Consider the Lilies..: March 2015   

Mar 30, 2015

I don't want to be a plumber..

Today was eventful.  And hard.  And gross..
But I learned a few lessons..
I learned how to work a plumbing snake, I learned how to use a circular saw sideways, and I learned that you should never, never, ever put broccoli in the garbage disposal..

I thought everything was fine at first..  I cleaned out the fridge and dumped the leftover broccoli salad into the garbage disposal and everything went down just fine..  
Then I went downstairs into the bathroom and saw that the broccoli salad was floating in the sink..

I started with Drano and that didn't work, so Clay Skyped and walked me through everything..  
First I took the u-bend off and tried to get the snake through the pipe but it wouldn't go more than a couple feet so I had to cut through a pipe in the laundry room and run the snake through. I couldn't get the hacksaw between the pipe and the wall and I couldn't find the reciprocating saw so I had to use the circular saw..  That was interesting..  I had to hold it sideways (like you're not supposed to do) plus hold the guard of the blade out of the way, and then cut through the pipe without cutting into the wall.. Then I got the snake down the pipe about 20 feet..
Pulling it out was disgusting!  I was up to my elbows in black goo..  
Clay thought my dry heaves were pretty funny though..

So, I got the pipe un-clogged but I still had to put the pipe back together..  Clay was really sleepy by now and was nodding off so he gave me a list of stuff to buy at Menard's, instructions and went to bed..  While I was at the hardware store Daniel sent me a text and told me he would be over to help me put the pipe back together..
I'm glad he did too!  I was able to do everything (the snake, the cutting) even putting the pipe back together, but I couldn't get the jar of pvc cement open..  I fought with it for 5 minutes and the lid didn't budge.. So yay for Daniel!
But I think I got everything fixed..

I didn't get any school work done though so I will have to do a lot of homework tomorrow :)
But I did it!  I fixed the plumbing!

I miss Clay..

Mar 29, 2015


Ok, so I saw on my sister's blog that she had made some homemade Febreeze using a recipe that we used when we cleaned houses..  To be perfectly honest, I don't remember making it..  Funny huh?
Anyway, I noticed that it called for a couple drops of dish detergent..  I'm wondering why I didn't think that was weird before..  Because I think it's weird now..  Wouldn't there be a leftover soap residue?  And since soap that isn't rinsed away attracts dirt, if you sprayed it on furniture, wouldn't it eventually cause your furniture to become even dirtier?

We buy a lot of Febreeze..  We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a welder..  Though I vacuum and Elaine keeps me stocked in Scentsy bars, it's still difficult to keep the house from smelling like animals; especially because the animals think they are people and sleep on the furniture..
(Sky's one day off this week.  She's spending it in bed)
Buster isn't on the bed because he's too old to jump up there and Sky doesn't have  set of doggy stairs in her room..
He doesn't smell very good either..

Febreeze is expensive..  I've tied the cheap stuff because it's less than half the price as real Febreeze for twice the amount..
Both scents (fresh linen & lavender)..  It's nasty..  It smells like old lady..  I know, that was an awful thing to say, but it does..  It doesn't last long either..  Not that you would want it too because it smells terrible, but even terrible fake Febreeze smells better than dog.  Sorta..

But a bottle of real Febreeze is around 5 bucks, and since I use it every day, it runs out quickly..
So I thought I would make some myself..  I didn't have a recipe or anything, I just made it up..  
It works!  

So, this is what I did..

I emptied the bottle of fake Febreeze and washed it out really well..  It's a 33.8 ounce spray bottle..
Then I poured in about a third of a cup of fabric softener (it smells really good),
around a teaspoon of baking soda, then filled the bottle the rest of the way with hot water, and then shook it until the baking soda dissolved..

The house smells wonderful..  Even the dog bed :)

So there you go..  Cheap Febreeze that doesn't smell like an old lady!

Later-  I just looked on Pinterest..  Apparently there are about 120 recipes just like this..  Ha!

Mar 26, 2015

I wish I could explain it better...

