Consider the Lilies..   

Jun 21, 2019

Just rambling..

I hate Pantene shampoo.
But after a while I forget that I hate it and buy it again.
Then I remember that I hate it.
Fortunately I always need toilet cleaner...

I think Keisel is going to need to have knee surgery.

I'm switching to a different GI and stoping my infusions.

I'm never going to sell anything if I keep everything I paint.

I really, really REALLY miss my Bible.
For reals, I miss it like I would miss a person.
It's kinda weird because I have five Bibles on my shelf that I use regularly for study, but they just aren't THIS particular Bible.
The people working on it told me yesterday that it was looking really good so far.
Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

Clay will be home tomorrow.
His last few hitches have been longer and his time at home shorter.
He'll be home the whole five weeks this time.

I unfollowed and/or unfriended all of the jewelry people on FB.
My jewelry holder is full and Clay said it was time to stop, so no more surprises in the mail for me. 😑

Sky traded in her Camaro for a truck.
I'm so glad!
I worried about her every time it snowed.
It's adorable how tiny she looks in it, but she drives it like a pro!

I have five crochet projects going right now and I want to start two more.  
I'll probably be 80 before I finish.

I've gotten some friend requests from people who attend my ex-church.  
Not really sure what that's about?
I can't help but feel a little paranoid about this considering who these people are, but opportunities are opportunities right?

I can't think of anything else..

May 22, 2019

Busy doing stuff..

Clay is in Georgia (Russia, not the state).  
He has to spend a week there doing something with his work visa before going to Baku.
We aren't sure if this is something he has to do every time he goes to work or if it's just temporary. 
But he likes Georgia and he gets to fly through Germany instead of Istanbul :)

I went to Goodwill yesterday and got a bunch of stuff.
I haven't been to Goodwill for years.  
I hate Goodwill.
I hate all second-hand stores.
I know, that sounds horrible doesn't it?
Yeah, I'm a total snob.
There's more to it than that, I do have another reason but lets just move on shall we?

Anyway, after I finished my dining room table and chairs I wanted to do more stuff.
But, my house won't hold any more furniture.
Some friends told me that people would buy this stuff so I figured, why not give it a shot?
I like to do it, I have the materials, I have the workspace, and Clay is happy with it if it makes me happy so I'm gonna try.
The worse that happens is no one buys it and I have lots of stuff to give away right?

I'm not sure if someone actually put a baby in this cradle or not?
The cradle itself is heavy but the frame isn't so I dunno?
It's pretty big so I doubt it was made for dolls.
Who knows?
I can't think of what else it could be used for but I can think of about a dozen different ways I'd like to refurbish it. 

 I saw this phone bench when I first walked in and I wanted it right away.
I know exactly what I want to do with it and I know exactly how I want it to look, I just don't know if I can actually do it.
But that's the good thing about paint.  
You can always paint over it :)

This was a pain getting it out of the truck and into the basement but I did it.
The guy across the street literally stood in his driveway watching me the whole time and didn't even offer to help.
Did I mention it was raining too?
It's going to take a lot of work.  
Clay is going to have to take it apart so I can sand everything and it's going to take a LOT of sanding. 
Plus I have to scrub everything before I paint it.
But it's going to look so great when I'm finished!
Not that I can think of anyone who wants an antique school desk..

I got a bunch of little stuff too- 2 sets of metal candle holders (I'm going to learn how to distress metal!) some big picture frames that I'm going to turn into mirrors, a couple smaller frames, and a little metal wine rack.
I'm working on painting and distressing some gallon size Mason Jars (turns out I can distress glass too). I'm gonna put little knobs on the lids; they're going to be adorable!

I've been working on making squares and flowers too.
I love this pattern,  Took me a couple tries to figure it out though.
I'm going to make a bunch of them and a bunch of coral colored squares and then sew them together.

And look what Clay made for me!
He brought a block of mahogany from Africa a couple years ago and I was using it as a cutting board for a while but when I started making squares I needed a blocking board.
The problem is, you can't actually buy a blocking board at a store because factories don't make them.
They just make stupid little foam thing with pins.
So you have to buy them on Etsy.
The thing is, everything on Etsy is expensive because it's all handmade.
Sometimes way overpriced.
The whole way-too-expensive handmade thing bothers me.  A lot.  
But we won't get into that today.
Anyway, the blocking boards on Etsy weren't as big as I wanted and they were all kinda flimsy so Clay made one himself.
LOVE it!

