Consider the Lilies..   

Oct 12, 2016

Catching up...

I haven't felt like blogging lately. 
OK longer than lately. 
Weeks maybe?
 I can't even say that there hasn't been anything going on, because stuff has happened. 

Our big, lovable, most sweetest dog in the world, had to be put down.  
He was born with a birth defect and his back legs did not bend properly. As he aged, they started to bother him.  At first it was just the back stairs leading down into the yard that were too hard for him so we would walk him out the front door and around to the back. But then even the front steps became too hard for him. He began to struggle just to get up from a sitting or laying down position, he couldn't keep traction on tile floors, and could no longer stand for more than a few seconds  before his legs would get tired and he would have to sit again. 
 It was a hard decision for us to make, because even though he couldn't get around very well, he was still so darn happy and lovable. 
 So Clay talked to the vet and asked her what we should do. She said that it would be better to put him down while he was still happy rather than to wait for him to be miserable.  So he made an appointment for a Friday. 
 Sky insisted on going with Clay.  He had been her dog since the fourth grade. She was so sad. 
She had cried all the night before, did her best to stay cheerful for him the next day, and then cried for the rest of the weekend.   
  Sky said that the vet had told her that it was very easy to see that Copper was a very happy dog and that she had given him a very good life. 
 That helped a little bit. 


  She is officially moved out and living on her own like a grown up. 
 She moved a whole mile away from us.  
 She moved in with her boyfriend Ryan.  I can't say that I love the idea of her living with someone she isn't married to, but she IS an adult. 
So it is what it is. 
 And she bought a new car. 
 A 2012 Chevy Camaro  
 All by herself..  She knew exactly the car she wanted and what she wanted her monthly payment to be.  She just wanted her dad to go with her so they would take her seriously, and it worked out just the way she wanted it to.
  On one hand: I am incredibly proud of her.  She's responsible, independent, motivated, ambitious, brilliant, a hard worker, beautiful, confident, and fearless. 
 On the other hand: my baby my only child has grown up and moved out of our house. 
 When I went down to the basement and stood in the middle of her empty bedroom, I sort of felt like I had been punched in the chest.
But this is life right?

So now, we are "empty-nesters". 
 The first thing we did was rearrange practically every room in the house. 
 We cleaned out the junk room and turned it into an office. 
My desk and my books were taking over the living room anyway. 
We set up the treadmill and Clay's loading bench in the basement and set up a storage space for our street ministry.
We have teamed up with another couple to go out and bring food, blankets, etc, and the gospel to the homeless.  
When we can find them that is. 
Panhandlers are easy to find in Omaha but the real homeless aren't..  You have to look for them, in parts of town you'd rather not go to.
Plus, they are very distrustful of people who just walk up to them and offer to help.
So it's a process.

Sky left her futon when she moved out so we turned it into a bed in the basement too.
Buster thinks it's his.

I had a birthday.
 I am 43.
 I don't feel any different than I did when I was 42. 
 I'm not sure if I was even expecting to feel different. But there you have it. 
 Sky gave me a new journal for my birthday. 
(FYI, Pittsburgh is #1 in the AFC right now) 
 Clay gave me this ceramic teapot and this adorable tea box..
 I stuffed it full of Downton Abbey tea. 
Which  by the way, is the best tea I have ever had. 
 For real, if you've never had it you really need to try it!

I started another C2C blanket.  Yeah, still hooked on this pattern.
Hooked, get it?  Because it's crochet and you use a hook..?
I'm making it for our niece Kylee.
Her bedroom is turquoise and gray.  So far I'm loving it :)

Oh this poor dog..  
He started acting strange a few hours after we said goodbye to Copper.
First he started itching, then it got worse, and worse.  By 10:00 that night he was scratching, biting, and chewing on himself non-stop.
Then the whining started. 
It was sort of faint and random but soon grew constant, and then louder.  
He followed me everywhere.  
Seriously.  It was constant..
All night, all the next day, and all that night..
I can't tell you how much I love this dog, but I was ready to throw him out the window.
Oh, and he wouldn't go near Clay.  Any time Clay went near him, he would run and hide behind me.
So back to the vet.
The diagnosis?  Anxiety.  
First Sky took all of her stuff and moved out, then Copper didn't come back, then we moved all of the furniture in the house around..  The poor little guy couldn't take it anymore.
So he's now on anti-anxiety meds.
He still doesn't let me out of his sight and follows me everywhere, but he's calmed down considerably..

