Consider the Lilies..   

Jan 17, 2017


I've been soo lazy these last couple weeks.  
Slacking off on everything:
Bible study
You name it..

Going to bed too late, getting up too late.
Not eating right, not drinking enough water.

Too much sitting on the couch crocheting and watching far too much Netflix.
Too much Facebook.
Too much carrot cake.

When I slack off on my Bible, everything else seems to come to a stop too.
Strange huh?

This infected tooth isn't helping either.
I had an appointment for a consultation with the oral surgeon yesterday but the ice storm put a hold on that.
They rescheduled it for Friday.
The antibiotics are working though and it's nowhere near as painful as it was.
Still, I've used it as an excuse not to really do anything.

Elaine stopped by and dropped off the scarf she made for me.
It's so pretty!!

Ok..  Enough whining..

I have a bunch of Bible and laundry to catch up on.

Happy Tuesday!

Jan 13, 2017


So if you follow me on FB, you know that I had to go to the dentist yesterday.  
I woke up to a pretty swollen face and the pain was horrible.
I got a cavity under a crown and didn't know about it until one side of my face was twice the size that it should be.
The dentist said that the tooth need to be pulled.  Great!  Do it now!
Nope, he said that an oral surgeon needs to do it because the decay is so bad the he could possibly pull out part of my cheekbone if he just tried to pull it.
So he gave me a prescription for Vicodin and some antibiotics to kill the infection, and referred me to an oral surgeon.
I have a consultation on Monday.
In the meantime I get to deal with a huge swollen cheek and a lotta pain.
It was HORRIBLE last night..  The Vicodin didn't help at all and the pain just got worse.  I was pretty close to just grabbing a pair of pliers and pulling the damn tooth out myself.  The swelling was getting even worse which was contributing to the pain.
Then it occurred to me that the dentist only prescribed pills for the pain, not the swelling.  So at 11:00 last night I went out and bought some Advil.
Finally!  Some relief!

So I'm not doing much today except for sitting on the couch and working on all my crochet stuff.
The other day Sabrina (mom of a niece and nephew) sent me a picture of a messy-bun hat and asked if I could make one.  I've never made a hat before but I found a video on Youtube, and guess what?  I can make hats!
Now I have 7 hats to make.
One friend wants a really long stocking cap in hunter orange..  I can't find a video on how to do it, or even where to find hunter orange yarn, so that'll be a challenge :)
I have a bad habit of starting projects before I finish others so at the moment I have 3 going at once..  
A blanket for a niece (I've started decreasing one side, so it won't be long until its done), washcloths for Elaine and some for my bathroom, and hats.
I'm working on a practice hat right now, trying to figure out how to do a brim, but with the pain pills and antibiotics, my head is kinda loopy so it's difficult to concentrate on anything.

Wanna know what sucks about having an infected tooth?  Besides the massive swelling and the excruciating pain that is.
I can't open my mouth very far..  Which means I'm living on mostly yogurt.  So if anyone wants to drive up to Omaha and pick up some egg drop soup from Hunan Fusion, that'd be great!
Speaking of yogurt; I stopped at the store to buy some on my way home from the dentist.  I decided to try Noosa.  It's pretty yummy by the way.
So I was texting Clay later that evening and I told him that Noosa yogurt was the best yogurt I have ever had.
Now, I've never googled that yogurt, or posted about it on Facebook or anything.  I just mentioned it in a text to Clay.
Well this morning when I looked at my Facebook and Twitter feed I saw that there were advertisements for Noosa yogurt.  
Weird huh?

Dec 26, 2016

Antonio, gates, yarn, and I Love Lucy..

Steelers are going to the playoffs!!
(Elaine, the whole post won't be about football, I promise)
We were all dressed appropriately for the game, including Keisel (who is named after a retired Pittsburgh Steelers player).

Last night's game was intense!  Steelers played the Ravens and it was literally down to the last 30 seconds..
Anonio Brown made an amazing catch and an even more amazing touchdown.