It's no secret that I am a total theology nerd..  I love theology..  But with the awesomeness of theology comes some not-so-awesomeness too..  
For starters, it's difficult to remember that not everyone is a theology nerd..  It's even more difficult to remember that not everyone wants to be..  To know everything you can possibly know about the Bible is not a lifelong goal for every Christian on the planet..  I don't know why.  Seriously, I don't..
But it's difficult to talk to people for more than five minutes because it's all I want to talk about..  Honestly, in my opinion, everything else is trivial..  I mean, if you're a Christian, what could possibly be more important, more fascinating, more exciting, more anything, than God? 
 Who He is, what He thinks, what He says.  All of it..  And how do we know who He is, what He thinks, and what He says?  The Bible..  The living Word of God..  There simply is no other truth.  
Because I am not the most tactful person on the planet, a lot of what I say, or rather how I say it, comes off as offensive or confrontational..  I have no doubt that several others who read this blog post will be offended by it..  Offended by me.  Because there is simply no way for me to put how I feel into words without it coming off to some as condescending or self righteous..  I've been called both..  I've also been called confrontational, aggressive, uncaring, unloving, blah, blah, blah.  
I'm not feeling sorry for myself, or looking for anyone else to feel bad for me by saying that..  It's just how it is..    
My point is, nothing I say is actually meant to offend.  Make you think?  Maybe.  But do I say anything to purposely hurt someone's feelings?  No.  I don't..  Really..
But I want y'all to know that what I'm rambling on about today isn't meant to offend anyone either, but it's still going to come off that way..  

The majority of the people I talk to are Christian.  I can only think of one person I talk to on a regular basis that isn't.  Everyone else I know is a Christian; or at least claims to be..  So it's not like I offend non-believers with what I say (or how I say it)..  
Do you wanna know what sucks about being a theology nerd?  The fact that not everyone else is.  Now before you start yelling at your monitor and before you rush to the comment box to fill it up with rants about what a snob I am for wanting everyone to be like me because I'm just sooo full of myself, let me explain.

If everyone was a theology nerd, no one would be offended when someone said "that's not what the Bible says"..  
If everyone was a theology nerd no one would accuse anyone else of just being "religious" or not "showing grace"..
If everyone was a theology nerd, everyone would know what the Bible says "grace" really is.
If everyone was a theology nerd, no one would ever get tired of talking about the Bible. 
If everyone was a theology nerd, I wouldn't be so incredibly frustrated by the fact that so many 'Christians' don't know the Bible.
Yeah, I know that last one sounded selfish, but is it?  Really?  Maybe the fact that I'm frustrated could be selfish.  But do you think that Jesus might be a little frustrated too?  That He has given the world a book that contains everything anyone needs to know about Him and it's been reduced to something most Christians look at on Sundays (if the pastor even asks them to open it) or maybe for a couple minutes a day?

One of my assignments for school was a rather large project that involved interviewing several other Christians.  I had 2 sets of questions..  The first set was of just 6 questions about what they believed, I needed to interview 7 people.  The next set of questions were more extensive..  33 questions to determine the average biblical knowledge of the number of people being interviewed.. There was no limit to how many people I could interview, but I was given a minimum number that I had to interview.
 I was not supposed to say why I was asking the questions, only that it was an assignment that I was working on so that the people I was interviewing wouldn't feel like they needed to Google every question or look in their Bibles for the 'right' answer..
I wasn't supposed to give my own answers when interviewing , or reply with "that's not what the Bible says".  I mostly said "ok" and asked the next question..  But it was horrible..  The people who I interviewed using the second set of questions; so many times they replied with "I don't know"..  Basic biblical questions..  If they did have an answer, the answer wasn't from the Bible, it was from something someone had told them, or a guess, or just how they felt.  One of the questions I asked was 'Why did God create us?" and 4 people replied with "I don't know"..  Someone said "Jesus loves me and that's all I need to know".  A couple answered: "I don't spend a lot of time actually reading the Bible, we have the Holy Spirit to tell us what we should know"..  
I was so hurt by that..  Yes, me.  I have feelings.  For reals..
I wanted to yell at them "That's not even what He does!  That is not the primary function of the Holy Spirit!  That is not His work!  And you wanna know something else?  We were created to glorify God!  To enjoy God and to glorify Him!  The Bible says so!  More than once!  How can you not know this??"
I had to stop.  I asked my professor if I could chose a different project.  I couldn't listen to one more person tell me that they just "don't know"

