Consider the Lilies..   

Apr 17, 2018

Good Morning..

I'm in the hospital again.
Pain started around 7:00 on Sunday morning, vomiting started around 3:00 in the afternoon and everything became unbearable sound 8:00 in the evening.
So at around 9:45 after a bunch of blood draws, 3 doses of dilaudid and a cat scan, they determined that I was right and admitted me.

Usually they put me on liquids and prednisone right away but this time they didn't.
I'm assuming that it's because this isn't supposed to be happening anymore since I'm having infusions.
In fact, here it is Tuesday morning and I don't really know anything yet.
No plan so far.
Although I have had 3 people from general surgery stop by so far "just to check in" which has never happened before.

I had an MRI yesterday..
I hate them so much.
I hate getting them at this particular hospital more than anything..
First I have to drink ALL of this-
Don't let the picture fool ya, it's nasty. 
It looks like water but it's thick like gelatin and it tastes like artificial lime flavored water mixed with Elmer's glue.
The MRI is in the basement, and y'all know what else is in the basement right?
And the hospital basement is creepy already.  It's huge, really quiet with loooong hallways that don't have any doors..
Even the florescent lights buzz and flicker.
So if you ever get an MRI (and I've had several so I know what I'm talking about) here is a tip for you-
Don't let yourself think about corpses crammed inside small wall refrigerator drawers right before you are shoved into a tube that is so tightly enclosed that you literally cannot move.
If you do, you are going to freak out, have an anxiety attack and they will have to pull you out of the tube so you can compose yourself before they shove you back in again.

When the floor you usually stay on is full, they put you on the geriatric floor.
So, a few things you might not know about the geriatric floor:
44 years old is considered "really young".
The nurses leave you alone for the most part because you don't need help to the bathroom, you can turn yourself over in bed, and they aren't too worried about you falling down and breaking a hip.
Really old people sleep differently.
They nap, the don't actually sleep for several hours a night like most people do.
They yell at night and call out for help a lot usually because laying in one position for too long is painful, they need to use the bathroom, or they are frightened.
There are a lot of deaths on this floor.
They don't take them out of the rooms until night time so they don't make the other patients uneasy.
The nurses on the geriatric floor are wonderful and the nursing assistants are even more so.  They are never impatient with them no matter how often they call for someone.  They never make them wait and they never speak to them crossly.
People hardly if ever visit really old people in the hospital.  
They stay here for days and no one comes to see them.  Not their children or grandchildren.  
I really can't believe that every person on this floor is truly alone with no family; yet here they are..  Alone.  It's like out of sight out of mind you know?
It's incredibly sad.
Maybe their families just figure that since they are in the hospital that they are being cared for so they don't need to be concerned..  I dunno.  I've been here for 3 days so far and haven't seen anyone that isn't wearing a white coat or scrubs.

So, if you know an elderly person who is in the hospital, visit them.
Because no one else is..


Apr 12, 2018

Is it Thursday?

I didn't make my bed this morning and now I'm going to have an unproductive day.
Is that weird?

Clay is having a productive day already.  
He's just about finished putting down the floor in the basement.
I got dressed and poured a second cup of coffee so I guess that's something.

Favorite things..

Serrano Noosa!
I have to have a LOT of probiotics every day.
That means eating yogurt.
Except I don't like yogurt.
Especially yogurt with fruit.
I have to eat fruit too.
Except I really, really don't like fruit.
But this stuff is bomb!
It doesn't really taste like fruit because it has serrano peppers in it.
I've only been able to find it at one store though.
Fortunately it's a store close to my house :)

Electric coffee grinder..
This thing is so cool.
You don't have to measure out the beans every time you wanna make a pot of coffee.
Just fill the top with beans, set it to the grind you want and how many cups you are making and push start.  
I've made 3 pots of coffee so far and the bean holder is only half empty.

Cheap wine..
Guess what else has probiotics?
I love Red Moscato.
I can't drink more than a glass though.
Thanks to my infusions I am no longer a mutant and I have absolutely NO tolerance for alcohol anymore (and ya'll know what the Bible says about getting drunk).
This stuff is only $3.00 at Costco.
Now before you get all snobby at me (says the biggest snob ever) expensive wine isn't the 'in thing' anymore.
Super snobby wine connoisseurs were given several different wines to try; they were given cheap wine and told that it was fine wine and then given fine wine and told that it was cheap wine and most of them chose the cheap wine as the better tasting wine.
So don't judge!
(and go to Costco and buy some cheap wine)