I've made a bunch of flowers too.
I have about a bazillion more to make though.  
I want to make a runner for the dining room table.
But the yarn is tiny so I have to hold it tighter than I do regular yarn and it hurts my hands after a while. 

I wanted a little rustic looking table to put next to the rocking chair but I didn't want to go look for one at Hobby Lobby because I lose my mind in that store and buy crazy stuff (like 5 foot metal flamingos) so I had to get creative.
We had a cheap birdbath in the front yard. The kind with a glass bowl on top of a metal frame.
The bowl broke when the water in it froze so all we had left was the frame.
I asked Clay to make a circle out of plywood to put on top and I painted it brown.
Tadaa..  Table.
It looked rather plain though so I made more flowers.
Yeah, that's a cast iron pig.
Clay likes pigs.
We rarely get out of Hobby Lobby without something with a pig on it, which explains the pig-wall in the dining room.

Hey, know what I just realized?
I have black metal shelves in my dining room that haven't been painted!

May 6, 2019


So it's May..
OK, It's been May for a week but whateves..
Not like there is anything important about it being May or anything.

As usual, I don't have anything to blog about.
Yet here I am.

Clay and Sky drove down to NM to spend a couple days with Pop and Mema.
And to pick up the truck.

Pop bought the truck when Sky was a baby and we have wanted it since then.
So we were finally able to buy it from him.

Sky had fun in New Mexico.
Mema cooked everything she loves and taught her to make apple dumplings too.
I love this picture of Pop and Mema..

That's Duke (probably the coolest poodle ever). 

She got to see two of her cousins too.  
The one on the left is the youngest if you can believe it, by about 7 years I think.

Loki stayed home with me.  He was pretty happy about staying because he and Gunner are buds but after the second day he was missing Sky.
Poor guy.

Oh, they brought me a present too!
I've been wanting a rocking chair for the living room for a while now and I guess they decided to just stop on the way home and get one.
Yay me!

What else can I ramble about?
I'm going to redo our dining room table today.
Or at least start on it.

It's a really nice table but it's too shiny and fancy looking and it doesn't really go with the rest of the house so I'm going to sand it, paint it, and then distress it.
I know how I want it to look in my head; hopefully it will end up that way.

Stay tuned I guess..

Apr 4, 2019

Read this..

Mar 24, 2019

Done!! So freaking done!!

We FINALLY got the junk room cleaned out!!
I told Clay that if we could get the room cleaned out that I would decorate it specifically for him.
So this last week was dumpster day..

Of course the room didn't start out this way..
It used to be just a desk and some shelves. But then stuff just sorta accumulated.
Whenever we had something and we weren't sure what to do with it at the moment we would just put it in there and close the door.
But after a while I began to think "this must be how a hoarder lives",
We had made a path through all the junk so we could get to the printer when we needed something and lately that path has been getting smaller and smaller until finally we were actually in danger of tripping over something and getting hurt.

It took two days of cleaning and we filled up the dumpster but we emptied out the room completely.
Then I painted the bookshelf and found an ugly metal file cabinet at Goodwill.
For eight bucks! It's stupid how expensive they are new.
There had to be a banged up, ugly metal file cabinet because every office that every Marine has ever walked into has an ugly metal file cabinet. 
I painted the bookcase, desk, and the little nightstand (below) olive drab and brown.
Ugly colors, but that's what Marines wear, so..

I've been collecting USMC stuff to put in this room in case it ever got cleaned out..
Guess what?  Hobby Lobby has Marine stuff!  Not much, but I found a couple things..
I had no idea what to do for curtains but I thought the window needed something and I saw this shower curtain..

Clay had some stuff too..
His Jacket, some ribbons, e-tool, and sword..
And the flag from Big Tom's funeral.

I have better hooks coming in the mail for the sword, but I wanted a picture so Clay put it up there temporarily.

I still have a couple spaces on the wall to fill as I find more stuff but now that it's done I'm super happy with how it turned out.
Clay is thrilled.
You couldn't tell by looking at him because he's Clay, but he is :)

Semper Fi!

Mar 20, 2019

Happy Wednesday..

Finally got to go to church last Sunday..  