I know what those who are not theology nerds think of those of us who are..  They think that we don't care about anything but our books.  That we only care about being right, being the smartest people in the room..  That we don't care about love, or compassion, or feelings.  They believe that the love of Jesus isn't important to us..  That we are all just self-righteous know-it-all's that only want others to see how smart we think we are..

They couldn't be more wrong..  Let me tell you why I love theology so much.

Theology saved me.  
I was not saved when I walked into that church 5 years ago and repeated a prayer and 'accepted Jesus into my heart'..  
*By the way?  There is nothing, nothing in the Bible about that.  I have no idea where that mentality came from.  I don't know who was the first person to decide that all anyone has to do is say a prayer and accept Jesus into their heart and they're in but it's a lie... A big, fat, lie.*
Yes, I had a reason to believe in God that day, but I was not saved.  I was not aware of my sin. I was not aware of how incredibly wretched I was in the eyes of God before I knew Jesus, because of my sin.  I was not aware of how desperately I needed a Savior.  Without that knowledge, how could I be saved?  You can't truly give up your entire life to a Savior if you don't really know how desperately you need Him.  
It wasn't until I began to learn the Bible that I learned what it really meant to be saved.  Walking into that church that day pointed me in the right direction, but it wasn't the prayer that saved me, it wasn't what anyone was telling me.  It was the Bible.  It was revelation from the Holy Spirit through the reading of the Word that saved me.

Theology taught me what love for others really is.
Love for others isn't a nicety, it isn't tolerance, it isn't being sweet.  It's not even about liking someone.  It's about wanting others to understand what salvation truly is because you don't want them to go to hell, because God loves them.  God loves them, so you love them.
 It's about being so concerned for someones eternal soul that you would rather they hated you because you had the courage to tell them what the Bible really says about hell, rather than them liking you because you didn't..
I've been harped on about speaking the truth in love..  Lots of times..  So lets just put that on the table now..

Speaking the truth in love:

What it is not: "You don't read your bible, you're not obedient to God, and all you did was repeat a stupid prayer that your stupid pastor told you.  You're going to go to hell, and if you don't believe me, you're an idiot and you deserve to go! I'm right because I'm smart and you're wrong because you're a moron."

It's not this either: "Hey, so I know you have been kind of down lately. Listen, Jesus loves you and if you accept Him into your heart by saying this prayer, God will bless you, and you will be happy forever.  But only if you want to, no pressure!  God loves you no matter what and I do too!"

What it is: "The Bible says' repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Satan is real, hell is real, you are a sinner, and sinners go to hell.  God is a merciful and loving God, but He is also a just God and must punish sin where He finds it. So he gave His son to take the punishment for your sin, and if you repent of your sin and trust in Him, He will save you. Hell is a horrible place and it is eternal. I would love to tell you more and answer any questions.  Please think about it” (you know, because you LOVE them and you don't want them to go to hell).

Theology has given me an undeniable desire to know God.
The more I learn, the more I want to learn.  The more I read the Bible, the more I want to read it.  The more I learn, the more I realize that I will never learn all there is to learn about Him; and then I want to learn even more.
I crave it.  I do.  Seriously.  I don't want to do anything else.  I want to read about Him, talk about Him, listen to other's talk about Him.  I set an alarm on my phone to go off every couple of hours so I will close my books and do some laundry.  
I have to force myself to go out and do normal people things like go to the grocery store or have lunch with a friend, because all I really want to do is learn more, pray more, hear more; and I know
that no one at the grocery store wants to discuss theology while browsing the produce section..   
Every word I read brings me closer to Him.  Every. Single. Word. And I truthfully don't know why every Christian on the face of the earth doesn't feel the same way.
But it is sheer joy and nothing can bring satisfaction to me the way the Bible does.  

