Consider the Lilies..: December 2013   

Dec 21, 2013

The fear of man..

"When you are bound by the snare of the fear of man, man is now your meter of acceptance; your standard of success.  Your joy is now tied to the fickle feelings of people.  It is man's approval you now seek, it is man's standard that you now judge by.  It is man's opinions and advice that you now value, and it is man's wisdom you now esteem.  
In short; as man goes, so you go."
-Pastor Stephen LeBlanc

Dec 14, 2013

If Jesus were the pastor of your church...

This one really made me stop and think about my life and where I want to be..  It's sort of long, but seriously, please watch it and let me know your thoughts..

Dec 10, 2013