Consider the Lilies..   

Jun 23, 2018

I got a Kindle..

I know, a kindle is no big deal anymore.
Lots of people have the kindle app on their phones.
I never wanted a kindle anyway.
I LOVE books.  A lot.  
I love the mechanics of a book.  Turning the pages, underlining, highlighting. 
I even dog-ear my books.
My books are very worn and very loved.
I don't just read a book and put it back on the shelf.
I read them, study them and read them again.

Not really fiction though.
I do read fiction occasionally, but I don't study fiction.  That would be weird.
Plus, when I do read fiction I don't actually read fiction, I just get it on Audible and listen to it while I clean.
By the way, I listened to The Bird Box.  It was so good!  
I didn't want to stop listing until it was over.
I heard that Netflix was making a movie of it with Sandra Bullock too.
Anyway, if you're looking for a good audio book, give it a listen.

I always figured that I wouldn't like a kindle.
I don't like the kindle app on my phone so surely I wouldn't like an actual kindle.
But last week I was looking at some books on Amazon.  
To be more specific, I was looking at collective works on Amazon.
Like the collective works of Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Watson, etc.
Well, the published works of just these three authors total over 300 writings.
And those are just three of the authors who's collective works I want to read.  
The amount of money it would cost to get everything I want to read would be insane.
I stopped doing the math when I totaled $700.
And what about J.C. Ryle?  He wrote tons of stuff including Expository Thoughts on the Gospels which I really really wanted.
He's quickly becoming my favorite reformed author and there is just no way I would afford all of his stuff.. 
But then I noticed that I could get the entire published works of Thomas Watson for $3.99.
OMG!  $3.99!!
Jonathan Edwards? $1.99
Spurgeon? $4.99
Plus, my bookshelf is full and I don't have anywhere to keep any new books. 

Ok, so a kindle is sounding pretty good right?
But like I said, I don't like the Kindle app on my phone so why the heck would I pay for one?
The print on the Kindle app is small, the pages look condensed, the books that I want are usually pretty long books and they take up space, I have to close the app when I get a text or need to look something up, blah blah blah.

I started reading reviews and watching YouTube videos about the Kindle Paperwhite.
It didn't look too bad.
So Clay went to BestBuy and got me one.
Dude.  This thing is pretty flipping cool!

What's so great about a Kindle?
A few things..

You can look up words in the dictionary without having to google it or open your dictionary app.
You just touch the word you want to look up and poof, you have the definition.

 You can put your books into categories.
Ok, well I only have one category of books because that's pretty much all I read.
But I still wanted categories so I made a misc file for the stuff the comes on the kindle (owners manual and stuff) and a dictionaries file.
I didn't buy all those dictionaries, they came with the kindle.

I can have several books going at once and they all keep my place.
I don't read one book from beginning to end before starting another one.  I think I am reading 5 at the moment plus I'm listening to Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle again and today I'm gonna start listening to The Excellent Wife again.  
This keeps all my books in order.
Also?  The books on the Kindle are in the same order as the printed books.
For example: I'm reading Pleasing God by Sproul right now.  I have a copy of it on my desk.  But if I go somewhere and don't take the book with me, I can pick up where I left off on the kindle because the page numbers in the book are the same as the pages on the Kindle.
Plus, carrying 3 different books with me is sort of a pain and I hate going anywhere without books!

This is pretty cool too.
Whenever I highlight something the kindle saves it so I can go back and read everything I highlighted when I finish the book.
And I can add my own notes too :)
Yeah, I do that.
And not only that, but I can see the most popular highlights from others who have read the book too.

Other cool stuff..
It's lighter than my phone, the battery lasts over a week before it needs to be charged, and it fits perfectly in the pocket of my purse.

Ok so..
I still love my books, there really is no substitute for my giant 1828 Webster's Dictionary and there is nothing more awesome than having a desk covered with books when you're studying.
That said though, I'm sorta kicking myself for not getting a Kindle before now.