 He's been moving furniture and hunting.
And being perfect.
Because that's what Clay does. :)

Oct 9, 2016

By James White..

Brief Thoughts
1. Trump is a coddled, rich, pampered, arrogant, self-absorbed, egotistical shallow-thinking unregenerate man; his many divorces should have told anyone with the slightest bit of common sense that he has no respect for honesty, integrity, covenant keeping, or women as a whole; his proudly boasting of seducing married women should have told the same people that he is utterly untrustworthy, period. The video/audio is nothing new, it just makes any person with a conscience wince to hear the arrogance and immaturity of a man of DJT’s age. But there is no reason to be shocked or surprised. I bet there are dozens of folks out there with similar recordings or at least experiences with him. Hundreds. 
2. There were candidates who, while likewise unregenerate, were morally and ethically light years beyond DJT. They were ignored. And at least one candidate that made, and makes, a quite credible profession of faith in Christ, likewise without the mountain-sized pile of moral and ethical garbage. Not chosen by an electorate who quite clearly cares about issues other than character.
3. Neither candidate is qualified by character to hold ANY public office, period. That the nation is faced with these two candidates is, as most of us have realized by now, judgment, plain and simple. Both will fundamentally alter, forever, a system that is already broken, in my opinion, beyond repair—and that due to the fact that it was designed to govern a people who held in common a set of values based upon mankind being the creature of God, sinful and fallen, and hence based upon inalienable God-given rights, as well as the need to decentralize power due to man’s evil. Since that worldview has been overthrown, the system which worked so well to govern is now powerless, and into that vacuum a system of totalitarian socialism is moving and, as is the want of vacuums, quickly.
4. The moral authority of the so-called “evangelical church” in the United States is a joke. Between the soul-rotting decay of the Word-faith movement and the money-grubbing televangelists, and the sell-out “conservative” leaders who jumped on the Trump wagon early on, the world is snorting in its coffee when anyone speaks to the issue of “moral corruption” by those in political office. The very ones who once berated Bill Clinton for turning the White House into a brothel (on a level that few today even realize—the debauchery was incredible) eviscerated their credibility by ignoring the fact that at least Clinton tried to hide his exploits: Trump brags about them. Combine this with the fact that for far, far too many their “unyielding stand” on issues like homosexuality or marriage are based upon prejudices and tradition rather than a thought out theology that flows from a properly prioritized theological system, and you can see why our words carry no weight.
5. Hillary Clinton is evil. Yes, I used the “e” word. Might as well do so why I still can. You won’t be able to in the not too distant future (hate speech, you know). She is evil on every level you can be evil. Worldview evil, the zombie slave of the Culture of Death, bought and paid for by Planned Infanticide. She stands for everything that is immoral and ungodly and destructive. And I haven’t even gotten to the fact that she is the most corrupt politician possibly in the history of the nation. But she will be elected President of the United States. Jezebel will rule.
6. Stop fantasizing about the SCOTUS. One word: Obergefell, and that WITH Scalia. That ship has sailed, it is over the horizon. See point 3. Further, the doe-eyed optimism of my fellow Christians that a man like DJT, who has no earthly concept of what “trustworthiness” means, and has lived his life violating covenants and promises (ask his wives and the married women he seduced, proudly), would actually go to the mat to push through even semi-meaningful judicial nominees is further evidence that bearing the name “Christian” does not necessarily endow you with common sense.
7. Stop comparing DJT to David. David was REPENTANT. Trump is PROUD. These are NOT synonyms. And if you think the pathetic statements made by Trump are acts of repentance, LOOK UP THE WORD sometime. 
8. Finally, stop saying that those of us who will not prostitute ourselves at the altar of political expediency are demanding moral perfection on the part of candidates, and, of course, “none have ever been perfect.” I am a sinner—but unlike Trump, I do not take pride in my sin, promote my sin, or excuse it as mere “locker room talk” or the like. I hate it, detest it, and flee from it. The moral and ethical black holes represented by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ in nature and extent from any candidates we have ever seen in the history of this nation, and the fact that we are stuck with them at this very time of national decline on so many fronts speaks loudly…to those with ears to hear.

