Consider the Lilies..   

Dec 11, 2018


So, the new bible I was all excited about?
I thought I would love it because it was a leather cover instead of a hard cover but I realized that it's much easier to take notes in a hardcover bible if you are holding it on your lap at church.
So I sent it to a friend in Texas and decided to appreciate the one I have.

Check it out..  I won a book yesterday!

Oh, I also discovered that my phone does this really cool thing now..
I can put a time limit on my apps.
I was way more productive yesterday..

I've been trying to find a television series on Hulu that isn't full of sex and profanity.  
For reals, do you know how hard it is to find stuff on television that doesn't have tons of casual sex (or downright porn) lots of swearing, or people making fun of God?
I'm watching The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World now..
Seriously, that's pretty much all I found.
I guess I can watch Star Trek again..
Can't ever watch too much Star Trek right?

I've been feeling quite a bit of conviction lately about a behavior of mine that has definitely become a habit.  
I don't even think about it anymore.
Or rather not until recently.
Something I'm curious about though..  
It's something I know other people (especially Christians) have noticed about me but no one has actually said anything to me.  
Yeah I get it, it's hard to call someone out on their sin but really, if you love a person and you see that person behaving in a way that you know isn't ok; step up and say something!
Please.  It's for our own good.
I know, that person might get mad at you.  So what?  If what you are saying is true the person will either realize it (sooner or later) and thank you for it or they won't.  If they don't, then they don't.  But at least YOU know that you did your part and you did it because you love them.
So I'm giving you permission..
If you see something, say something.
It's weird though, now that I'm aware of it I'm sort of surprised by how often I do it.  
It's only 9:30 in the morning and I've already caught myself wanting to do it at least a half dozen times..
Isn't it funny how once you know you shouldn't do something, you immediately look for other ways to do it? 

Speaking of doing stuff.  
I should go put away laundry.

Happy Tuesday!

Dec 10, 2018

Random stuff.. Is it never NOT random though?

Sky's puppy is just the cutest little thing.

But I will be happy when she has done everything she needs to do so he can go to doggy-day-care two days a week.
Having him here with the other two has confirmed for me that I absolutely do NOT want another dog.

Clay is officially a "flight risk" whenever he flies in the US.
Now he gets to go through super security and be searched for bombs and tested for explosive residue every time he gets on the plane in the states.
Funny thing is though, they don't do all those searches when he first lands in the states.
They let him walk all the way through customs and to his next gate before checking him.
That seems kinda backwards to me.

I absolutely love to give away books.
It might be on my list of favorite things to do.
If I had a list.
The hard part is finding people who actually want to read them.

So have I mentioned yet that I'm super excited about G3 2019?
They released the schedule for the pre-conference.  It's going to be SO interesting!
Last year the pre-conference was just a debate.  I don't mean to say "just" in the sense that it was no big deal, it was and I'm still kind of bummed that I missed it.
But this year it's going to be way bigger.

You've probably seen all my FB posts, but I'm so crazy excited about it that I'm going to say it again.
Philip Webb is performing!!
He's my favorite (living) opera singer.
Apparently he performed last year but I missed it because my plane was late.
But not this year!
Nope, we are going a full day in advance.
Philip Webb!!

Oh! And something else super cool about G3 this year...
Wretched is having a meet and greet for the people going to G3 who donate to Wretched.
We started donating shortly after I saw a Wretched clip on YouTube which as y'all know lead me to 10 Indictments Against the Modern Church which as y'all know (again) lead me to the truth which saved me for reals.
Oh, David Platt will be there.  I do have a couple of issues with him (nothing serious) but I owe that guy a lot too.  Heck, he's the one that got me started on my whole "maybe I'm being lied to" thing to begin with.
Plus I've learned a lot about how to read the Bible the right way from him.
So anyway, this G3 is gonna be bomb diggity..
We get to listen to the best bible teachers alive today, we are we get to hang out with Todd Friel and Wretched, I get to spend a week with Julie (yay!), Clay gets to finally meet Julie, and I will get to see some of my other fellow reformed theology nerd friends too.

I know.  You are all probably getting sick of me talking about G3.  Well it won't be much longer.  Just 35 days until we leave, then there will be all the FB posts while I'm there and then the blog post telling you all about it when I get home, then the occasional posts throughout the year about how excited I am about the next one..

Happy Monday :)

Nov 27, 2018

It's Tuesday..

Guess what I got!
A new bible!
Are you shocked?

It's nothing fancy like my Peacher's Bible, which is the Mac-daddy of bibles.
Get it?  Mac-daddy?
(If you don't get it we probably can't be friends anymore)

It's an interleaved bible like my church bible.
In fact, it's going to be my new church bible.
I really love my church bible but it's a hard cover and that makes it sort of akward when I'm taking notes at church.
(that is a picture of a hardcover but the soft cover looks the same inside)
Hardcover bibles have pointy corners and when you are holding a book on your lap and trying to take notes in it, it can sorta be uncomfortable.

