Consider the Lilies..: February 2016   

Feb 27, 2016


It seems like all I want to do lately is listen to audiobooks and crochet so I haven't been very productive..  Clay is totally enabling me by volunteering to do all the laundry :)
I finished Elaine's blanket..
This is the bed in the guest room..  It's queen size..  The blanket totally clashes with the bright yellow in the room so it only stayed there long enough to take the picture, then Clay took it to Elaine.

I'm learning new stitches by making washcloths so Elaine will have more washcloths soon..  This is the moss stitch, but you can't see it very well because the yarn is variegated..  Sky wants me to make her a blanket for the futon in her room (she has a small living room in her bedroom) so I'm looking for a new stitch that I can do that doesn't require me to pay close attention to while I'm making it.. Elaine's blanket was so easy I barely had to look while I was working on it..
This moss stitch is definitely not what I'm looking for..  Every other stitch is a slip stitch, which isn't difficult but it makes the yarn sort of tight so it makes working it a pain in the you-know-what.

I started on a blanket for Clay too..  It's a never ending granny square..  Super easy, it just took me forever to learn how to do it..  Elaine's blanket was so bright and colorful that I was totally ready for gray yarn!  It's variegated so there is black mixed in too..  When it's finished I'm going to make a solid gray, single stitch blanket the same size and sew them together so it will be heavier..  He said he will take it to Russia with him next year where it's always cold..

All that crochet stuff was probably super boring..  Sorry..

Sky has an appointment to have her knee scoped next month..  She went to her doctor a couple months ago because her knee had started to hurt and it had become bad enough to complain about it..  She's like her father in that respect..  She doesn't complain about pain until it becomes unbearable..  Her appendix for example; the only way I knew that it was serious was because I saw that one tear in the corner of her eye..  If it hurt bad enough for her to actually shed a tear, then I knew it was bad..  It burst an hour later :)
Anyway, her doctor sent her for an MRI that showed nothing, so the doctor told her to take some Tylenol for pain and that it would probably get better..
So she toughed it out for a while and then told me that it had become so painful that she couldn't sleep..  We sent her to our doctor this time..  He was pretty annoyed that her doctor didn't do any more than she did..  He said it's probably a torn meniscus and that it don't usually show up on an MRI..  So he gave her a prescription for some good pain pills and set up an appointment to have it scoped (she is not happy about that) and then we will see if she will need surgery..

Clay went in for his yearly physical 2 weeks ago..  Last week they called and told him that he is pre-diabetic..  They gave him a medication and told him to take it for 3 months and then have his blood tested again..  Dang it..  
But I'm so proud of him!  The very next day he completely changed his diet and began walking 3 miles a day..  How's that for motivation?
So his motivation motivated me..  No I don't walk three miles a day like he does, but I got back on the  healthy eating wagon and started up my exercise routine again..  Lost 4 pounds so far :)  I'm sure Clay has lost more! 

Feb 11, 2016

Favorite things..

I got a new laptop so I don't have an excuse not to blog..   Since I don't have an interesting topic, I'm gonna post about my favorite things..  Well, my favorite things at this moment..

Starting with my laptop!
 I didn't take a picture of the whole thing, but it's a Macbook Air..  I got this cute keyboard cover from Amazon..  The only problem with the cover is that it's made me forget where all the keys are so it takes me longer to type..  I'm not sure why, it's not like the keys have moved and I barely look at the keys when I type, but I find myself making a lot of typos and I'm typing slower..
Weird huh?
I was in the process of typing up a new bible reading plan when I took the picture..  I didn't like the one I was doing, didn't want to do one I had already done so I made up my own..  It took me two days to finish, probably wouldn't have taken so long if I didn't insist on having this keyboard cover ;)

Himalayan Salt lamps..   
I got two this month..
  A friend of mine from high school posted something on Facebook about how she has one in every room of her home and that they have helped her with her allergies..  She used to have sneezing fits all the time and now she doesn't..  So I did a google search for info about them..  The people who have them swear by them..  They supposedly emit negative ions into the air and helps with sneezing and sinus problems dues to allergies, and with stress..  But according to doctors, there is no truth to that at all..  I figured that I would give it a shot and got one at Wal*mart..  If it didn't work, it's still pretty so it's still a win..
I'm congested a lot..  Like all the time..  The doctor says its most likely pet dander and dust because I'm only congested when I'm in my house, so I don't have an allergy to pollen..  I dust and vacuum every day but when you have 2 dogs and a cat, there is going to be dust regardless..  And since Crohn's and Epilepsy are both worsened by stress, I'm down for anything that helps in that department..
So I set it on the table next to me while I crocheted and in a couple of hours I noticed a difference..  I was breathing easier..  It works!
I know, it's weird..  Doctors say they don't work, just like they say that putting Vicks vapor rub on your feet before bed doesn't help with a cough; but people who have tried it swear that it works..
Maybe it's a mental thing..  Who knows?
Anyway, I ordered a second one from Amazon for my desk.