He caught it, reached out so the ball broke the plane (while Eric Weddle face masked him) and then pulled the ball back in.  It was crazy!
So Pittsburgh won by 4 points, they are the AFC North champions, are one of only 4 teams to win 600 games, and they are going to the play-offs!

So, Christmas is over (yay!) and we can all go back to normal life again.
I got an awesome gift from Elaine the other day.
2 seasons!  
I'm going to binge-watch them all while I crochet washcloths for her (Elaine, not Lucy. lol) after Clay goes back to work.

Speaking of crochet..
Katelyn's blanket is coming along.
It's folded in half, and the camera doesn't really pick up the color (it's actually teal).
It's almost as wide as I want it to be, then I can start decreasing on one side.  It seems to go faster once I start decreasing.

Something sorta weird is going on..
Someone keeps trying to get into our backyard.  We aren't really sure why though.
One night about a week ago while I was letting the puppy outside,  I (too late) noticed that the gate was open.  Both Buster and Keisel ran out and I had to chase them, which wasn't easy because Buster, who would have come immediately when called but is completely deaf now didn't hear me so he kept walking; and Keisel, who thinks that running away whenever we get close to him when he's outside is a game, kept doing just that.  So it took me a while to catch the puppy and get Buster's attention so he would follow me back into the yard.
Anyway, I thought that maybe Clay didn't shut the gate all the way the last time he walked though it and then I forgot about it.
The next morning the gate was open again.  Ok, so maybe it was the wind, maybe the gate doesn't latch all the way and we need to be more careful about making sure it's secure?
Every day for the past week the gate has been open, and also when we take the dogs out at night (at random times) the gate is open. 
At first we thought that maybe someone was trying to steal the puppy, but then it occurred to us that our neighbor's gate had been left open several times because Sky has caught their dogs wandering around and has put them back in their yard.  So someone is getting into their yard too.
So the other day Clay put a lock on the gate.  Yesterday Sky noticed that someone had tried to force the gate open.
We think it's a peeper.  
The neighbor's wife is pretty young and attractive; and Sky is, well lets just face it, she's a hottie.
So for now, Sky doesn't take her dog outside without her gun and today Clay will be reinforcing the gate. 

We are going homeless hunting today..  We are going to try the park again..  We have a few more bags and blankets to hand out and we are hoping that since it's cold out, there will be fewer Pokemon hunters and more homeless.  
Not that we want there to be homeless people.  We would rather there weren't any at all, but since there are, we would like to find them today :)

Happy Monday!

Dec 16, 2016

More favorite things..

I have new favorite things!
(I also can't think of anything else to blog about)

If you haven't noticed by some my previous blog posts, I really like the Pioneer Woman kitchen stuff.
These are salt and pepper crocks. I keep them by the stove so I can just grab a pinch while I'm cooking.  Super convenient.  
And adorable too :)
I snagged this picture offline because I don't want to get up and go into the kitchen to take a picture, but they look just like these (except mine has pink salt instead of white in it).

My hair got to that awkward length again where I start looking like Javier Bardem from 'No Country for Old Men'.  Seriously..
 So Clay shaved the sides and part of the back and I like my hair again.  
Now I can do funky stuff with my hair, even a mohawk if I want.
Not like Clay's though, we can't all be Clay :)
 Right now this is my favorite hair stuff.

It's not sticky at all, doesn't look wet, and I can comb through it or just use my fingers to tease my hair how I want it.  
It's not heavy like gel and doesn't make my hair all poofy like mousse.  It's really easy to use too.  Just spray it on dry hair, and style.
Easy peazy. 

My next favorite thing..
Elf clear primer.

I got a sample of Smashbox clear primer in the mail a while ago and I loved it but when I ran out and went to buy more I learned that it was $36.00 for one ounce.  
I just can't come to terms with spending that much.
So I ran across the Elf primer at Target.  It was only $6.00 so I figured "what the heck, I'll give it a try".  It works just as well as the Smashbox primer.  
In fact, Clay is at Target right now getting me some more (I ran out this morning).