The only downside to the new bible is that I won't be using my current church bible and the downside to not using my current church bible is all the notes that are in it.
Almost 4 years of sermon notes is a LOT of notes.
Unless you are the type of person who doesn't take notes and if that's the case, what is wrong with you?
But there is a seriously cool upside to the downside...
I get to go back through ALL my notes and copy them into my new church bible!
I haven't decided yet if I want to just copy the notes into my new Bible or if I want to go back and listen to all the sermons again and add new notes, or if I should just start fresh.
*I can tell you right now that I'm probably not gonna take the 'just start fresh' option*

I've finished the Hebrews study and since every sermon at my church is practically a bible study, listening to them all again would like a whole new bible study right?
Sure it will take forever, but you never really stop learning scripture do you?  
And who would want to anyway?

Happy Tuesday!

Nov 26, 2018

So this happened..

This is Loki.
Sky bought him last Saturday.
He's a Sheba Inu.
He's super cute.
But the last thing I wanted around the house is another puppy.
We already have 2, Keisel and Gunner.
Keisel is supposed to be Sky's dog.
Except he's attached himself to Clay, so he didn't seem to care that Sky brought home a puppy.
I didn't want another puppy because the dogs that we have are Aussies and Aussies require constant attention.
I know all dogs need attention, but Aussies need more attention than your average dog.  In fact, they need more attention that a dog that requires more attention than your average dog.
They HAVE to be with you.  They want you to talk to them, play with them, look at them, hold them, sit with them, walk with them, AT ALL TIMES.  And when it's time to sleep, they want to be right there with you.
They are the smartest dogs ever, but definitely not the most independent..
So needless to say, I have my hands full with these two.  
I really didn't want to have to keep an eye on a puppy as well.
Especially a puppy that Gunner does NOT like.
Loki isn't a bad puppy as far as puppies go.  He's pretty independent and doesn't need constant attention, he's used to a kennel and is mostly housebroken (mostly).
He's only had one accident in the house.
The biggest problem is that he really really wants to play with Gunner and Gunner really really wants to eat him.
I told Sky that she has to take Loki to doggy daycare two days a week and when he's home with me he goes in his kennel for an hour and then can come out to play for an hour, and so on..
So far it's working. 
Of course it's only been 2 hours so..

Nov 22, 2018

Catching up..

I know I posted this on FB but I'm gonna blog about it today.
Because I can.
Also, because the Roomba is going and it makes too much noise for me to do my bible studies (they both are videos) so I'm killing time until it's finished.
One of the studies isn't actually a Bible study, it's just the sermon from church that I want to listen to.
I wasn't able to go to church last Sunday because Clay's flight home was a day late (more about that later) and he needed to be picked up at the airport.
Anyway, church sort of is like a Bible study.  At least my church is.  We are on 1 Peter.  It's sort of like a Bible study that you only work on once a week.  
Let me tell ya, if you want to LEARN scripture, OBC is the place to do it.  
I learn more about the Bible on Sundays than I ever have anywhere else.
I can honestly say that I learn something new every single Sunday.
(for reals!)
I'm still working on the Hebrews Study from RTS (Reformed Theological Seminary) which I only get to once a week too, but I'm also in the process of copying the book of John and trying to get started on my study of Psalm 119- for the last time.
I got a book by J.V. Fesko about Ecclesiastes and I have been wanting to start a study on that too, so who knows when I'll actually finish any of them.
But since that's not really my goal, I'm OK with it.
You'd think someone like me would have a super structured study system wouldn't you?
I would totally think that if I were you.
I used to.  I used to be almost OCD about it.
I'm not sure what happened to change that?
Now I study what I want to study, how I want to study it and when.
I'm a lot more comfortable with it.
Maybe it's because I'm not in school anymore and don't have any deadlines or someone grading my work or anyone telling me what to study and when?
Anyway- I like my laid back, do what I want when I want for as long as I want non-routine routine now.

OK, I seriously went off topic didn't I?  Didn't really mean to ramble like that but since I just typed all of it, it's there to stay..

My real reason for blogging today is my toilet.
Yeah seriously.  My toilet.
It really shouldn't be a surprise to you that I'm blogging about a toilet though, I mean I blogged about a hair dryer didn't I?
So here it is..

As you all know, Clay works out of the country.
He's been everywhere.  Ok, not everywhere.  He's never been to Antarctica..
Did you know that the USA is one of a small handful countries where the toilets don't have sprayers attached? Or bidets?
Even third world countries have them.
I know, using a sprayer after using the toilet seems weird to us here in the states but to everyone outside of the states it's weird not to.
Anyway, Clay kept saying that we needed one in our bathroom and I kept saying no way because that's weird.
But when he remodeled our bathroom he attached one to the new toilet.
I wasn't going to use it until he said something that made a lot of sense.
"If you had poop anywhere else on your body you wouldn't just wipe it off with paper would you?  No, you'd wash it off."
Well, he made a good argument.
So I tried it, realized that it did make a difference and so it became a permanent fixture in the bathroom.

