Consider the Lilies..: January 2015   

Jan 30, 2015


Happy Friday!
I didn't sleep well at all last night but I had to get up early this morning anyway..  Today is tax day, which means we have an appointment with our accountant, Phyllis..  We love Phyllis!  She's the only one in Nebraska who knows how to do Clay's taxes..  Although this year filing them won't be as hard as usual because he spent 8 months at home..

It's been a quiet week (which I have absolutely loved!), I finished all of my work for the week at the church on Monday then spent Tuesday organizing and cleaning the office (just because) so I spent the rest of the week at home reading and crocheting..   

I'm thinking about ending my therapy sessions. I started seeing my therapist (who really is awesome) for something in particular and we have pretty much worked that out..  Now I just go in and vent my frustrations and he tells me to have patience and be nice..  It's the same thing every session..  I can vent to Clay at home..

Oh, I'm starting a book study with a friend tonight..  I'm super excited to get started..  The book is Radical by David Platt.  I bought the entire bible study which came with the book, DVD series and study guide.  The study guide goes with the DVDs but the DVDs don't actually follow the chapters in the book, so it's sort of 2 separate studies..  I found a study guide online that goes with the book so we are going to go through the book together, then go through the DVDs..  

We will be making another change pretty soon. A gradual change that we aren't really ready to share yet..  Well, I shared it with Lestie in an email this morning, but she's in Texas and she won't tell anyway..  Ha!
But the rest of you will have to wait..  Not that any of you would really be interested, I mean it won't affect anyone but us, and hopefully, for us it will be a positive change..

I guess that's all for now :)

Oh, here is a video about the Radical study too.. 

Jan 28, 2015

Point taken..