Consider the Lilies..   

Nov 23, 2017

Good morning..

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm up earlier than I wanted to be this morning but Gunner felt that he needed to warn us of the impending opossum invasion.
I only saw one baby opossum on the fence but I'm sure it was just a scout and there was an army of them just waiting for the right moment to attack.
At least I'm sure that Gunner thought so.

So we did most of the Thanksgiving prep yesterday.
(pie bird, don't make a fruit pie without it!)
The turkey is brining, the pies are done and the stuffing and sweet potato casserole is ready to go in the oven.  I don't do the marshmallow and canned sweet potatoes thing because that's just gross, why does anyone eat canned potatoes anyway?  Bleh..
This year I made the streusel topping with gingersnaps.  It's going to be bomb-diggity!
So all I have to do today is make the green bean casserole; don't use canned stuff for this either, for reals make it from scratch with fresh beans, and the cream corn *cream corn, not creamed corn. Huge difference* so yummy!.

We put the turkey in the brine and the set it on the deck to stay cold but when I looked out the window I saw Gunner standing on the table just about to knock the lid off so Clay went out and secured it.  :)

 My pastor wrote the introduction for this London Confession book.  
He explains why confessions are so important, far better than I could.  
It wasn't until I left my ex-church that I even knew what a confession was and what they were for.
So if you have never read it or if you are like I was and have no idea what it really is and why it's so important let me know.  I'm happy to get one for you.  I'll even ship it to you at no cost.

Sky sent me a picture from work yesterday to prove to me that she was actually following safety procedures for once..
She is running the paint line (as well as running the welding in her department) now so she has been powder coating stuff for the last two days..
She really is the coolest kid on the planet..

Nov 20, 2017


I shaved Clay's mohawk.  
Now he looks even more intimidating.
Go figure..

I ask myself this at least twice a day.
Have you?

My living room looks like a doggy-daycare.
(this was just 30 seconds after I had picked everything up)

I have a LOT of gray hair.
I've given up trying to cover it.

I love lox and bagels.
But dragonfruit is nasty. For real, who eats this stuff?

Saying "share the gospel, use words if necessary" is like saying "feed the hungry, use food if necessary".
You gotta open your mouth and say something, and if you can't bring yourself to do that, then just hand them a tract, and if you can't bring yourself to do that, then just leave it somewhere.  
If you live in Omaha I'll give 'em to ya for free if you promise to share them.  
I'll even give you Bibles.
Not even joking..

I don't know what I did to deserve it;
but I'm getting a serious stink-eye from Gunner

We found a HUGE homeless camp today.  Didn't take any pictures but I will when we take them stuff tomorrow.  We have a dozen tarps, some winter clothes and food to take to the camp but they really need blankets. They live out there in makeshift tents made of tarps and cardboard and it's already freezing at night, so if anyone in Omaha is looking for a reason to clean out their linen closets  please let me know..  
We will pick them up and take them to the camp.
Anything helps!

Nov 18, 2017


They want to transfer Clay to Canada but I don’t think he’s going to agree. 
They want him to do the same job, but they want to pay him half his salary to do it.  From what I gather, they don’t think he will either.  
The people in Colorado still want him so unless he finds something else soon I assume he’ll be going there.  He doesn't seem too concerned about it so I won't be either.
It will mess things up at home a little and some adjustments will have to be made but it’s doable.

Now, Ligonier.
There are a few people who read my blog who have said that they would like to take a some Bible courses but either can't afford it or just can't fit it into their schedules because of work and/or family and stuff like that.  
So, I wanted to tell you about Ligonier Connect.  
Ligonier is an accredited and renown seminary founded by R.C Sproul.  They have amazing teachers  like Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, and Steve Lawson (who is number 1 on my top 3 list of best Bible teachers alive today). 
If I ever decide to go back to school for the bomb diggity of theology degrees, this is definitely the school I would go to.  
Anyway..  Ligonier Connect.  
You can take a bunch of courses and learn a bunch of stuff from a bunch of fantastic teachers for $9.00 a month.