Theology has taught me what is truly unimportant in my life.
I don't care about purses or shoes, I don't care if I haven't seen the latest movie, if my clothes are in style, or if my roots are showing.  I don't care anymore that my furniture doesn't match, or what anyone thinks about the car that I drive or what they think about what I weigh or how I look..  I don't care if people like me, I don't care if anyone is offended by what I believe.  I don't care about the stuff I have or the stuff I don't have.. 
 "Vanity of vanities, it's all vanity!" Ecclesiastes 1:2 

Theology has taught me who I am.
Who I am, what I am, and who and what I am supposed to be..  I know what others think of me, I know how others feel about me..  I'm not worried, I'm not afraid, I'm not ashamed.  No one can make me feel differently, no one can convince me that there is any other truth.  I know who I am because I know who He is.  
How do I know?  It's not because I just 'know that I know'..
I know because I learned it.
From the Bible.
I know who He is because I'm a theology nerd :)

"Everyone reads, everyone hears things discussed. Consequently, if you do not listen to Theology, that will not mean that you have no ideas about God. It will mean that you have a lot of wrong ones"

C.S. Lewis

Mar 22, 2015

Tried a new church today..

So, we tried West Omaha Baptist Church twice, then Southwest Church of Christ twice; this week I tried Omaha Bible Church..  I didn't have to go by myself though, my friend Tina went with me..
Ok, pros and cons..  You know what?  I'm going to do cons and pros instead.

So..  Cons:

  • The chairs weren't particularly comfortable..
  • The air conditioning made it sound like it was raining outside so I spent the first few minutes of the sermon wondering if I would be driving home in a soaking wet Jeep because the top and the doors are off.
  • The music wasn't so great.
  • The woman singing behind me made it worse.
  • The sermon wasn't very long.
  • No communion every week.
Yeah, I know that all of those cons (except the communion) are incredibly petty and superficial..  But cons are cons right?  They aren't cons that would keep me from going back, or even cons that I would honestly consider anyway, but I said I was going to list cons, and I had to think of some..  So there you go..

Now pro's

  • The sermon started off with a reading of the Word.  The music leader actually said "please stand for the reading of God's word."  Now I know that some of you are pretty used to that..  I guess it's something that happens a lot in churches, but it's not something that happened at my previous church so it was new to me, and a pleasant surprise.
  • No PowerPoint!  They didn't even use the screen behind the pastor for anything other than to display the lyrics during the singing at the beginning. 
  • All of the sermon was the Bible.  Not 2 or 3 verses picked from 2 or 3 different books of the Bible and then thrown together to back up the topical sermon (which are usually not meant to go together and are most often taken out of context. Not being a know-it-all, if your church does that, do some homework and see for yourself)..  The pastor opened his Bible, and everyone else did to..  And then he went verse by verse.  No 'let me tell you a personal story about myself' or 'let me stop here and say something to make you feel good about yourself'..  He would read a verse, talk about it, and then read another verse..  A whole sermon from the Bible.  He even cross-referenced Luke with Isaiah..  *happy sigh* 
  • Bibles for visitors.  Tina and I didn't take one because we already have several bibles, but if you're going to give a gift to visitors, I think a bible is a pretty good choice..
  • No self-help or heretical books in the books store..  Nope, no Heaven is for Real or The Circle Maker, or The Shack (again, not just my opinion, compare them against scripture, look for yourself) as entertaining and 'feel good' as they may be, they are heresy (see what the Bible says about heresy too) ..  I did see a book by Charles Spurgeon there though (score!)
  • Bible class.  Real bible class!  OK, again, this is probably something that happens at most churches on Sunday mornings before the sermon, but it's not something our previous church offered..  They did have a pre-service prayer for anyone who wanted to come, but no 'Sunday school.'  This church offers two Bible classes every Sunday morning and another one on Wednesday night..  Tina asked if the classes were in-depth classes, and the woman at the information desk said "if you enjoy theology, you will enjoy the Bible class"..  Oh my gosh!  I think I heard angels sing when she said that. :)
  • Books!  When we stopped at the information desk they gave each of us a bag with a tract, a couple CDs of previous sermons, and a book!  Yay for books!  Not a 'your best life now' book either..  It's a book by John Piper (who is brilliant by the way)..