The other day we were at Costco and I saw this box with a picture of a toilet seat on it.  I was curious as to why a toilet seat would be in such a big box and why it cost as much as it did.
So I looked a little closer and realized that it wasn't just a toilet seat..
It was magic toilet seat!
(that's what I call it)

Let me tell you..
This thing is so great!!
It doesn't just spray, it dries too.  
And deodorizes.
For reals!

It comes with a remote so you can adjust the direction of the spray, the temperature of the water and the air, the water pressure and it has a setting for girls too.
The seat is heated AND it lights up at night!
It did take a little bit of work to install it because the cord is on the wrong side of the toilet.
Well, not really wrong side but wrong side for our bathroom.
But fortunately Clay does electrical work so he just put in a new outlet and poof!  Magic toilet!

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving too!

Oct 29, 2018

The Biblical Cure for Anxiety

Oct 22, 2018

Favorite things.

I have new favorite stuff!

So I did something I NEVER do.
I bought something from a school fundraiser.
I know, crazy right?
I don't ever buy school fundraiser stuff and to tell you the truth, I hate it when people ask me to.
Like for reals..  Absolutely hate it.  
Wanna make me really mad?  Ask me to buy something from your kid.
And let me tell you, if you knew which school I supported by buying this, you'd be shocked.
Not even joking.
But the sales pitch that this kid's dad used was just too funny.
So I bought something.
Oh. My. Gosh!
This stuff is so good!
I have no idea how these cookies taste after they are baked because none of the cookies I have eaten have made it to the oven, and I doubt any of them will.  
But dang!  Best cookie dough ever.

Dry shampoo.
Ok so, confession..
I don't wash my hair every day.
Or every other day.
I wash my hair maybe every 4th day.
I could write a whole blog post about why, but I won't today.
(no I don't wait 4 days to shower. ew.)
So I use dry shampoo. 
I've tried all kinds.  Cheap stuff, expensive stuff, you name it.  
But so far this is my favorite.
It doesn't leave residue, works quickly, no fuss and lasts all day.

Because I don't wash my hair every day, a hair dryer is essential.
I know that sounds weird.
This is the best hair dryer I've ever used.
I don't need to use a brush, it doesn't take as much time to dry my hair as it would with a regular hair dryer and I hardly have to use the hair straightener.
Not that I absolutely have to use the straightener, my hair is pretty straight already, but it's so humid in Omaha that even straight hair gets wavy.

Speaking of hair.
It's a fact of life that after a certain age, hair starts growing in places you don't want it to.
This little thing works.
Easy peazy..

Shine free moisturizer.
This stuff is pretty cool.
I don't need to use a primer, my make up goes over it evenly (I use Bare Minerals) and it lasts all day.

My sister gave me a tea cup and a bag of tea for my birthday.
I love loose tea, but I hardly ever have any because I hate the tea ball.
They are flimsy, they break easily, the chain and the hinges rust and it's a pain to clean.
But this cup comes with a strainer that sits inside the cup.
You just pour the water over it, put the little lid on top and there you go.
It doesn't rust, no stupid chain, and it's easy to clean. 

Mrs Meyer's cleaning products.
I'm sorta kicking myself for not trying this stuff sooner.
I thought it was over priced and just another 'tree-hugger, hipster, I only use organic' kind of thing.
Yeah, I said it.
But wowee!  This stuff is bomb!
Totally worth the price!
In fact, I'd pay more for it.
You don't use as much as you would other products - I was skeptical about the small amount of laundry detergent the bottle said to use, but it worked!
The smell is fantastic!
I bought one bottle of dish soap to start with and I loved it so much that I ordered almost everything: multi-surface cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, dryer sheets, hand soap, laundry detergent..
I find myself cleaning even more than usual because I love it so much.
I even signed up on Grove Collaborative so stuff is sent to me automatically.

Finally, the Scrub Daddy.
I've seen these things hanging in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store several times but ignored them because I had no idea how great they are.
I rarely use the dishwasher because I would rather wash dishes by hand.
Unloading the dishwasher is probably my least favorite chore and now that I have great smelling dish soap I like washing dishes even more :)
The only downside to washing dishes is the sponge.  Sponges are, well at the risk of sounding redundant, sponges for bacteria.
Sure you can wring them out really well and you can put them in the dishwasher to 'sanitize' them (not sure that actually does that though) but still, I don't like sponges.
I could use a dishrag, but then I have a wet dishrag when I'm done and there is the same issue.
It either has to sit there at my sink gathering bacteria while it dries or I can toss it into the hamper where it can grow mildew until it's washed.
But now I have this thing.  
You can use it to clean (and scrub) anything.  Seriously.
Dishes, stove tops, ovens, non-stick pans.
If you need a really firm scrubber just run it under cold water.  If you need a soft sponge to wash dishes, put it in hot water.
It's the perfect size to clean the bottom of glasses, it has ridges on the edge to clean crevices, the mouth is perfect for cleaning flatware, and the little eye-holes help you hold on to it.
It doesn't sit around gathering bacteria because of all the air holes, it doesn't start to smell, and it's biodegradable so it wears away to practically nothing after around 3 months of use so there isn't much to throw away.
So the next time you see this little guy hanging around in the cleaning section, grab one.
Or five..

Happy Monday!