Sep 16, 2016

Taking a blog detour for a moment..

I hear a lot of these American Christians--especially so-called "end time" prophecy Christians--talk about coming "Christian persecution." Here's the truth of the matter:
The vast majority of Christians in this country are such a non-threat, non-factor, irrelevant, non-resistance group of people that, on the whole, our spiritual enemies don't even give them a second thought. Plus, they (our spiritual enemies) recognize that most Christians and the entertainment centers they attend on Sunday (laughingly called "churches") are completely compliant with their agenda. Why in the world would they waste their time persecuting people who are giving them aid and comfort?
What are they going to be persecuted for? For being addicted to football? For being addicted to "Christian Rock" bands? For being addicted to their campers? For being addicted to gossip, slander and backbiting? For being addicted to global wars of aggression? For being addicted to the Zionist State of Israel? For being addicted to social gatherings, fried chicken dinners, and "mom's night out" parties? 
To be sure, Christians around the world are ALREADY suffering persecution--REAL persecution. The thing is in those places those are REAL Christians. Their Christianity hasn't been "Americanized."
Forgive me for sounding so critical of my brethren (at least they profess to be Christian brethren) but for over a half century I've tasted the bitter, harsh reality of America's Christians up close and personal. So many, many of them are spoiled, lazy, indifferent, duplicitous, dishonest, and lack even the most basic principles of ethics, integrity, and honor. Thank God, this is not true for all of them--but it DOES seem to be true for MANY of them. WAY TOO MANY. 
Furthermore, so many of these American Christians will be (when the time comes), and ALREADY are, the ones doing the persecuting, THEY ARE THE PERSECUTORS. 
They murder and kill with their tongues. They steal people's honor and reputations with their tongues. They are neck deep in slander and backbiting. Their telephones and emails spew forth the most cruel gossip imaginable. 
Some of these spiritual murderers like to say they are part of the "Remnant." But the truth is they wouldn't know what the Remnant was if it came up and bit them on the nose. In reality, they are the dividers and destroyers of the Remnant. 
The unchurched world has NOTHING on the modern American church. In fact, it's almost impossible to tell "churched" people from "unchurched" people today. 
For these folks to talk about persecution is downright laughable.
By Chuck Baldwin 

Jul 25, 2016


Clay will be home on Thursday, I'm not sure when exactly..  I'm ready for him to be home though..  He was only home for 2 weeks last hitch so it seems like he's been gone longer than he really has..
I know that he's ready to be home too; the other day when he called he actually complained (he never complains.. ever)..
He's getting tired of Angola..  They are considering him for a position in Canada right now and there is a possibility that he may still be needed in Russia..  But right now oil is not doing well..  People are being laid off by the thousands..  Schlumbeger laid off sixteen thousand workers last week..
Sixteen thousand!
I'm super grateful that Clay still has a job even though every time he calls I sorta brace myself expecting him to tell me that he will be laid off as well..  Right now though, the only jobs running in Angola are completions and that's his department, so they kinda have to keep him..
The oilfield is going to get much worse before it gets better (if it ever does) so I  Clay is considering  looking into other employment..
It'll be weird though..  He loves what he does (just not where he does it) but there isn't a whole lot of stability in the oilfield anymore..  It will most likely mean moving..  Darn it..
Our lease is up in a year, so he has that long to formulate a plan..
I know he's been thinking a lot about New Mexico and has been for about a year now..  
I just don't want to move away from Sky..  Finding work for a welder in New Mexico wouldn't be difficult at all but she's determined to stay in Omaha..
But like I said, he has a year to figure it all out..