Jun 14, 2018

Yard work..

The cream went bad and now I can't have any coffee this morning.
I don't feel like this is gonna be a good day.

Clay went to Scooters, so today is better now :)

We've been working in the yard, which I seriously don't enjoy.
But the yard is ugly so we are doing it anyway..
The dogs have worn a path around the fence line because there is a dog next door and they all feel like they need to run back and forth and bark at each other.
Plus there is an apartment building on the other side of our back fence and people walk their dogs so my dogs think they have to run back and forth and bark at them too.
So we decided to plant a hedge in front of the fence.
Well, a hedge is actually plan B.
I wanted to plant a bunch of lilacs but then I found out how much lilacs cost.
So we got one lilac bush and decided to build a hedge.
We got a bunch of boxwoods and junipers and stuff.
The last time Clay was home he had planted rose bushes in a few holes that the dogs had dug.
They were the ones you get at home depot that are wrapped in plastic.
It's always a hit and miss with them and these were a miss.  
They didn't take root and just turned black.
So we went to Mullhall's and bought different stuff.
Two hydrangeas and two Wintercreeper bushes.
We planted (ok, Clay planted) them yesterday and already the yard looks better.

Then we went back this morning and got 2 more hydrangeas and 4 more shrubs.
And a pot of sunflowers to put on the porch next to my "go away' sign.
Now it's a cheerful "go away".
There are a couple of flowerbeds to the right of the porch. If I enjoyed gardening at all I would plant new flowers there every spring.  But since I don't, we bought some periwinkle that is supposed to spread and come up every year.
That's about the extent of the actually flower planting I wanna do.

There is a spot in the backyard that I absolutely hate.  
It would make a pretty flower bed but flower beds have to be weeded and I hate weeding.
To tell you the truth, I hate everything that has to do with gardening.
I want everything to look pretty but I don't want to do the work that goes along with it.
I want to plant something once and then forget about it.
Plus there is a huge tree that covers the area so there isn't much sun to grow flowers anyway.
So Clay planted 4 star junipers there instead.

By the time Clay is finished digging holes, we will have planted 28 shrubs and bushes.
I say 'we' because I'm putting the stuff in the holes as he digs them.
Except the hydrangeas because they were too heavy for me to get them out of the containers..

He's definitely doing all the hard work..

May 25, 2018

J.C. Ryle

Take advice this day. 
Search your own heart, and see whether the fault is not entirely your own. 
Very likely you are sitting at ease, content with a little faith, and a little repentance, a little grace and a little sanctification, and unconsciously shrinking back from extremes. 
You will never be a vary happy Christian at this rate, if you live to the age of Methuselah. 
Change your plan, if you love life and would see good days, without delay. 
Come out boldly, and act decidedly. 
Be thorough, thorough, very through in your Christianity, and set your face fully towards the sun. Lay aside every weight, and the sin that does so easily overtakes you. 
Strive to get nearer to Christ, to abide in Him, to cleave to Him, and to sit at His feet like Mary, and drink full portions out of the fountain of life.
 - J.C. Ryle

May 19, 2018

Thought bubbles..

If I wasn’t worried about judgment from the people who pick up my recycling, I would use paper plates and plastic forks every day. 

I ordered two different pairs of flip-flops on Amazon. The right shoe of one pair is way too tight and the left shoe of the other pair is way too tight. Unfortunately they are two different colors. 

There are two baskets of unfolded laundry in my living room. They have been sitting there for two days. 

It’s too bad you can’t return rosebushes to the store after you have planted them. 
One of my rose bushes is a dud. 
I'm going to buy a bunch of peonies when Clay gets home.
We have one in the back yard,
 it has lived through the weed-whacker, Gunner, tornadoes and hail so I probably won't kill them if I try to grow more..
I can only grow 3 things apparently; roses, a cactus and orchids.
OK to be honest, I can't actually grow orchids since I have had 2 of them for 3 years and they haven't grown any new flowers, but I haven't killed them, so there's that..