What woman doesn't like shoes?  I love shoes, but I really love these shoes..   I got them at Wal*Mart for $14.00..  They aren't very pretty and I only wear them inside the house but seriously, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn..  I like them so much that Clay went and bought me a second pair so I won't be bummed when these wear out :)

 S. W. Basics Lip Balm..
I got a sample of the cocoa lip balm in the mail and liked it right away..  I googled it (like I do everything) and saw that it's sold at Target in a four-pack for $15.00..  It's a little pricey for lip balm, but it's worth it..  Sky likes it too and since I already had a cocoa one and I don't like cinnamon flavored anything (bad experience with cinnamon schnapps) I gave those two to her..  I don't have to reapply as much as I would Chapstick so it lasts longer too..

This stuff..
This is my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works..  Eucalyptus Spearmint.  Oh my gosh I love this stuff!  I have this lotion on the table next to my spot on the couch, the hand sanitizer on my desk, hand cream in my purse along with a travel-size hand sanitizer, linen spray in the bedroom, hand soap in the  kitchen, and body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom..
I wish they made laundry detergent and fabric softener too..  That would be awesome!

 I love pens..  For reals, I think it might be an obsession..  I can't go to a store without going to the aisle  with the office supplies and looking at the pens..  I keep a flowerpot full of them next to my spot on the couch and another jar full on my desk..  I love all kinds of pens, but I especially like colored gel pens..  I  never feel like I have enough pens..  
Hypergraphia; it goes with the territory!

 Speaking of hypergraphia..  My journals..
 Elaine (sister) makes them..  I adore these journals!  She is super creative; always painting or doodling..  When she has accumulated enough scrap paper left over from her artwork, she binds it all up in a journal for me..  Each page is different, there are pockets stuffed with colored paper, and book marks..   She even goes back and doodles all over the pages after she binds it..  I think they're beautiful and I can't wait to fill one so I can start on another..
Fortunately right when I have one almost filled, she texts to tell me she's working on another one..  Score!

Feb 6, 2016


We went and got a Costco membership the other day. We already have a SAMs Club membership but I like Costco's produce department better. They have some other things that SAMs doesn't have, and SAMs has some stuff that Costco doesn't. They let us walk around before we got the membership to see what they have. 
Neither one of them has Copper's dog food though.
He's a really big dog and goes through a bag of food pretty quickly. It would be nice to be able to buy it in bigger bags.   We can get his brand at Walmart, so you'd think it would be at SAMs too. 

I miss my laptop. 

Clay hurt his back over the weekend. He was shoveling the driveway after the blizzard. He didn't want to use the snowblower because he's "not a girl and can shovel the snow himself". It was wet, heavy snow and while he was twisting to toss the snow off the shovel, he pulled something. 
Because he's Clay he didn't say anything (he never complains) so I didn't know he was in pain until I noticed him walking a little slower than usual. When I asked him what was wrong he said that his back was "a little sore, no big deal". 
But yesterday he went to the doctor. We have been married for almost 20 years and I can count on one hand how many times he has actually made an appointment and gone to the doctor. Three. Once because he got malaria in Africa and woke up in a dirty hospital so he wanted to make sure he hadn't gotten an infection or anything gross. Once because he cut his head open and needed stitches (that wasn't an appointment though, he was bleeding everywhere so he had to go), and yesterday..
So apparently his back was more than "a little sore". 
The doctor gave him pain pills and some muscle relaxers. He took one of each when he got home and slept for six hours. They warned him that he might feel a little drowsy. I think that was an understatement. 

