Consider the Lilies..: January 2015   

Jan 30, 2015


Happy Friday!
I didn't sleep well at all last night but I had to get up early this morning anyway..  Today is tax day, which means we have an appointment with our accountant, Phyllis..  We love Phyllis!  She's the only one in Nebraska who knows how to do Clay's taxes..  Although this year filing them won't be as hard as usual because he spent 8 months at home..

It's been a quiet week (which I have absolutely loved!), I finished all of my work for the week at the church on Monday then spent Tuesday organizing and cleaning the office (just because) so I spent the rest of the week at home reading and crocheting..   

I'm thinking about ending my therapy sessions. I started seeing my therapist (who really is awesome) for something in particular and we have pretty much worked that out..  Now I just go in and vent my frustrations and he tells me to have patience and be nice..  It's the same thing every session..  I can vent to Clay at home..

Oh, I'm starting a book study with a friend tonight..  I'm super excited to get started..  The book is Radical by David Platt.  I bought the entire bible study which came with the book, DVD series and study guide.  The study guide goes with the DVDs but the DVDs don't actually follow the chapters in the book, so it's sort of 2 separate studies..  I found a study guide online that goes with the book so we are going to go through the book together, then go through the DVDs..  

We will be making another change pretty soon. A gradual change that we aren't really ready to share yet..  Well, I shared it with Lestie in an email this morning, but she's in Texas and she won't tell anyway..  Ha!
But the rest of you will have to wait..  Not that any of you would really be interested, I mean it won't affect anyone but us, and hopefully, for us it will be a positive change..

I guess that's all for now :)

Oh, here is a video about the Radical study too.. 

Jan 28, 2015

Point taken..

Jan 18, 2015


The three day church fast is over, today is the first day of our 40 day fast. 
After 3 days I don't miss Facebook or any of the games on my phone. Not even Trivia Crack. I don't miss TV much either (however, I have DVR so its recording whatever I am missing).  
I don't wanna talk much about the fast though so, moving on..  

We had a guest speaker last night at church. David Perkins. He did sort of an introduction to the Greater Glory conference we will be having for the next 3 evenings at church. 
I don't know anything about him and I was sort of annoyed at the beginning because he seems to be off to a fluffy start, but the sermon got better by the middle and it ended well too. 
I'm still not sure about the speaker personally. Because Clay is his security guy for all but 1 day of the conference, I was able to observe him a little bit 'behind the scenes'. I don't know what to think of him, but I probably need to give him a chance. 

So I have been thinking a lot about my goals for 2015 and I have come up with a list. Of course. 
I love lists. 
Sometimes I add things I have already done to my lists so I can cross them off :)
I have a list of prayer goals too. 

This year seems different. I can't explain exactly why though. 
Things that I want to accomplish this year are so different from the things I have wanted years past, you know?
Things that I want for my life. 
For the lives of the people around me. 
Things that were so important to me before are so unimportant now. 
Things that I have never thought about in the past have become incredibly important to me now. 
It's different. I can't explain how it's different. I just know that it is. 

Doesn't make much sense does it?

Jan 16, 2015


It's been months since I have blogged here..  It's been a while since I have blogged on my personal blog too, so I decided to combine the two here..  I guess to all of the people who follow this blog; if you aren't interested in my everyday stuff, I won't be offended if you stop following me..  For reals!

Yesterday our church began a corporate fast..  It's only a three day fast, but Clay and I are going to continue it and do a full 40 days..  We are doing a juice fast for the three day fast with our church and then fruits and vegetables for the other 37..  We are also fasting television (except sermons, secret church, etc) Facebook, pinterest, games on cell phones, all that stuff (except the blog, obviously)..

Yesterday went pretty well, I didn't get hungry until evening, then it sucked..  I got through it though..
I'm OK this morning (I'm not fasting coffee because I don't want to kill anyone) so we will see how it goes..  I hear day 3 is the hardest, so tomorrow might be bad..

I'm hoping these 40 days will help to jump start a healthier lifestyle..  I'm heavier now than I have ever been..  Like ever..
I need to change the way I look at food..  I'm not an emotional eater, I don't eat more when I'm upset, sad, angry, whatever..  I don't look for love from food, I don't need it to fill an emptiness or anything like that..  I have a pretty happy life really..  
I eat because I like to eat..  I eat because I substitute food for things that I don't do any more (heroin, cigarettes, booze)..  
I eat because I like food..  
But I also eat because I can..  
Because it's there..  
Because I want it..  
Maybe I'm a food addict?  I dunno..  
Whatever, it needs to stop..
I need to get to a place where I see food as something to fuel my body and give me energy.  Not something I think about all the time and look forward to..  Eating has become a habit..  I mean to say that overeating has become a habit.  A lifestyle.  This needs to change..
used to go to the gym every day, and really came to enjoy it, but then last year, I ended up in the hospital (twice) for 2 weeks and just stopped going to the gym..  I also quit smoking the day I went into the hospital the first time.  When you quit smoking, you gain weight so that was a given..  But to quit smoking and exercising?  Yeah, stupid..
So..  It's goodbye bread, sugar, and fried; hello gym..

Clay's work VISA was approved!  He can go back to work :). I was happy for about a second..  I mean I am happy that he can go back to work, but I'm bummed that he will be leaving..  I got used to him being home..  He has been home for 8 months (working construction with a friend during the day) and we have grown accustomed to him being here..  So the next few hitches are going to be difficult until we find our groove again..  

We had to take Sky to urgent care last Monday..  She called me to tell me that her throat hurt and she felt warm..  I know that sounds kind of lame, but if you knew my kid you would understand..  She's the toughest kid I know and doesn't complain about pain unless it's serious.  Like a few years ago when she woke me up to say "mom, my stomach hurts". 2 hours later her appendix exploded.  "Mom my hand hurts"; turns out she had a hairline fracture in one of the bones in her hand.  "Mom my finger hurts"; meant that she had slammed it in her car door and ripped it all the way to the bone.. 
She does say 'this hurts' or 'that hurts' in passing and it's no big deal, but when she actually makes it a point to get my attention?  Yeah, we have learned to take her seriously!  So I called Clay and we took her to see a doctor.  She had a 102.2 fever which explained the "feeling warm" and also had the flu AND strep-throat.  Lovely.  We got her antibiotics, some Tylenol, chicken soup and Gatorade and put her to bed..
She got up the next day, went to welding and then to work.  Typical Sky..  She takes after her father. :)

I can't really think of anything else..  I'll try to blog more often though..