Consider the Lilies..   

Feb 13, 2019


I finished redecorating the living room a couple weeks ago.
Ignore the tin pig on the wall though, that is part of the kitchen.

Elaine gave me a picture of our oldest sister Madeline (my dad's daughter from his first marriage).
It's remarkable how much Sky looks like her.
So if Sky had lived in the 1940's this is what she would look like.

A little over a week ago started to feel what I thought was the beginning of a MILD flare up.
The pain wasn't too bad so I didn't think much of it.
Then about 4 days ago it became a full blown flare up.  
Felt like everything inflamed to the max at once- my spine, hips, hands, and unfortunately my intestines and liver.
And I'm exhausted!
Not gonna lie, the pain has been pretty intense.  But I'm trying my hardest to stay out of the hospital.  
Not my first time at this rodeo and there isn't anything they can do at the hospital that I can't do at home.  Except give me morphine which would be fantastic but I don't wanna have to pay several thousands dollars in medical bills this year.
My doctor called in a prescription for steroids and pain pills so hopefully I can tough it out at home.
Except I can't take any of the pills yet because Sky and I are going through a 2 day CHP class and I can't be stoned on roids and oxy while shooting a gun.
I can start taking them tonight though (yay).
So thanks to everyone for your prayers!
I'm sorta bummed because I won't be able to go to church for about 3 weeks..

Since I haven't had any energy to do much around the house and I'm unable to focus on my books (sucks SO bad) I've spent my week on the couch with my yarn. I learned how to make a shawl.
It's still a work in progress but I should be finished with it today.
I found a bunch of yarn in the closet so I think shawls are gonna be my thing for a while 😁
I have to learn how to make tassels for the ends, but I think I have enough yarn for a few shawls..
Anyone want a shawl? 🤣 

Jan 30, 2019

Still didn't like the dresser..

I thought that after I had added new knobs and distressed it a little that I would be ok with the dresser..
By the way, distressed is the proper word for what I call "making it look old" or "junking it up".
Anyway the more I looked at it, the more I didn't like it.
So I went back and did more stuff.
This is how it looked before I did anything:

Phase two:

Even though I love the knobs, I was bothered by the sharp straight lines and the corners. 
Plus, the shiny white didn't really go with the rest of the room.
It just looked too new.
So I got some chalk paint (not to be confused with chalkboard paint) some corner brackets and took apart a hymnbook.
I asked my Facebook friends what their favorite hymns were and I used them (the ones I had) to decorate the dresser.
I know, it sounds weird but it worked!

Turns out that I really like refurbishing furniture. Who knew?
Clay said that when he gets home from this next hitch that he's going to clean out the junk room.
I'm excited because I want to turn it into a home office for him.  
I have a theme in mind and a few pieces of furniture to work on.
My sister says that I am pretty good at finding reasons not to leave my house.
She's probably right.
Stay tuned I guess..

Jan 26, 2019

Pipes, hinges and doorknobs..

I'm not gonna do a whole rundown of G3 this time.
Just this..
The pre-conference was great.
The conference was great.
All of the speakers were spot on and I learned stuff.
I met Philip Webb (twice!) and saw him sing live.  It was spectacular, I cried and I'll never forget it.
I got enough books to keep me in reading materials for an entire year and I'll be able to use them to study for years.
I got to spend a week with a very close friend and I'm super grateful that Clay got to go with me too.
That said; I won't be attending G3 in the future.

I got new, not new end tables.
I've been gradually working on decorating my living room.  
I have a thing for antique stuff.
But I have a thing against paying a stupid amount of money for antique stuff.
So I will settle for antique-looking stuff instead.
Hobby Lobby is the best place to go if you want stuff that looks antique but you don't want to spend a ton of money.
Their furniture is sorta pricey though so I haven't bought much of it. 
Just a desk, a chair, a large bookshelf, and a dresser.
Ok, that does sound like a lot doesn't it?

I found a bunch of old-looking knobs and hinges and stuff when we were there yesterday and I thought that maybe Clay could make my end tables (that I didn't like but they were cheap and served their purpose) look more antique-ish.
So I picked out a couple knobs and some hinges and Clay went to work with a sander and a hammer.
I'm SO happy with how they turned out!

I liked them (and all the knobs I bought) so much that he re-did an old dresser too.
The picture doesn't do it justice though..

He put up shelves above my desk too.
You might have to enlarge the picture, but they're made with pipes!
How cool is that?
Clay found the big metal lock & keys and I really liked the doorknob so we stuck them on the wall too.
I know, it's weird. 
But I love it.