This puppy.
Oh my gosh, I just can not get over how cute he is. And smart!
But hyper.  Sooo hyper!
Everyone told us that this breed was very active so I was prepared for active.  
I was not prepared for crazy-hyperdrive-active!
He has 20 different toys and he plays with every one of them.  
All. Day. Long.
He learned to fetch the day after we brought him home and he NEVER gets tired of it.
He never walks.  Everywhere he goes, he's running.  
When we take him outside all he wants to do is run, which is ok except when its really cold outside and you want to go back in.  He knows his name and comes when he's called- when he's indoors, but when he's outside he pretends like he doesn't know his name or can't hear us.  I guess we are going to have to start some obedience training..

My new artwork..

Ok, it's not really new.  I posted a picture of the doodle Elaine made me a couple blog posts ago, but now it's in a frame!  And I think it's the coolest doodle ever.
Yeah, I have framed Star Trek stamps (thanks Z!) too.  Don't judge me..

The Insanity of God..

It's out on dvd.  I've had it preordered since I saw it in the theater.  I've read the book twice and watched the dvd twice (so far).
For real, if you are a Christian you really need to watch this.
And if you're not?  Maybe you should watch it too.
Life changing.
Not even kidding.

My favorite yarn..

Well, my favorite brand of yarn.  Lion Brand Landscapes.
They have several different colors, this one is called Apple Orchard.
I took a break from Katelyn's blanket and made another scarf for Elaine.
I love how it works up, and it's so soft!

Yummy tea..
Sky ordered this for me.  It's really good!
I love The Republic of Tea company.  
I learned about them when a friend of mine told me about a tea called Mrs. Padmore's tea.  It was a tea from their Downton Abbey line (I like the Downton Legacy tea the best).
Anyway, Sky gave me some 'Earl Greyer' tea and this 'Comfort and Joy' tea which I wasn't sure I would like because it has cinnamon and apples in it.
I don't love fruit, or the smell of cinnamon (long story) but I love this tea!
I'm going to be sort of bummed when I run out.
Hopefully they will have it again next year.

The Crown
It's a new series on Netflix.  I finished the last episode yesterday.
It's so good!

Ok, that's all I can think of. 
I know, lame post.  Sorry.

Dec 4, 2016

We had fun but it sucked..

Last night Clay and I went to the Ballet.  We bought tickets for the Nutcracker months ago and I was super excited..  
I even wore earrings!

Dinner was amazing.  I was going to take pictures, but it looked so yummy that I forgot.
We went to one of my favorite restaurants; Pig and Finch.
I always order the espresso rubbed pork shoulder. But Clay ordered the pork chop.
I was thinking that he would be disappointed, I mean who goes to a restaurant and orders a pork chop?  Let me tell ya, it was the best pork chop I ever had!

So then to the Orpheum..  
The show was by the Nebraska Ballet company.
Now don't judge me for being too snobbish, but when I saw that it was a local company I had some trepidations.  They are a professional dance company in the sense that they do performances and get paid for it; but not in the 'this is what they do for a living so dancing is all that they do' sense.
And it shows..
It was horrible.  The people sitting next to me didn't even com back after the first act.
There were several changes that were pretty dumb, like a Rat Queen instead of a Rat King. Then they tried to make the show cute and comical and it just didn't work..
The girl who played Clara was an actual girl, maybe 12 years old, and she danced pretty well for a 12 year old, but not well enough to star in a production at the Orpheum.
There were cute parts too, like this little girl dressed like an angel. Her make up was terrible and she had what looked like a Joker smile painted on her face (someone went overboard with the red lipstick).  The poor thing was out of sync with the rest of the angels, couldn't find her mark, and kept going right when the others would go left.
So like I said, we didn't enjoy the show and will definitely go to the Omaha Playhouse and see A Christmas Carol next year rather than the Nebraska Ballet Company; but Clay had me laughing through the whole show and I had fun with him so it was still a win.