So, obviously the pros outweigh the cons, and the pros weren't petty like the cons.
I'm going to go back next week and check out the Sunday school class..  If the theology is solid, I might hang around there until Clay gets home and see what he thinks..

I stopped at Target to pick up a notebook..  I stopped taking notes at my previous church about 2 years ago so I didn't stop to think that I might need to take notes at this one (yeah, arrogant. I know)..  Anyway..  As I was looking at notebook I turned my head and saw a bag looking at me.

It's the same color as my ESV Bible 
(that's the version they use there, I'm a NKJV girl myself, but whatever, it's not the Message Bible right?) and it was just the right size for the Bible, notebook and pen, so I bought it..

Mar 19, 2015


          There are times when we want to say something, but we worry about what others might think so we keep it to ourselves.  
We want to do something but we worry what others might think of our behavior.
What if someone scolds me?
Rejects me?
Talks about me?
Doubts me?
Disapproves of me?
Judges me?

   So often we allow our 'what if's' to stop us.   
Keep us where we are, where we feel safe..
What if I fail?
What if I'm left alone?
What if I'm wrong?
What if no one will like me anymore?

What of you're right?  What if you're never alone?  What if you succeed?  What if you make new friends?  Or grow the relationships you already have?
It could happen.  Couldn't it?

There are so many things that keep us in fear.  
But I think mostly, we worry about not being comfortable.  We don't want to be in a place or situation that isn't familiar.  We don't want to step away from who we know.  It doesn't matter if they are good for us or not..  They are familiar.  
The desire to be loved, to fit in, to be popular.  Once you are there, once you get a taste of it, you strive to hang on to it.
It doesn't matter if it's true.  You can always twist it until it is.  It doesn't matter if it doesn't feel quite right; you can overlook it if it means you can be where you're comfortable.  Where everyone likes you.  Even if they don't really know you, they think they do.  We try to be who they think we are so we can stay where we are.  
Safe.  Protected. Part of something.
And that is so important to us isn't it?  
Being known
Fitting in
We compromise so much for that don't we?  Oh sure, we all say that we wouldn't compromise our convictions, that we won't do anything just because everyone else is doing it..  We declare that we won't behave certain ways, say certain things, just to fit in.  We like to say that we would never just follow the crowd for the sake of being part of it.
But we do.
Yes.  We do.
We like to say that we don't hold grudges.  But we do.  
We like to say that we always put others before ourselves.  
But we don't.  Not always.

We complain
We argue
We are offensive
We are defensive

We pretend to be humble, and then brag about our humility.  
We say that we help others, that it's always about giving; that it's about them, not us.  
Then we advertise our good deeds.  
"Look at me!  I'm serving!  I'm doing good for others! I'm giving!"
*insert sarcastic tone here*
Oh, but it's always to inspire others to do the same, not because we want to draw attention to ourselves.
Yeah.  Right.  Sure.