I'm just waiting on one more thing to come in the mail (that Sky thinks is creepy and Clay might shoot in the middle of the night) and then the living room will be finished.

Jan 14, 2019


We are going to Atlanta tomorrow..
**FYI, we are not leaving the house without anyone in it, we have 2 very mean dogs who WILL attack, guns and people here who know how to use them, one of them is a crack shot (my kid) so don't get any ideas..**
I haven't started packing yet, but I have all day.
I'm bringing an empty suitcase to carry all the books I'm gonna get.
I'm so excited!
Even more excited because Clay is going with me :)
I'm a tiny bit apprehensive too.  I just learned that there will be 4200 people this year which is twice as many as last year.  It was pretty packed last year so I'm not sure how it's all gonna work.
Either way, I plan on enjoying myself.
It was announced last week that there would be a mystery speaker.  
I'm pretty sure it will be Paul Washer.  He was scheduled to speak this year (and last year) but had a heart attack that almost killed him and he's spent the last year recuperating.  But I saw a picture of him in Atlanta last week so....
My second guess would be Jeff Durbin which would be ok too.
It's gonna be so great no matter who it is..
We got a better room this time, better flights, we won't need to use any Ubers, and we've saved enough money to buy tons of books and all the evangelizing tools we want..

I finished the Ecclesiastes study and Jonah.  
I started Luke on Saturday.  
Luke is gonna take a long time.
About 72 weeks.  
Unless I really hit the books and zoom through it.
Which I won't.  
Now that I'm not in school and don't have deadlines, I really like my new study method.  
I study what I want, when I want, as much as I want, how I want.
I still study every day but it's much more relaxed.  
Plus it's nice not to have anyone grading my outlines..
Clay and I started a new reading plan this year too.  
Well, we started a second one.  We started with a basic bible in a year plan but I wasn't loving it so we chose a different one.  
Speaking of bible stuff.  I need to get on it if I'm going to get my packing done before bedtime..

Happy Monday!

Dec 18, 2018


I won a book from Spurgeon College and they threw in a study on Jonah too.
I'm going to start it after I finish my Ecclesiastes study.
Which I've been slacking off on lately.  
My only excuse is that the bible I am using for the study is in the garage and I don't want to go get it.
But after actually typing that, I feel guilty so I'm going to go right now and bring it inside.

Clay got me a dust-buster before he went back to work.
Yes, this is one wife who appreciates it when her husband buys her cleaning products..
I love it!
It's super light, cordless and the hose makes it easy to reach stuff.  
I use it for the stairs, cleaning crumbs off the counter (even vacuumed the toaster), behind the toilet and under furniture where the Roomba can't reach.

Speaking of cleaning stuff..
I got my first box from Grove Collaborative last week.
Grove Co. is a website where you can have cleaning supplies sent to you automatically.  You can set it up to have stuff delivered every month, or every two months, six months, whatever.  
You can even have some stuff delivered every month like dish soap and laundry detergent and other stuff every six months like all purpose cleaner and hand soap.
Anyway, I got a couple bottles of peppermint dish soap.
It smells so good!
Not like peppermint candy but like real peppermint.
The lavender scent is still my favorite but I thought I would change it up a little.  
Glad I did.
Of course I'm sure I'll be tired of the scent before I've used it all up an want to go back to the lavender  like I did with the apple scent I got by mistake, but that's ok because I can always dump it in the toilet  cleaner container :)
Then again, I might not get sick of it.  I have been using peppermint oil in the diffusers for months and I'm not tired of it.

It's all I use now.
Well that and vanilla..
If you mix them together the whole house smells like butter-mints!

I fired the pooper-scooper a couple weeks ago.
Not that I particularly enjoy cleaning up dog-poop but they stopped coming at the same time every week and sometimes they wouldn't text or call before they would show up.
Both dogs are aggressive and they absolutely HATE the pooper-scooper guy.  
We have a doggy-door so if they don't call me first and just walk into the back yard the dogs attack him.
So now I gotta clean up after my own dogs.
I know, rich people problems..

Sky took Loki to doggy day care today.
We made the agreement that if she got another puppy that she would have to take him to day care twice a week.  
But first she had to get all of his shots taken care of so today is his first day.  
I'm happy about that.
Gunner is sort of rough with him and although Keisel pretty much ignores him for most of the day, around 3:00 in the afternoon he's tired of him and starts trying to hurt him.
We also don't want him to become so territorial, anti-social and aggressive like the Aussies are so hopefully a couple days at day care will help with that.
I don't mind how horrible the Aussies are because we don't have people over and lets face it "I have really mean dogs" is a good excuse not to invite anyone 😁

Well.  I guess that's all I have to blog about.
Which wasn't really all that interesting.

