Consider the Lilies..   

Feb 16, 2018

Guest Rooms and Robots..

We did the taxes yesterday and they let us get a small advance on an Emerald Card.  They usually never let us do that so we were kind of excited.
We aren't going to go on vacation this year or make big purchases like we usually do with the tax return.  Most of it is staying in the bank but we decided to use the advance and splurge a little.
We got a Roomba!
Well, actually it's a Shark Ion.  Either way, it's a little robot that vacuums the floor :)
I downloaded an app so I could tell it what to do and the app said I had to give it a name so I named it Fernando.
Fernando is brilliant!
He even knows to go home..
Gunner and Keisel are unsure about Fernando and I'm pretty sure I will have to keep an eye on them when Fernando is busy.  I also think I will need to hide Fernando when I leave the house because Gunner has already punched him and made him run away from his docking port.

We spruced up the guest room too.
I had a specific idea about how I wanted it to look.  The room is bright yellow so I wanted it to have a spring theme.
We went to Hobby Lobby and Clay kept pointing at all the ranch looking decorum.  I kept saying "that's doesn't really say Spring".  He kept going back to this picture of a pig made out of barn wood and tin.  I kept rolling my eyes and looked for Spring stuff.  
Hobby Lobby has a whole bunch of house decorum for 90% off!
So I went around a corner and saw this adorable tin truck.
It's bigger than it looks. It takes up almost the whole top of the dresser.
Well I liked it so much that I decided that Clay's idea was better.
So we bought ranch decor :)
And since Clay's parent's actually live on a ranch, they'll feel right at home.
Clay got his pig picture too. Ha!
I finally figured out how to take a panoramic picture.
Clay's dad made this cross for us out of barnwood and tin and it goes perfectly with the rest of the room..

We got this cute little tractor that goes in the giant cactus.
And the cactus goes with the rest of the decor!
Oh, this too..
Cutest thing ever huh?

We are decorating the master bedroom too.  We won't be finished with it until later today but it's gonna look good when we're done.
We are going for an old time-y poor, French look.
Clay said it's actually "French Brothel bedroom" look but that doesn't sound very nice does it?
So we will refer to it as the 'Boudior'  :)
We even got an old wash basin!
That is a bottle of Claymore Scotch that a friend from Scotland gave to Clay.  I know wash basins don't usually have a bottle of booze sitting inside them but it goes with the theme and Clay said that a bottle off booze in a brothel isn't really that farfetched anyway.
He's guessing..

Feb 15, 2018


Pop and Mema will be here tomorrow. 
They are going to stay for a couple days and then drive their truck home.
Sky is sort of bummed.  She's been driving it to work when it snows and she's starting to like it more than her car.

We are going to see Phylis today.
Best accountant ever! And the only one in Omaha who knows how to do Clay's taxes.

Pumpkin and Gunner are buds now.  
At least whenever Pumpkin thinks I'm not looking..
Whenever I look he pretends to hate him but I've noticed the two of them snuggled up together on the couch a few times.

We have to put Keisel in the shower every morning after he goes out to chase the ball.
The back yard is all muddy so by the time he's tired out we can't see the white on him anymore.
The ball is almost as big as he is, it's a Jolly Ball for horses but so far it's the only thing we have found that he can't puncture (although the handle is about to come off because he's so aggressive with it). 
So every morning he wakes us up at 6:00 because he knows that 7:00 is breakfast time and he wants to give us a chance to have some coffee and wake up.
Ok, not really.  
He wakes us up at 6:00 because he is the hyperist (new word) dog on the planet and he just can't stay still any longer. But he does know that 7:00 is breakfast time. ;)
Well hyperist isn't really a big enough word.  Megahyper maybe? It's crazy how hyper he is.  
Aussies are generally active dogs but he makes Gunner, a typical Aussie look lazy.  
If we don't take him outside and make him run until he practically drops a couple times a day, he'd probably chew a hole in our house because he wouldn't know what to do with himself.
We asked his Veterinarian to prescribe some Xanax for him to help keep him calm when Clay's parent's are here.
He's not only crazy hyper but aggressive and not good with strangers at all.
Hopefully the Xanax will keep him from trying to eat them.