C'mon..  You've done it. 
 I've done it.  
We've all done it..
Have you ever sat back and just took stock of your life?  
Do you think about where you are now, where you used to be, where you're going?
Isn't it funny how you are pretty sure that you have a plan, you like the plan, and you think "alright, lets move forward with this plan" or "everything is moving along perfectly, lets just keep up the momentum"..
And then, without any warning or any building up to it, things just all of a sudden come to a stop; or there is a change in direction.  You realize that you have come to a fork in the road.  The funny thing is however, you are pretty sure you were looking straight ahead the whole time and you never saw the fork until it was right in front of you..
Usually when you come to a fork in the road (especially one you didn't see before and weren't even expecting) you stop and ask yourself "which way do I go?  Left or right?"  then, after much consideration, you make your choice..
It's not unusual though, after you have made your choice and gone along the road for a while to wonder if you made the right choice, or maybe you wonder what the other direction would have been like..  Or maybe you wonder what you left behind when you chose the direction you did; 
I know that a lot of people say that they love a good adventure, they love surprises, that the unknown is exciting..  But I don't think I know even one person who doesn't, (at least deep down) like to have  some resemblance of a plan. 
But what would happen if you chose your direction without even realizing that you had come to the fork in the road?  What if you just stopped for a second and glanced behind you to see that yes, there was a fork; but you never even paused to consider the other direction, because you just knew that you were on the path you were supposed to be? 
I know people who have said "I am at peace"..  
What they mean is, they are at peace with a decision, with a situation, with a particular area in their life, or a difficulty they are facing..
But I don't think that I have ever known anyone who was completely at peace with who they are.
What they are
Where they are going
Where they have been
Where they are right now

I wonder..  
Do you know what it's like to recognize that you have forgiven everyone in your life who has ever hurt you, made you angry, upset you, lied to you, disappointed you, stole from you, left you, or betrayed you?  
To fully understand that you aren't mad at anyone.  At all?  Really?
Yeah, really.
Or to come to the realization that you are completely free of all resentment, guilt or blame you have ever felt for anyone in your life?  Even more so, do know how it feels when you know that you know, that you are utterly free of any concern for any guilt, resentment, or  blame that anyone may feel toward you?  
Do you know what it's like to honestly say that you know that those who love you, really love you; and those who don't love you or even like you have no real bearing on how much you love them?

Do you know what it's like to have the confidence to say to anyone who will listen:
"I know who I am.  I don't know where I am going but I know who goes with me.  I know where I will end up, and I know who will be there when I do.  I don't know what I am gong to do, or how I am going to do it, but I know I won't be doing it alone.  I don't care if I suffer, I don't care if I go without, I don't care if I'm happy or unhappy; because I have joy."

I can say that.  With absolute confidence.
Because now I know the truth.  I really do.  
I'm not worried anymore.  About anything.  I know that whatever happens, good or bad.  No matter how painful it is, no matter how devastating it may be; I know it will happen because it's supposed to happen.
Because God is sovereign, and nothing happens outside of His control.  Good or bad.  No matter how miserable or broken I may be; I know the truth.
There is nothing that anyone can ever say, no argument that anyone can ever make that will change it.
It truly is what it is.

"you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." -John 8:32 
An enormous message packed into just one sentence.  
I've read it many times.  I've heard it many times.  But I never comprehended the magnitude of this sentence that has been so overused and taken out of context over and over.
 Until recently..

I am at peace.

God is good.

Mar 16, 2015

The search continues..

Clay went back to work..  I had to have him at the airport at 4:00 this morning..  He is pretty sure that he has everything he needs to get through customs this time..  I am seriously hoping he does..
He got to to the Houston airport and ran into his boss..  Turns out they are both on their way to work today so Clay will have company on the flight.  This time he is taking the Houston Express straight through to Luanda without stopping off in Amsterdam..
He sent me a text this morning to tell me that his boss said that the entire cement department is in complete chaos so Clay has his work cut out for him..  I think it's sort of funny..  He was hired on as a tools specialist (huge things that go down into the well) as well as the guy in charge of training cementers, but the actual cement department wasn't really going to be his responsibility..
I told him that I didn't buy that for a second..  He may be the tools specialist, but he is known worldwide (not bragging, just calling a spade a spade) for his work in cement..  The last 3 countries he has worked in hired him because no one knows how to get a cement department up and running as well as he does; not to mention his skill in chemistry has brought major breakthroughs throughout Africa as far as developing new cement blends..  It's not cement like we think about cement, like a driveway or a sidewalk.  He has developed flexible cement, foam cement, even cement that maintains a particular temperature..  So when he told me that he wouldn't be working in cement this time, I told him that was a load of bunk..
So he starts listening to his boss, and learns pretty quickly that not only will he be running the tools department, but he will also be rebuilding the cement department.  But that's alright..  It's what he does.  It's what he's good at, and he thrives in a chaotic environment..  He's a problem solver..  If everything ran smoothly, he's be bored to death. :)