New Mexico was nice, we didn't stay long enough because we had stuff to do at home.
Went there to pick up the truck but when Clay and Pop got to the shop the truck wasn't ready.
Pop wasn't happy about that.
So we had to drive his truck home.
Clay and Sky will drive back down when it's ready and take turns driving home.

I'm off the Pred!
No more steroids!
Now my face is almost back to normal and I'm back to my regular diet.
It's impossible to maintain a healthy diet when you're taking TONS of Pred.
Not that dieting matters as far as weight loss when you have a crazy backward disease that makes it near impossible.
But, I feel better when I eat better so... 
My back and my hips have been bothering me a lot.
The Pred didn't help with that but it helped with everything else.

I've added another book to the list of stuff I'm reading right now..
I don't really have an opinion as far as eschatology goes.
When I went to LIfeGate everyone believed we would all be raptured before anything bad happened (yeah, pretty much just like the left behind series) and that super crazy stuff was gonna start happening.  Naturally I instantly agreed with it because, well that's what you do when you're part of  a cult.  You just hop on the crazy train and ride along like everyone else..
Then I went to school.  Twice. 
But the school you attend usually teaches eschatology with an emphasis on one particular view while just doing a basic run through of the others..
Kinda like your church.  If your church is Premil, they will teach Premil.  If your church is Postmil or Amil, that's what you'll learn.
Or, the whole subject will just be too intimidating for your teachers and they will just sorta skip over Revelation (or just teach the letters to the churches and skip the rest) lots of churches do.
But since we all know that I'm not ok with just accepting whatever I'm told at church anymore, I have to learn it for myself; I've decided to do a thorough study on ALL of the views and see what lines up best with Scripture.
Starting with Amillennialism.
You know, because my list of things to study isn't long enough right now. 😜

Today is dumpster day!
We get to clean out the junk room so I can make it into a USMC office for Clay.
AND we get to clean out the closet under the stairs AND under the deck!
I'm sooo happy!!

I've got 5 crochet projects started and haven't finished anything but a kid-sized blanket.
When we attended LifeGate and were part of a LifeGroup (ugh) two of the women in the group were having babies in the same month so I made blankets for both of them.
Then, praise God, they BOTH left LG and ended up at Omaha Bible church.  One had a girl and the other had a boy.  The one who had a boy had a three-year-old at the time and was pregnant again shortly after coming to OBC, so I made her another blanket.
Well, to make a long story even longer, her oldest son asked if he could have one too so I stopped working on all my other projects and made him one.
Oh wait.  I finished a couple hats for my nephew and one for his younger step-brother too, so that's something..

Well, I suppose that's all I have to ramble about so...
Have a good day!

Mar 7, 2019

Thursday already?

I lost Wednesday somewhere..
I realized this morning that we have to pack to go to NM tomorrow and I haven't done any laundry.
I have a bunch of stuff I need to do before we are ready to go.

 It snowed again last night.
Sky got stuck trying to get up the hill this morning so Clay is taking her to work.

We went to the range yesterday to try out a couple new guns and to see if we liked the range enough to get a membership.
We did.

Sky's apartment application was approved so she will be moving in on April 1st.
I'm still not bummed about it.  I want her to have a life.  A grown up life.  With her own place.  Get married, have a family, experience living on a budget, all that jazz.

I started another crochet project.
Ok, two.
I'm still working on the virus blanket and probably will be until I'm dead.
We went to Hobby Lobby the other day (I didn't buy enough stuff to redecorate an entire room) to find a specific yarn. I didn't find it but I found this..
It's so flippin' soft!
So I got two and two of a different color.
 I'm using it to make a scoodie..

Got a bunch of Sweet Roll yarn in the mail the other day.
I'm gonna make a bunch of squares, each with a different stitch and then join them all together with white to make a blanket. It's gonna be huge!
I've made one square with the blanket stitch..
I'm working on the waffle stitch now..
This is just a swatch that I made to learn the stitch. 
It's kinda ugly and the lighting is bad.
The one I'm working on will look much better :)

Oh, also ordered some yarn to make a couple camouflage beanies for my nephew and some hunter orange too.
Now I gotta remember how to make a beanie..

Well, I need to go do a bunch of laundry and do a lot of canning today so I should probably get my bible stuff done so I can do that..