I found a women's Bible study that JUST teaches the Bible!  It's taught by Michael Kruger, the president of the Reformed Theological Seminary  (if I ever change my mind and decide that I want to go back to school this is the one I would choose).
There's no hugging or crying or fluffy 'love yourself' motivational speeches..  
Just Bible.
I love that the president of the RTS believes that teaching the women of the church is important enough to do it himself.
I wish that wasn't such a foreign concept in churches today; this unspoken rule that only women should teach women's Bible studies. Personally I think they blow Titus 2 out of proportion.   
But seriously, doesn't anyone ever wonder why none of the authors of the Bible were women? 
Anyway, I'm doing the study on Hebrews right now.
I struggle with Hebrews. I didn't enjoy it in school and I certainly didn't get into it at the one women's bible study I went to at my church, but this one is really good and I'm even starting to like the book.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein didn't say that.
Nor is it the definition of insanity.

Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day... or not

Feb 13, 2018

You can't have it both ways.

"One cannot hold to the continuance of Apostolic (sign) gifts and the sufficiency of Scripture at the same time.  It's just not possible.  They are mutually exclusive positions.  If God is still giving prophecy today in terms of new revelation and is speaking today in a direct, quotable sense outside of  Scripture then the canon remains open and the Bible is, by definition and by common logic, insufficient.
Some will balk at this but there is no assailing the theology and the logic of this truth.  You cannot have your theological cake and eat it too.  The Apostolic gifts were revelatory in nature and if they continue, the so does revelation (no to be confused with illumination) which should, in theory be just as authoritative as any verse in scripture.  
To hold that the Apostolic gifts continue is to deny that the Bible is truly sufficient."
~ Justin Peters

Feb 11, 2018


Grant that I may never trust my heart,
depend upon any past experiences,
magnify any present resolutions,
but be strong in the grace of Jesus.

*I have an extra copy.  It's free.
**I'll even ship it to you..
*** For free

Feb 10, 2018

Dogs, television and other stuff..

Is it possible for someone to be allergic to some breeds of dogs but not others?
Or to never be allergic to dogs before but now you are?

The infusions are working.
My liver is almost back to normal, my hands are functioning again, my hips don't hurt as much and I've had more energy than usual.

When was the last time you shared the gospel with a stranger?
Or anyone?

I think I'm just not going to mop the floors until spring.
It's sort of pointless when there is snow on the ground and you have dogs.

Cow hooves smell awful.
I wish my dogs didn't love them so much.

When was the last time the sermon at church was about Jesus and Scripture rather than you, your behaviors, money or improving yourself?

I canceled Direct TV.
All of a sudden I realized how inappropriate the shows I was watching were.
And that I was paying $100.00 a month to watch them.
So then I started watching a series on Netflix that I used to think was hilarious but all of a sudden (again) it wasn't.
It was offensive and crude and made me uncomfortable.
The show isn't any different than it had been for the first 3 seasons but this time it really bothered me.

Sky had to get a prescription for Xanax for her dog.
Clay's parent's are coming for a visit this month and he's become so neurotic and aggressive that I'm worried he might bite them.

I can't sleep past 6:AM anymore.
Even when I try.
I'm officially old.

I finished reading The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul and The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steven Lawson.
I started The Lord's Prayer by Thomas Watson.
Clay is reading it with me.
I've watched a lot of sermons about The Lord's Prayer and read several lessons about it but I have learned way more about it from this book and I'm only on the second chapter.
I don't like reading books on my phone so I have the actual book, but you can get it for $0.99 on Kindle (just click the link up there ^^).

Conrad Mbewe is amazing.
Listen to THIS.

I detoxed sugar from my system about a week ago (again).
It wasn't too hard this time and any cravings I have go away pretty quickly.

Clay isn't exactly thrilled that we are eating quinoa.
But he's promised that he would stop making faces when he eats it.  :)

My doctor told me me to drink a glass of red wine every day.
And eat more fruit.

Feb 9, 2018

The Evangelical Church is filled with goats

"You don't have to go on a mission trip to Bangladesh to find a pagan; you merely have to slide down your pew"