We haven't found a church yet, but we expected it to take a while..  We went to the little Baptist church (West Omaha Baptist Church) twice, and although they were more comfortable with us the second time and seemed genuinely glad that we came back, we just don't feel like it's a good fit for us..
We have also visited Southwest Church of Christ twice. 
It was ok too..  Everyone was welcoming, the sermons were kind of short, but came from the Bible, there were no instruments and the congregation sang choir style which was very nice, and I appreciated that they serve communion every week instead of once a month; but again, just not the right fit for us.

We don't have many requirements (for lack of a better word) for a new church, what we are looking for is pretty basic.  We don't care what the music is like..  It doesn't matter to us if there are no instruments, a pipe organ, a full band, or a rickety, out of tune piano.  We don't care if they offer songs sung from a hymn book, or lyrics from a screen..  As long as it's not a production or entertainment.  We would love for it to be about worship to God, rather than something that the congregation gets from it.   I'm not sure if that made sense, but it did to me :)
It is true, there are a couple of things we don't want in a church.  Infant baptism, worship of angels, saints, or Mary.  Or a church that would be described as charismatic.  A church that doesn't teach from the Message Bible is kind of a must for me, but I don't know that I have ever heard of a church that does?
What we really want is a church that preaches from the Bible.  That's it.  Not a verse here and there, usually taken out of context, but actual biblical truth.  A church that focuses on our need for a Savoir.  One that teaches discipleship and cares more about repentance of sin and true conversion.  A church that doesn't sugarcoat the gospel and is more concerned about our eternal life than living our
 'best life now'..

"The only way you can have your best life now, is if you are on your way to hell." - John MacArthur.
The best life we can hope to have is our life in Heaven, not here and now..
Just sayin'..

So..  Anyway..  I am going to try Omaha Bible Church this Sunday..  I gotta go by myself if Sky is working since Clay isn't home.. Kind of a bummer, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?
Their 'what we believe' page sounds promising :)

I guess that's all for now..  I have sooo much homework to do..  I should probably stop wasting time and get to it..

Happy Monday!

Mar 10, 2015

Lessons I have learned recently.

Familiarity is not always a good thing; sometimes it's a really bad thing. 

Somehow when I wasn't looking, my daughter became a young adult.  

It's amazing what you can do with a packet of ranch seasoning. 

Sometimes you have to make the decision to go in a new direction.
Sometimes others go with you.
Sometimes you go by yourself.
It's the going that's important.

There are times when being right or wrong doesn't matter.
There are other times when it's the only thing that matters.

Even when the truth is smacks you in the face, it's still possible to ignore it.
But when you finally chose to notice it; it really does set you free.

You don't have to argue to stand your ground.

Everyone believes what they believe.  
Without a revelation from God, nothing you say will change that.
It's pointless to fight, debate, present facts.
Opinions do not change hearts; God does.

Don't fight about it; pray about it.

When the truth is finally revealed, your mind goes through this weird tug-o-war between pure joy at the revelation, and total humiliation at your own stupidity.

Forgiveness truly does release you from bondage.
Th problem is, you don't really know you're in bondage until you're released from it.
Weird huh?

Not wanting to believe something doesn't make it false.

My sister didn't die a couple weeks ago.
That makes me happy.

New Journal!

Elaine made me a journal and it's my favorite so far.. 
I have 2 empty pages to fill in the last journal she made me and I can't wait to start writing in this one..
The one I am using now is mostly brown, not boring brown, but all different shades of brown, so I have been using mostly black or brown ink (she got me brown pens too!)..  The new one is colorful so I'm going to use my colored pens to fill this one up :)

She gave me a white pen and a silver pen to write on the darker pages (yay!)

I don't know why this one came out sideways?  It's the inside cover.

Hmmm..  This one came out sideways too..  Weird..