Well this blog post turned out to be sort of a bummer huh?

Jul 7, 2016


It's Thursday already?  

Not much to report..  Clay has been at work for a week, so three more to go..  He has put in for two positions, one in Trinidad and one in Canada..  Canada is a live in, I'm not sure about  Trinidad..  Russia is still on the table too..  I know he will be happy to get out of Angola..
With oil doing so bad right now, we are just thankful that he has a job, even one in Angola!

I had lunch with a friend on Tuesday..  We went to Leadbelly's and I had the Razzle Dazzle pizza..  Grilled chicken, bacon, poblano peppers and raspberry jam instead of pizza sauce..  I know, it's sounds weird, but it's really yummy..  Lots of sugar though, bummer since I have cut sugar out of my diet; but if I'm going to leave my house and drive all the way downtown in super hot and way too humid weather, I'm going to make it worth my while!

I went to see Elaine's new house Tuesday evening..  Major improvement!  Her last house was horrible and in a not-so-nice part of town..  This one is pretty and clean, room enough for all of them, and in a much safer area..

Sky is doing well, although she isn't happy with her job at the moment..
 Because she can't do any work on the welding floor until the cast comes off, she has been moved to the front office and is filling in for the receptionist who just retired..
Let me tell you, she does NOT enjoy sitting at a desk answering phones all day..
Right now she refers to her job as "being a damn secretary"..
Not to put anyone down who is a receptionist, but this just isn't her thing..   
She sent me this picture from work the other day..  
She said she had spent the morning spinning in her chair..  Poor girl..
Boredom aside though, I'm glad she is working at the front desk for the month..  There is no air conditioning on the welding floor and its so hot right now..  So at least she's comfortable..
Her hand has been bothering her a lot lately..  The damaged nerves are starting to wake up and repair themselves..  She actually complained about it  a couple times and she's had to take a pain pill every day this week..
The doctor said it would probably hurt for three months or so..

I guess that's all for now..
Happy Thursday :)

Jun 18, 2016

Tendons, trash bags, & athletic tape.

If you are friends with either myself or Sky on Facebook, you know that Sky hurt her hand last Tuesday. 

She severed her tendon, broke all the way through the joint, destroyed the nerves and damaged an artery. 

She spent 3 hours in the emergency room getting X-rays and stitches, then saw a specialist on Wednesday who scheduled surgery for Thursday morning. 

He put two pins through the bone and reattached the tendon but couldn't repair the artery so she may or may not have full feeling or mobility in that hand. 

The pain has been manageable but she's having a hard time adjusting to using only one hand. 
Showering was interesting. Since she can't get her cast wet AT ALL, we had to get creative. 

We wrapped the cast in Press'n Seal, then put a plastic trash bag over it, then tapped it to her arm with athletic tape.   It worked!  
She needed me to wash her hair and help her dry off, but other than that she did pretty good in her own :)

I have to give this girl kudos though. She hasn't complained about the pain at all, not even in the emergency room. I asked her yesterday what her pain level was between 1 & 10 and she said "about a 7 1/2" and that was after a Percocet!  
She really is the toughest person I know :)

She will go back to work on Monday but doing any welding is out. She'll be doing administrative work until her hand is workable again although she's pretty sure she can work the forklift with one hand. 

She's nothing if not determined!


Jun 13, 2016

Home early..

Clay came home two weeks early..
He was supposed to be home last night but there was flooding in Dallas so he had to stay over and got home this morning..
He's only home for 2 weeks though..  Bummer..  
But his schedule is changing from 5 weeks away to 4 weeks..
And he brought presents!

I love the little souvenirs he brings home :)

He got this hand carved rhino before he left Angola..

He got this stuff from a friend who brought it to him from Columbia..  Coffee infused caramel sauce and coffee infused raspberry marmalade..  
Oh my gosh, it's so good!!

He had a layover in London so he picked up some English tea.. YUM!

And a real English tea cup!