Fizzy-pop mini-incense sticks.
I was on a Scentsy kick for a long time. 
Ok, well it started off with Scentsy, but then I stopped buying the overpriced Scentsy brands and started buying the cheap scented wax cubes at Walmart.
But cleaning the melting thing was a pain and it was messy.  Plus I spilled a bunch of melted wax cubes on my new floors which really ticked me off.
Then I started using those plug-in air fresheners but Gunner figured out how pull them out of the outlets.
After chasing him around the back yard several times to get them away from him, I decided to go back to incense.
At first I felt sorta weird about it.
Not weird about using incense, but weird about using this particular incense.
I used to buy this brand (they have a bazillion different kinds) at the new age stores wherever I lived (before I was a Christian) so I associated it with paganism.
I didn't associate burning incense with paganism, so it's not like I thought "burning incense is pagan so I can't do it".
But I associated this particular brand with paganism.  
It's not like I go into a new age store and help their business by purchasing it from them or purchase it off a pagan website.
I'm certainly not using it for spells or rituals either.
I use it because I like the way it smells.
So yeah.  That was dumb.

I need to go make my bed..

Apr 11, 2018


For some unexplainable reason I got up at 4:00 this morning.
I have a bunch of stuff to do today too.
Darn it.

We didn't get as much stuff done yesterday as we had planned on doing.  
We wanted to get the backyard and under the deck cleaned out.
Clay promised to start on Sky's floor today so we will have to finish the outside work when he's done.

We did manage to get the refrigerator from our old house out of the garage.  
We figured we would have to call someone to come haul it away but this guy pulled unto the driveway and asked if he could have it.  
Then he asked if we had any more appliances we wanted to get rid of..
Well, as a matter of fact we do!
We have an old dryer under the deck that we were going to have hauled away and he said he'd take it.
Then Clay told him that we would be getting a new stove soon (I've been wanting one for a while now) and the guy said he would take it whenever we were ready to get rid of it.
Clay decided that there was no time like the present so he went to NFM and got a new stove.
Oh my gosh I'm so happy!
No more uneven burners or high pitched squeaking noises when the oven is turned on, no more grease leaking from weird places or the smell of something burning every time we turn on the oven or a burner..
It's a confection oven too so no heating coil on the bottom!
How cool is that?

And if I didn't have the best husband on the planet already,
He got a refrigerator too!
His parents have one like it and he really liked theirs.
It was on sale so he figured that since he was getting the stove and he already had the trailer with him, why not?
It was a chore getting it into the house though..

Neither the stove or the refrigerator would fit through the front door so they had to be brought up the back steps.
For those that have never been to my house, it's a split level house and the back door is pretty high off the ground.
Also, the deck needs to be replaced and the steps aren't exactly sturdy..
Sky and Clay brought the stove up the stairs first.  Clay pulled the dolly from the top and Sky pushed from the bottom.
I had visions of Clay loosing his grip and squishing Sky with the stove but they don't ever seem to think the stuff they do is as dangerous as I think it is.
I was seriously concerned about the refrigerator.  I wasn't completely convinced that the stairs would hold the weight and I was pretty sure that even though Sky is kind of really strong for a girl, that she wouldn't be able to hold up a giant refrigerator if something happened.
Fortunately our neighbor pulled into his driveway just as they were getting it off the trailer and Sky convinced him to help.

They got it up the stairs but then realized that it wouldn't fit through the back door either.
So Clay and Sky took the doors off.
Once they got it inside they discovered that it wouldn't fit where it was supposed to go.
I panicked a little.
But Clay said that he just needed to take off the baseboard and it wood fit.
But then he discovered that whoever put the linoleum down in the kitchen, actually glued it TO the baseboards..
Who does that??

Anyway, everything fits and everything is clean and shiny!

The high is supposed to be 73 today so Mr. Muddy Pants Keisel is getting a bath.
It's supposed to be 72 Thursday and Friday and then snow on Saturday.
Seriously, Nebraska is just weird.

I have a bunch of housework to do.  
Isn't weird how your house gets so dirty during Spring cleaning?
All you're doing is cleaning and throwing stuff away but somehow everything looks dirtier in the process.

Happy Wednesday!

Apr 10, 2018


 Gunner finally decided that Keisel shouldn't have all the fun with the Jolly Ball so we got him one too.
They don't share very well.
This is the best toy ever.
Gunner can bite into it but not chew it up and it's puncture proof, so no matter how many times he bites into it, he can't deflate it.
I suppose he could tear off the handle if he just layed there and chewed on it for a while, but he'd rather chase it and growl at it.

So now we have to kick 2 Jolly Balls around every morning.
It's kinda funny how both dogs know which ball is theirs.
They won't let the other one touch their ball either.
There isn't any difference except the color and I thought dogs were color blind anyway?

 The spring cleaning is going well.
We finished the garage and Clay's junk room. 
Ok it's not really his junk, at least not all of it.
It's the room where you put something when you have something and you don't know where to put it.
And then I get annoyed because the room is full of stuff.
So we just started chucking stuff out the window into the dumpster..
I'm sure it looked incredibly trashy (no pun intended) to our neighbors and people driving by but whatever.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if our neighbors think we are hoarders or that the inside of our house is just disgusting because we rent a dumpster every year.
We aren't hoarders and our house isn't disgusting, I promise.
Well, there are dog toys all over the floor every day, but what can ya do right?

