haven't you??
I really like the course so far. I've read everything Bunyan had ever written and I thought I knew just about everything I could about him (I even have a hoodie with his face on it!) but so far I've learned a few things about him that I didn't know and I've only listened to two lectures.

So..  Clay isn't going to transfer to Russia.  
He didn't like the offer and unless they change a few things, he said he's not going to accept it.
But..  He's had two other offers; one from Cogo and one from Kenya.
I honestly didn't think he'd entertain an offer from anywhere in Africa because he's been saying that he's pretty sick of Africa.  But apparently he's only sick of Angola.
So as of this moment, I have no idea where he will be going and neither does he, but after 15 years of the oil field, I've learned to just go with it.  

Well this was an uninteresting blog post, I have more but I can hear the dogs in the yard chewing on something so I better go see what it is..
Happy Thursday!

Jun 5, 2017

Favorite things..

My favorite things this week..
(it's mostly make up)

It's eyeshadow made by the same people that make LipSense.
Oh, my, gosh!
I will never wear a different brand again.  Not even kidding!
I use it as eyeliner too.
I put it on at 6:00 yesterday morning and it stayed on until I washed it off at 9:00 last night.  
It doesn't even come off if you rub your eyes.
This one is Garnet.  I'm going to get a couple more soon.  Well, not soon, but kind of soon.
The friend that sells it made up a subscription kinda thing where you give her a wishlist (I keep adding to mine) and once a month (or whenever you want) she will pick something off of your list and deliver it.  
Oh, by the way..  I learned something about how to apply the lip color and now it doesn't fade for a full 12 hours. Seriously!
I'm telling ya ladies..  Ya gotta try it.  I know that $20 bucks for a tube of lip color seems like a lot to spend, but if you never have to reapply, it doesn't come off on anything, and repairs your lips so they don't get chapped anymore, is $20 bucks really too much to pay?
Oh, by the way..  I don't get a commission or a discount for plugging lip sense  Truly!

Ok, next..  Mascara
It's not from SenGence, the Lipsense people (but they do have mascara too).
I got a little sample tube of this when I subscribed to Ipsy.  I canceled Ipsy because I really like SenGence and I was getting a lot of samples that I didn't use.
But this mascara is awesome.  Only need one coat, looks great, and doesn't flake.
The sample bottle is almost out so I bought some other mascara at Walmart yesterday.
This stuff:
It sucks.  A lot.  I had to put on 3 coats and it still didn't look as good as the Mad Lash (or any other mascara I have ever used) so I tossed it.
I ordered more Mad Lash from Amazon.  

Elf Primer
I have tried about a bazillion make-up primers.  Expensive primer, cheap primer, free sample primer, you name it.  But Elf primer is the best.  And it's only $4.  Elf has several different primers; I used the clear primer for a while and I really liked it but this time I bought the purple primer.  It doesn't look very purple when you look at the bottle but when you pump some out, it's pretty darn purple. Like Barney the purple dinosaur purple! 
I was a little nervous when I first saw how purple it was, but I gave it a shot and it works really well.
Purple helps with redness and when you're over 40 you want that.  
Plus I used to smoke a lot and I used to drink a lot and both of those activities add redness to your skin.
But with this purple Elf stuff, I don't need to wear foundation anymore; just some tinted moisturizer..

My last favorite this week..
This happy face.
He really is the happiest dog in the world.  He's always smiling.  
Even when I'm trying to make him get off my bed so I can put clean sheets on it.

May 22, 2017

Bunch of stuff..

I think everything is starting to go back to normal now.
Clay goes back to work today but it's possible this will be his last hitch in Africa, which is good because he's pretty sick of it!
Russia is finally happening, and it's rotation so we don't have to move.  He'll have an apartment there instead of a room in a staff house and he will be working under Lindsay again.  Lindsay is the guy that created the position for Clay in Angola.  They have worked together in 3 other countries and have become good friends.  It will be nice for him to be working under a guy he can trust again.
Plus he will be working somewhere I would actually like to visit :)

The floors are done, the dumpster has been filled and taken away, the garden is planted and the trees are trimmed.  It's been a busy few weeks!
We had the puppies neutered.  I really didn't want to, but Gunner kept lifting his leg on Sky's closet and he was starting to bully the cat and Buster so we just decided to get it over with.  His surgery went well and he is recovering quickly.  
They sent him home with a cone but that didn't go over well.  He freaked out so bad I was afraid he would tear out his stitches so we got him a Zen Collar.  Much better!

Then we took Keisel in.  Things didn't go as well for him.  The poor baby.
One of his "boys" was so far up into his abdominal cavity that they had to perform major surgery to get it out, so now instead of just one small one inch incision, he has three; two one inch and one six inch with 10 staples and his whole belly is bruised.
Let me tell you..  Keeping two Australian shepherd puppies calm is literally impossible.
They both were prescribed sedatives, but the sedatives they gave Keisel are so strong that he couldn't even lift his head off the bed and he had to be carried outside and then held up so he could go potty, so we have decided to only give him a sedative at night and just give Gunner the ones that our vet prescribed him.  His don't do much, but they do calm him down a little so we are sort of hoping that if he's not super hyper, Keisel won't be either.  It's sort of working.
Sort of.
At least right at this moment..

Mother's Day was awesome like always.
Clay and Sky always do pretty great on Mother's Day.
Sky got me another rosebush and planted it in the back yard (the dogs attacked the first one). so she put a fence around this one.
And brought Sushi home for dinner.  Best daughter ever!

Clay got me a ring with Sky's birthstones
And some of my favorite perfume (well one of my favorites)

And he brought up the patio furniture from under the deck, bought a new cushion for the lounge chair,
 bought some outdoor candles for the tables and even put up an awning so I can sit outside and still be out of the sun.

I think he's a pretty OK guy..
(Gunner keeps photobombing my pictures).

Sky wasn't completely happy with her haircut so she went back and had more cut off..  I absolutely LOVE it now.

She starts the day shift again today so instead of working 2 pm until 12:30-1:00 am, she goes in at 6:00 am.  
They opened a new department so she will be the assistant manager of that department as well as the lead welder.

I guess I've covered everything.
Oh wait!  This stuff.
The best hand cream I have ever used.  For reals!  It's pretty pricey for such a little bottle, but I use way less of it than any other brand and I only have to put it in twice a day.  
I normally use a lot of hand lotion..  I'm over 40, and if you're over 40 you know how your skin gets drier more often.  
So this stuff is bomb-diggity.
It's made by the same company that makes LipSense.  *shocker huh?*
Turns out they make a lot of stuff and so far everything I have tried is AWESOME..
Seriously.  Awesome. 
I don't sell it.  Honestly!  Even though it sounds like I do.  I don't even get a discount for plugging it so much.  It's just really good stuff..

Ok, that's all.  
Happy Monday!