She makes pages with pockets in them and stuffs them full of scratch paper and bookmarks..  
I love this..
These sideways pictures are starting to annoy me..  You can't see it very well but this one is all splattered with paint and there is a bookmark attached by a tiny clothespin..  I used to think that she splattered the pages for each journal she made..  Turns out, they are left over from her painting; she uses these papers to cleans her brushes and spray bottles and then puts them in the journals..
Pretty smart eh?

It looks like the picture is upside down but it's not.  The page in the journal is though..  I told her that I sometimes turn the book upside down when I'm writing..  Seriously!  
She either remembered that, or it was a mistake..  Either way, it works for me :)
This is my favorite page.  It's a quote from Isaiah.  My nephew Isaiah, not the prophet :)
In case you can't read it t says "someday I'm going to be a famous surgeon, or maybe a stormtrooper."  LOVE!
And this is posted here only because Sky put my glasses on, then stole my phone and took about 50 dorky pictures of herself.. Because she's cool like that..
She got her lip pierced the other day..  I asked her if she was done putting holes in her face now and she says "Possibly. but you know mom, I'm a welder and I gotta look the part!"
I guess I can't argue with that logic :)

Mar 5, 2015


Some of what I'm going to post today, I already posted on Facebook, but my mom isn't on my Facebook so I'm gonna post it here too..

Clay is doing well in Houston..  He spent all day Monday at the Angolan Embassy working on his VISA, it should be ready tomorrow..  He hung around his hotel room Tuesday and spent all day Wednesday at the NASA training center doing helicopter training.  Well, it's not exactly helicopter training, it's more like 'what to do when your helicopter crashes into the ocean' training..

It's the biggest indoor pool in the world.  Clay said it's 40 feet deep and 100 feet across..  He said it was fun, but really tiring..
Today he will be in the pool with the astronauts..  I asked him if he felt at all intimidated about that, I mean c'mon, these guys have been to outer-space!  He said "naw, they're just people.  I talked with some of  them yesterday, they're ok."
  I'm telling ya, nothing phases this guy!  Possibly meeting Chesty Puller or Norman Schwarzkopf but they're both dead.
He did say that being there is probably one of the coolest things he has ever experienced though.

Remember when I posted HERE about the Baptist church we went to a couple weeks ago?
Well I obviously misjudged them..  When we were at the church someone asked us to fill out a visitor's card with our address and email address..  A couple days later the pastor's wife emailed me and asked me to meet her for coffee..  We had decided on Wednesday, but now there is a problem with the Jeep: the alternator drained the battery and then died, we had replaced the alternator 2 years ago and it's already dead, so there is something that is ruining the alternator..  So I told her that though I would love to meet her for coffee this week, I won't be able to because I can't drive it until Clay gets home on Saturday. 
Well, she told her husband who in turn told a friend of his who goes to the church and is a mechanic, The mechanic called Clay today to ask him if he could look at the Jeep to see if he could do anything.. 
We went to this church and sat in the back row..  Everyone looked at us but no one would approach us or even look us in the face. And like I said before, the pastor's wife seemed to be very uncomfortable around us.  
But then the pastor came to our house the next day just to thank us for coming to his church. And now this. I seriously misjudged them and thought them to be uptight and judgmental. 
I will be apologizing and asking for their forgiveness when I see them again on Sunday.
 I am amazed that these people who know absolutely nothing about us and only met us for about 40 seconds have gone out of their way to be so kind to us.

Sky has had a little bit of a break this week, she has a week off of school..  She is still working at Starbucks as well as welding so she goes to welding in the morning, comes home for a few hours, then goes to Starbucks until 8:30.  She's pretty tired though..  She doesn't stay up past 9:00..  She has put in her notice at Starbucks; two jobs and school is just too much, especially when the welding job and school both require a lot of hard labor..  I think her last day as a barista will be the 7th.

I will be starting Greek next week.  I was going to try to skip it, but then realized that a big part of theology is knowing how to read and understand Greek. So starting next week I will have a full class schedule; Heremeneutics, Theology, Pneumatology, Discernment, Creation & the Gospel and Greek.   Wow..
I think I need a more comfortable desk chair!