I'm not telling you about this because I get any credit or money or free courses or anything.  I'm telling you because it's an opportunity (a great opportunity) to dig deeper into scripture and learn some things you might not have had the opportunity to learn at your church.
Stuff like the WCF and why it's so important, the Reformation and what really happened (lots of churches that tell you that Martin Luther nailed something to a door but they don't really tell you why or even what it said).  There are other courses too; particular books of the Bible, Apologetics, Prayer, The Sermon on the Mount, Holiness of God, Biblical Interpretation, just LOTS of stuff..
It's not time consuming or particularly difficult either.  Each course has about 8 to 12 lessons, they are all on video (about 25 to 30 minutes long) there isn't a lot of reading unless you want to read a lot, optional discussion questions, and a refresher quiz at the end of each lesson.

Each course is accredited so if you wanted to, you could use them towards a degree (or not, whateves).
I do a lesson every day.  Right now I'm doing The Whole Christ by Sinclair Ferguson because it's what Clay's men's group is studying at church Tuesday mornings.  It's about the Marrow Controversy.  I've done 2 lessons in the series so far.  It's so good!
So..  CLICK HERE to check it out.
You won't be sorry :)

Nov 16, 2017

Favorite things..

 My favorite picture this week.  
I had just read an article from a 'dog expert' saying that dogs don't like to be hugged.  As I was telling Sky about it, Gunner crawled into her lap so she could hug him.  I think I should send this picture to the woman who wrote the article.
By the way, he's a year old now!

My favorite Moleskine journal.  I love these.  This is my third one.  Gunner chewed on my first one (but I used it anyway) but so far this one is my favorite.  I use them for bible study, church notes, and a prayer journal.
I get them from Missional Wear. Go see if there is anything you like, especially if you have a weird obsession with journals and reformed authors ;)

This devotional. It is the best I have ever read and I plan on reading it again when I'm finished, and then again. And again..  And so on..
There are three devotionals I would recommend; two are by Spurgeon and then this one.  The Valley of Vison is a book of Puritan prayers and meditations- not the weird "ooomm shallaboom" chanting while you clear your mind meditations (that's bad) but the- sit quietly and contemplate the words meditations.
I don't like other devotional books because they are usually centered on the reader; building up their self-esteem, reminding them of how great they are (how special, how important, blah blah blah).  Even devotionals with a bible verse in each daily entry are about how the verse applies to you- how to defeat the Goliath in your life, tearing down your Jericho (that's all wrong by the way) and don't even get me started on Jesus Calling!
But this book is different.  
Trust me!
I got the leather-bound copy from my church bookstore but you can get it on Amazon.  You can get it in paperback too.
For reals..  Get this book!  I promise you won't regret it.

Brown pens.  
I dunno, just been liking brown pens lately.
They go with my journals I guess?

A few months ago I posted that I really liked SenGence hand lotion.  Well I got a sample of 417 in the mail and I like it even better, so I ordered more on Amazon.  It's even a few dollars cheaper :)

This is my second favorite picture this week.  Steve Lawson on the back of a motorcycle on his way to preach at a church in Indonesia.
If you don't know who Steve Lawson is, you really should find out.  He's an amazing teacher.

My new study bible.
Ok, this isn't really a picture of my study bible because it's in the other room and I don't wanna go get it but it looks exactly like mine.
The Charles Spurgeon Study Bible.
Alistair Begg (another good teacher) put it together with Spurgeon's bible study and sermon notes.  I've thumbed through it but I haven't used it to study yet, I'm waiting for Clay to get home so we can add it to our daily bible-study. I learn so much more when Clay is home.
The cover matches the cover of my Lost Sermons of Charles Spurgeon (vol. 1) which is super cool!
Volume 2 is out now.  
And Present Day is coming up.

I guess that's it..

Oh, I got a text from Clay at 2:20 this morning, he was in Paris and said he would be getting on the plane in 20 minutes.  I think he's landing in Minneapolis?
Anyway, he'll be home today..