I FINALLY got the hall closet organized.  
It was horrible..
Took me an hour and a trip to Walmart (I hate Walmart) but I did it. 
Everything is labeled too!
I'm sorta geeking out about that.
(nerd alert)
We don't usually have 2 shelves of T.P. but Sky got sick of going to the store so she bought a BIG package.

We got a new bookcase.
It's not really off-centered, it just look weird because of where I was standing.
Clay got it all put together and then we learned that it was too tall to fit under the television.
By this time it was 10:00 at night, but you know you can't just go to bed when your living room is all out of order so we had to stay up late to move the television and put everything back on the shelf.

One more day and we should be finished with spring cleaning.

Apr 9, 2018


It's that time again..
Spring cleaning!
Whoo hoo!!
We got a dumpster on Saturday and cleaned out the garage.
We also pulled up the carpet in the basement and Clay is going to put down flooring.
Today we are going to clean the yard, closets and the attic.
I'm so excited!
I loooove spring cleaning!

Something our pastor said yesterday:
“Let’s get off of our postmodern high-horses and stop judging proper, sound, right judging.” 
We are going through 1 John at church.  We're on 4:1-6
I can't tell you how thankful I am to be part of a sound biblical church.
One I learn at.
Every time.
(that's super important)
Look 👆 I figured out how to add emojis!

Clay and I were running errands on Friday and we ran into 3 people from our ex-church.
One guy at the grocery store and 2 women at Costco.
All of them approached us; we don't try to approach them anymore because they usually run away (not even kidding) or pretend they don't see us.
Weird thing happened on Friday though.
When the guy at the grocery store approached us, we were happy to see him.
We talked about our kids, smiled, all that.
But then at Costco it was totally different.
The two women were shopping together and the were walking toward us.  
Both of these women were people we knew pretty well..  The last year that I worked at Lifeagate I spent a lot of time around one of them in the office and both Clay and I were friends with the other woman and her husband.  I really liked her.
We knew that one of them (the one from the office) definitely saw us because she made eye contact and then decided that she had to turn around and study the hummus on the shelf.
 But the other woman approached us and said something like "hi guys! it's good to see you, can I hug you?"
I said no.  She seemed taken aback and looked at Clay.
He said no.
And now the weird thing..
I was angry.
Like, really angry.  
I had to turn away from her because I was so angry.
By this time the other woman had approached and I was even more angry.  
I was able to control myself enough to respond when she said "hi, how are you" but I was furious.
So there I am standing in the meat department of Costco trying to calm down and figure out why I was so mad at these two women when I usually hope to run into people from that church so I can maybe get the chance to tell them the truth.
It wasn't until later after I'd had a while to think about it that the answer came to me.
Dang it.
But then one of them (the one I used to be friends with) sent me a text and I was able to tell her what my attitude was all about.
I know she didn't like my answer, but at least I was able to explain.
Anyway, it was weird and unexpected.
Not seeing them at Costco, we sort of expect to run into people at Costco.  
But how mad I got was a surprise to me.
It's weird how you can be surprised by your own feelings isn't it?
Other people's sure, but you'd think you'd know yourself huh?

I got a new book.
I haven't started it yet but it's next on the list.
It should actually be 22nd on the list because I bought other books before it..

This is not a lukewarm church..

This is..

Apr 5, 2018


Clay is home.
His flight was delayed so he got home 5 hours later than expected but since he was already 3 days late, a few more hours didn't really matter :)

Saw this today..  
"Don't touch God's anointed! Stop judging! You're causing disunity! 
You catch more flies with honey!" 
Blah blah blah..
Read your Bible..

 Gunner can't go outside so he's pouting.
He wouldn't stop barking at the neighbors so I closed the doggie door.
He's howling too because I'm mean.

 I wrote actual notes in my new Bible.
Still kinda nervous about it.
I want to get my name engraved on the inside cover but I'm afraid that they might mess it up or scratch the gilding or something and it's not like I can replace it because it's a first edition and they won't be printing anymore..
So I guess I probably won't be getting it engraved.

The video is less than two minutes..
I was told something like this the day I was saved repeated a prayer and thought I was saved.
I was told "don't speak the message, be the message."
That's a lie by the way.

You need to SAY SOMETHING.
Out loud.
To actual people.
Because Jesus said so.

Apr 1, 2018


If you read Beth Moore books or participate in her Bible studies, you really aren't paying attention to the things she says..
If you are paying attention and you still agree with what she says, then you aren't really paying attention to the Bible..

It's a thing.