Matt Leblanc might have played a good idiot on Friends but he plays a lousy tough guy (Lost in Space). 

Sky gave me this adorable little speaker for Mother’s Day. I can wear it on my wrist when I listen to my audiobooks. I was surprised by how well it works. 

By the way, Practical Religion by J. C. Ryle is really good on audio. The narrator reads it perfectly. If I have never sent you an audiobook on audible I can give it to you for free. 

I walked to the post office yesterday with the dogs and forgot to bring the packages I needed to mail with me. 

I think I am going to go to Cosco and get paper plates anyway. 

I finally finished Sky's blanket.

I started a baby blanket yesterday.
It's a mini c2c.  I have a bunch of yarn left over from the blankets I made so I figured I would make baby blankets. Except I ran out of this yarn ^^ so now I only have half a baby blanket. 

Isn't he the prettiest dog ever?

This is what my floor looks like 30 seconds after I pick up the dog toys.

Pumpkin found a new place to hang out.
It's where I usually keep my yarn.
So now my yarn basket is covered in cat hair..
I'm sorta worried that the shelf above him is gonna break and he'll get squished..
I think I'm gonna ask Clay to do something to secure the shelf a little better when he gets home.
Which won't be until probably the 1st of June.
He was supposed to be home this Friday but he has to stay an extra week.

I have no idea why the font is so big for only half of this post.  I've tried to change it 3 times already.
Oh well..
Happy Saturday!

May 18, 2018

I may need a support group..

Ok, so I'm not that bad..
But I do own 5 diffusers...

Sky has one now too..

May 11, 2018

Are you kidding me??

Why, why, WHY is anyone OK learning from this woman??

May 8, 2018

Bloggin' about nuthin'..

I just saw on Facebook that John Piper will be speaking at G3 2019.
John Piper and David Platt.
Not super excited about that.
But on the bright side so is Conrad Mbewe, Steve Lawson Phil Johnson and Paul Washer.  Not to mention David Miller!
But if the next guy to sign on is Matt Chandler I'm gonna be pretty disappointed.
I have issues with Piper's ideas on justification and I'm not thrilled at all about Platt's latest tour on the SJW wagon.
But you know? Now that I think about it, I have a problem with not being tolerant of other ideas or methods, especially when it comes to the Bible or church and I really need to lighten up about it.
I mean sure the number of heretical churches in Omaha (LifeGate, StoneBridge, LifeChurch, CityLight, Eagles Nest, Love Church, etc) far outweigh the biblical ones but I even have issues with some of the churches that teach correct doctrine (Redeemer, West Omaha Baptist) which is completely unfair of me.
Plus G3 2019 is going to be about missions and Platt does know an awful lot about that.
So.  That's something else I need to work on.
Well, so much for blogging about nothing..  ;)

OK, moving on.

Speaking of wagons..
There are lots of wagons I have sworn that I would never jump on.
The yoga wagon.
 The I have decided to have a gluten allergy wagon.
 The my kid won't listen to me so he's autistic wagon. 
The I get the occasional headache so now I suffer from debilitating migraines wagon. 
And the I'm gonna be a hippie and use essential oils wagon.
I'm all about essential oils now.
I blogged a while ago about the oil diffuser that Lestie (who is now responsible for 2 obsessions of mine) sent me and how awesome it was.
I thought it was awesome because it made my house smell good.  I liked it so much that I bought 2 more.
But guess what?  It does more than just make your house not smell like dogs.  
It helps!
Like physically.  
We breathe better, sleep better, even Sky's allergy symptoms are better (she's pretty much allergic to anything airborne) and essential oils even help with inflammation.
Sky ordered one that says it lasts for 10 hours.  If it really does, it's going on my wish list :)

I'm starting a new book today.
I'm pretty sure today is going to be an ignore the laundry and just read day.

Happy Tuesday..