Look what came in the mail!
This came 2 days ago and I was all excited about it, but I had ordered a special pen to write in it and it hadn't come yet so I was bummed.
But check out the inside:
 There is a place to write an introduction and...
On every few pages there are questions to answer for reflection, so when you're finished, you not only have your own hand written copy of the Bible, but you have your own hand written copy of a study bible!

I can't tell you how much I'm geeking out over this!

And then last night when we got home from the ballet there were three more boxes on the porch.
Ok, now I'm really geeking out!
It's going to take me years to fill them and I can't wait to get started, but I'm not sure which ones I want to start with..  At first I was thinking Psalms, but then I thought that John would be a good places to start since we are learning John at church..
Have I mentioned that before?
John is a pretty popular book.  If you ask any pastor which book of the bible you should start with, there is a pretty good chance he is going to say John.  I've read it several times and studied it for school, and really didn't think it was all that special..
Don't get me wrong though, it's God's word and it saves; but I didn't think it was any more spectacular than other books of the bible..
But then our pastor decided that he would take an entire year to go through the book of John.
Oh. My. Gosh!
It's soo good!
Our pastor is an incredible bible teacher. His sermons are definitely not the sort of sermons I was used to.  I was used to a guy getting on the stage and giving a motivational speech with a couple of bible verses thrown in for good measure.  
But not this guy.  His goal is to teach the bible.  So he goes verse by verse.
He reads the verse and then he tells you what it means.  If you don't like what it means, or you want it to mean something else, too bad.
He's not afraid to pull any punches either.. If the bible offends you, he's perfectly OK with that.  If what the bible says convicts you, great, it's supposed to.
Anyway (sorry, I rambled) ..
Today will be sermon #12 and we are just starting chapter 5.
I am learning so much!  I fins myself wondering how I've missed it!  I mean I've read John a lot.
A lot!  
I find myself asking "how did I not know this?  how did I just skip over that?"
So, if you have time, and you're interested, check out the series..
You won't be disappointed!

Yeah, so I think I'm going to start with John.

Happy Sunday!

Dec 1, 2016

Ditching the writing plan..

So today I should be starting this month's writing plan (I mentioned it in a previous blog post).  But I decided not to do it because my friend Tina sent me a text yesterday asking me if I had ever heard of a "Journible".
So I googled it..
Oh.  My.  Gosh.
How have I not known about these??
Check out the video below.  It's less than 2 minutes long.
Go ahead, I'll wait.

Why copy just a few select verses when you can copy entire books?
Seriously, I'm totally nerding out over these!

Since we are super broke this year, and we don't really do Christmas or even like it very much (and I suck at doing anything for Christmas or birthdays for people anyway) we (Clay, Sky, and myself) are each buying one gift for each other and that's all of the shopping we are doing this year.
We are going to the Nutcracker too, but we bought the tickets months ago..
Betcha can't guess what I'm getting?


They are pretty cheap on Amazon with free shipping (if you have Prime) so Clay ordered them for me last night.
Not every book of the Bible, I mean, who wants to copy Chronicles?  But he ordered the ones that I wanted.  All but Romans.  We had to go to a different website to find Romans because they are way overpriced on Amazon. Just Romans though.
Not sure why..
I'm getting Psalms, Proverbs, John, and then Romans through Jude..

So when I'm finished (it'll take me years) I'll have my own set of hand written bibles..

I'm so excited!!

Nov 30, 2016

Hospitals, yarn, and toilet brushes..