Dec 11, 2018


So, the new bible I was all excited about?
I thought I would love it because it was a leather cover instead of a hard cover but I realized that it's much easier to take notes in a hardcover bible if you are holding it on your lap at church.
So I sent it to a friend in Texas and decided to appreciate the one I have.

Check it out..  I won a book yesterday!

Oh, I also discovered that my phone does this really cool thing now..
I can put a time limit on my apps.
I was way more productive yesterday..

I've been trying to find a television series on Hulu that isn't full of sex and profanity.  
For reals, do you know how hard it is to find stuff on television that doesn't have tons of casual sex (or downright porn) lots of swearing, or people making fun of God?
I'm watching The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World now..
Seriously, that's pretty much all I found.
I guess I can watch Star Trek again..
Can't ever watch too much Star Trek right?

I've been feeling quite a bit of conviction lately about a behavior of mine that has definitely become a habit.  
I don't even think about it anymore.
Or rather not until recently.
Something I'm curious about though..  
It's something I know other people (especially Christians) have noticed about me but no one has actually said anything to me.  
Yeah I get it, it's hard to call someone out on their sin but really, if you love a person and you see that person behaving in a way that you know isn't ok; step up and say something!
Please.  It's for our own good.
I know, that person might get mad at you.  So what?  If what you are saying is true the person will either realize it (sooner or later) and thank you for it or they won't.  If they don't, then they don't.  But at least YOU know that you did your part and you did it because you love them.
So I'm giving you permission..
If you see something, say something.
It's weird though, now that I'm aware of it I'm sort of surprised by how often I do it.  
It's only 9:30 in the morning and I've already caught myself wanting to do it at least a half dozen times..
Isn't it funny how once you know you shouldn't do something, you immediately look for other ways to do it? 

Speaking of doing stuff.  
I should go put away laundry.

Happy Tuesday!

Dec 10, 2018

Random stuff.. Is it never NOT random though?

Sky's puppy is just the cutest little thing.

But I will be happy when she has done everything she needs to do so he can go to doggy-day-care two days a week.
Having him here with the other two has confirmed for me that I absolutely do NOT want another dog.

Clay is officially a "flight risk" whenever he flies in the US.
Now he gets to go through super security and be searched for bombs and tested for explosive residue every time he gets on the plane in the states.
Funny thing is though, they don't do all those searches when he first lands in the states.
They let him walk all the way through customs and to his next gate before checking him.
That seems kinda backwards to me.

I absolutely love to give away books.
It might be on my list of favorite things to do.
If I had a list.
The hard part is finding people who actually want to read them.

So have I mentioned yet that I'm super excited about G3 2019?
They released the schedule for the pre-conference.  It's going to be SO interesting!
Last year the pre-conference was just a debate.  I don't mean to say "just" in the sense that it was no big deal, it was and I'm still kind of bummed that I missed it.
But this year it's going to be way bigger.

You've probably seen all my FB posts, but I'm so crazy excited about it that I'm going to say it again.
Philip Webb is performing!!
He's my favorite (living) opera singer.
Apparently he performed last year but I missed it because my plane was late.
But not this year!
Nope, we are going a full day in advance.
Philip Webb!!

Oh! And something else super cool about G3 this year...
Wretched is having a meet and greet for the people going to G3 who donate to Wretched.
We started donating shortly after I saw a Wretched clip on YouTube which as y'all know lead me to 10 Indictments Against the Modern Church which as y'all know (again) lead me to the truth which saved me for reals.
Oh, David Platt will be there.  I do have a couple of issues with him (nothing serious) but I owe that guy a lot too.  Heck, he's the one that got me started on my whole "maybe I'm being lied to" thing to begin with.
Plus I've learned a lot about how to read the Bible the right way from him.
So anyway, this G3 is gonna be bomb diggity..
We get to listen to the best bible teachers alive today, we are we get to hang out with Todd Friel and Wretched, I get to spend a week with Julie (yay!), Clay gets to finally meet Julie, and I will get to see some of my other fellow reformed theology nerd friends too.

I know.  You are all probably getting sick of me talking about G3.  Well it won't be much longer.  Just 35 days until we leave, then there will be all the FB posts while I'm there and then the blog post telling you all about it when I get home, then the occasional posts throughout the year about how excited I am about the next one..

Happy Monday :)