Nov 15, 2017


Not much noise happening around here..  
I missed my Aussie group and my Reformed Christian group on FB so I unfriended everyone on my friend's and now I only see posts from those groups.
Well, everyone but Clay and Sky.
So, if you see my picture in the 'friend suggestions' section don't get offended that we aren't FB friends. I don't like a lot of what I read on my newsfeed and I don't like how I react to it. Plus, admit it, lots of y'all don't like what I post either.  
So nothing personal. 
I'm on Twitter and you can text me anytime.
Just don't call because I don't answer the phone unless it's Clay or my doctor ;)

I haven't heard from Clay since Monday.  My phone says he hasn't received my texts and he hasn't answered my e-mails.  I'm telling myself it's an internet issue.  They shut down the internet in Equatorial Guinea during the election so maybe that is whats happening.  He is supposed to be home tomorrow so hopefully he's on a plane right now and will text when he lands in Paris. 

So, what have I been up to since I stopped checking FB every 5 minutes?
Well, I have finished a class on Luther and the Reformation and started a class on the life and teaching of Paul. 

I've mopped the floor a bazillion times because there are muddy paw prints everywhere.

I'm reading 3 books: The Gospel's Power & Message by Paul Washer, Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon, and The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan (again).

Sky and I are watching the final season of Bones, and we have started watching 'The Gifted'.

I think that's it.

Oh, I've started planning Thanksgiving dinner too.  Kinda..
Clay will actually be home for Thanksgiving this year and Sky said she wanted to have a big dinner so I'm on Pinterest a lot looking for ideas.  I want to do traditional-different this year.  Traditional Thanksgiving food but prepared differently. 
I gotta tell ya, there are some weird Thanksgiving recipes on Pinterest.  Like pomegranate stuffing.  Who wants to crunch down on pomegranate seeds while eating stuffing?
Maybe I will go super traditional and cook stuff from the original Thanksgiving?  Like Lobster!
Except I can't bring myself to kill a lobster in my kitchen..
I guess I'm going to go browse Pinterest some more..

Happy Wednesday!

Nov 14, 2017


Just so you know...

Nov 10, 2017


A lot of people have a lot of wrong information about Martin Luther.
And John Calvin.

I prefer brown ink over blue or black.

There are people in this world who enjoy arguing.  
Some of them even become annoyed when no one argues back.
I really need to remember this and to try my hardest not to be one of them.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I like The Orville.

I love my dog so much that I sacrifice my own personal comfort so he's happy.
I wish I did the same for people.

 I don't often truly appreciate how much my mother-in-law loves me.  I need to be better about that.

Psalm 119 is amazing.  If you haven't studied it you're missing out. 

My spine, hips and hands hurt so much that I wanna scream sometimes.
But there is noticeable improvement in other areas and I'm feeling a little more energetic so I think it's a fair trade :)

Reformed Roasters makes super yummy coffee.
I'm not just saying that because of the word Reformed.

Not everyone shares the same opinion of what is and is not good produce.
The people who shop for and deliver my groceries do not share my opinion.
I'm gonna have to suck it up and do my own grocery shopping.

My Dia & Co. box came yesterday.  Adorable jacket and super comfy sweater.  I sent the other 3 pieces back though.  $78 is a bit much for a blouse no matter how cute it is.

I studied the Roman Catholic Church's merit system yesterday.  Blew my mind.  Seriously crazy stuff!

I'm more sensitive to the cold since I started the infusions.  Isn't that weird?

Did you know that you can use your cellphone as a DirectTV remote?
I only know that because Gunner ate mine.

Winston Churchill once escaped from a prison camp.

It makes me sad that I can count on one hand the number of people I know personally who will share the gospel with a stranger.
(3 people)

I wish there were more seasons of Bones.

Melania Trump wore flats yesterday.
Apparently this is news.

We still don't know if Clay will have a job next week.
Weird that I'm not freaking out about it.
I'm not worried at all.  
What's up with that?