So this happened..
Let me tell you..  If seeing your kid like this doesn't scare the hell out of you, you have no soul.
Sky went to work Monday afternoon at 1:45.
She sent me a text at 5:30 saying that she was on her way home because she felt nauseous.  She said that she was inside a pipe repairing it and wasn't wearing a mask.
By 6:00 she had lost all her color, had a raging headache, was shaking uncontrollably, almost crying because her neck and back hurt so much, and couldn't stop vomiting. 
Clay took her to the emergency room where they did chest x-rays and blood tests.
Carbon monoxide poising..  By the time they put her on oxygen she was fading in and out of consciousness..  
Clay sent me the picture along with an update and I freaked.  I felt sick..  It was horrible..
Luckily, my friend T's mother is a respiratory therapist and through texts between Clay, myself, T and T's mother, she was able to ask questions and give information that was incredibly helpful and reduced the level of panic that kept creeping up on me.
Since Sky is an adult now, the doctors weren't really talking to Clay and were being stingy when it came to telling him what was happening.
She was on oxygen for 4 hours and then they were able to come home.
She stayed on the couch yesterday nursing a headache and sore muscles, but is doing much better and is going back to work today.

  The night before Sky's latest visit to the emergency room, our friend Jake came over for dinner and and we played cards and a couple boardgames..
Keisel is learning how to play Gin.

I started another blanket..
This one is for my niece Katelyn.
It looks green but it's actually teal.

And I'm making washcloths for Elaine..
I'm trying to teach myself how to make different borders so I figured that washcloths would be the easiest way to do that.  
Plus Elaine always wants washcloths so it's a win/win :)

Clay started attending the men's bible study group at our church..  
It's every Tuesday at 6:30 in the morning..
It's a really good study group lead by the senior pastor and you don't have to attend OBC to go; so if you live in Omaha and like getting up really early on Tuesday mornings, you're welcome to join.
Since Clay was with Sky at the hospital until midnight, I really didn't expect him to get up and go so early the next morning but he was determined..
They are studying the Westminster Confession of Faith.
Tuesday's lesson was on freewill.  I read Clay's notes..  
It was really good!
I'm super glad that he is able to attend this bible study, but I have to admit that I'm a little jealous too.
OK, I'm a lot jealous..
Women's bible studies are so dumb.  
They aren't even real bible studies; more like social/support groups who get together over brunch, with a few bible verses thrown in.
But the men's group?  Waaaaayyy different..  
There is a table with some black coffee and some paper cups. 
That's it.. 
No fruit trays, muffins, breakfast casseroles, or fancy coffee creamer.   Just plain old black coffee.
 Then they all sit down and discuss the lesson.
No one talks about their problems, relationship issues, jobs, their wife, or their kids.  
No one cries, no one hugs each other, and no one talks about their personal struggles..
They learn theology.
I'm starting to realize that It doesn't matter what church it is; all women's bible studies are the same.  Because that's how they like it.
Except me.  I hate it..
A lot.
I'm definitely in the minority on this one.
So I'll just keep learning from the pastor on Sunday's and on my own at home.  Fortunately there are lots of resources nowadays :)  
Plus Clay can teach me whatever he learns from the men's group and that's pretty cool too.

Oh, my latest cleaning hack:
I use this thing to scrub the toilet..
But I always feel like I'm wasting the little scrubby thing because there's so much soap in them and you're supposed to throw them away after using them once.
And who would want to save it to use again?
So I used it to clean the tub and the shower walls..  
Before you say "ew", I used it on the tub before I used it in the toilet.
Sky is usually pretty dirty when she comes home from work so the tub and shower walls get really dirty too..  I scrub them every day.  It's a pain.
Literally..  The stretching and bending to get all of it does a number on my back after a while.
But with the wand, I don't really have to do either.  Plus it's a scrubby, so it gets all the dirt off.
And there is enough soap left over to scrub the toilet..
So there you go :)

I just remembered another one.
I made reusable cleaning wipes.
I got all of my old, stained washcloths and put them in a gallon size Ziploc bag.  Then I mixed together peroxide, alcohol, and vinegar and poured it in the bag and put the bag under the sink..  
Now every morning I just grab one and wipe down the bathroom..  Takes less than a minute..

Have a happy Wednesday!