Since I can't do my schoolwork without a laptop I started studying the book of Hebrews. It's a difficult book for me, I've  never really understood it. I mean, I get the basics of it but it's just a difficult book for me. 
I began with researching what other pastors I admire think about it. I felt a little better when John MacArthur and Phil  Johnson both said that Hebrews is the most difficult book in the New Testament. 
So last Sunday while I was sitting in the conference room at church waiting for the membership class to start I asked the pastor if he had a good commentary on Hebrews that I could look at. 
The conference room is full of books and they have a library full of theology books too. *I had a total nerd moment when I was told that I could borrow any books I wanted from the library*
He handed me an old book from the bottom shelf and told me I could take it home. The introduction was about 80 pages and made so much sense!  It put Hebrews in proper perspective and made my reading of it so much easier. 

I'm having a lazy day today. Don't plan on getting out of my pajamas. I might even leave the dishes until tomorrow!
(I won't, it'll drive me nuts knowing they are sitting there). 

Feb 3, 2016


So I haven't blogged in forever.  But there really isn't much to blog about.  Plus I don't like blogging on my phone because I don't like the layout and my laptop died so I'm waiting for the tax return to be deposited so I can buy a new one.  I'm getting a good one this time. My last one was a dell, which is a pretty good brand as far as laptops go, but it was one of the cheaper ones and it only lasted for a year and then died right after the warranty was up. Go figure. 
I'm going to get a MacBook Air. It's pricey, but you get what you pay for right?
I haven't been able to do any schoolwork since my laptop died and the school stuff isn't compatible to mobile devices so I'm going to be super busy catching up. 

Sky stayed home from work yesterday because of the blizzard so we spent the day being lazy. Clay taught her how to play rummy and she beat us pretty soundly.  We played about 5 rounds of Clue (her favorite board game) and then watched The Croods. 

Angola is trying to get Clay to take a live in position again. He accepted the position the first time but then they told him that they didn't really mean to offer it to him. The country manager wanted to hire someone who could do the job but at much lower pay so she could impress corporate by being 'efficient' and she was pretty sure that she had a friend that would take the job (even though he had no idea how to do the job so Clay would have to train him). Can you imagine?  Training someone to be your boss?  
But it turns out, no one wants to work in Angola because it's absolutely horrible. 
Plus, Clay's boss Lindsay and his relief were transferred to work in a different country last month so they need someone right away. Clay stepped in to do their job as well as his own since there is no one else to do it. 
So when the country manager saw that Clay could do the job of three people she decided to offer him a live in position to do all three jobs..  For the same pay that he's making now. He told her that he wouldn't even consider talking to his wife about it without a 30% pay raise and wouldn't take the job (if I agreed) for less than a 40% raise in pay..  He told me that was his way of saying "hell no". 
I think she understood. 
But Russia wants him next year and just recently Canada offered him a position next year too. He's leaning toward Russia. Either way, he won't be in Angola after the end of this year.  I'm happy about that..

I haven't been doing anything really exciting. Since I can't do any schoolwork Ive been working a lot on a blanket for my bed. I started it about three months ago-
I'm using cotton yarn, single stitch, with a  small hook. I have a king size bed and the blanket is about a quarter of the way finished (it's folded in thirds in the pic). It's going to take a long time and be pretty heavy when it's done. 
But after a while I get tired of working with the rough yarn, not to mention looking at white all the time and making such tiny stitches, so I started a blanket for Elaine too-

Bigger hook, soft yarn, chunky stitch and brighter color.  I'm going to add a soft mint green too :)

I decided to take the membership class at church. Last Sunday was the second one (it's a six week class). I was sorta bummed last Sunday though because Savannah was speaking at her church and I had to miss it to go to the class. 
The class is really informative though and so far I like what I'm learning. They stand on the 5 Solas and church discipline which is important to me.  There is an actual process that you have to go through to be a member; take the class, be interviewed, and then wait while the pastors and elders discuss it and vote..
At my previous church all they want to know is that you will volunteer at the church and commit to tithing. There is no process even though the people taking the one day class think there is because they fill out a four page application. 
But once they turn in their application, only one person looks at it. Then the info is copied into the computer system and their status in the system is changed from 'attendee' to 'member'. 
I know this because  I was that one person who went through the applications and put them into the system ;)
 There is no meeting between applicants and anyone in leadership, no one prays about it or even talks about it.  It doesn't matter what kind of person you are, your convictions, or what sort of a life you lead; as long as you commit to tithe to the church and are super excited about serving in some way that's all that matters.
The only downside to membership at my church is once you're accepted as a member, they call you up in front of the whole congregation and introduce you to everyone. I could do without that part. But it is what it is right?

That's about all I can think of..  I'll try to blog more often in the future :)