Consider the Lilies..: December 2012   

Dec 31, 2012

What's on my mind..

1.   I’m thinking of loosing this blog and just writing in my personal blog..  It’s been awhile since I have had any inspiration to really blog here.. 
2.   I believe that 2013 will bring significant changes in the lives of the people who choose to really get into the Word..  Huge changes; spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, and relational..  I’m talking supernatural here, people..  Miracles!!
3.     I am thinking about going back to work or possibly volunteering somewhere on a regular basis..
4.       My goals for 2013 are going to be difficult for me..
5.       Prayer changes everything..  Everything..
6.       I have a really great kid..
7.       The end of one thing really is the beginning of another..
8.       You don’t realize that the ending was a good thing until the new thing begins..
9.       Sometimes, where you think you belong is only the starting point.. 
10.   You may realize the finish line is somewhere you wouldn't have imagined when you started..
11.   No one, and I mean absolutely no one but God knows what is best for my life..  Not even me..
12.   Quoting Fox news does not make one intelligent..  Or even appear to be..
13.   Calling other people judgmental is being judgmental..
14.   I would like some more coffee..
15.   A humble brag is still bragging..
16.   My husband is awesome for knowing that I want more coffee..
17.   French Macaroons are yummy!
18.   Don’t be upset that people won’t accept you for who you are when you are constantly trying to be someone you’re not.
19.   If you are not willing to live the life God has called you to live, the way He has called you to live it; don’t be angry when He doesn't give it to you.
20.   Sure, you can always begin again tomorrow, but sooner or later you will run out of tomorrows..

Dec 25, 2012

Where are you going?

And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call His name JESUS. (KJV)

Mary couldn’t name the baby she had Jesus because she didn’t fully understand His destiny.. God named Jesus.. Don’t allow people who don’t understand your destiny to name you.. People also probably whispered that Jesus was the illegitimate child of Joseph.. Rumors smear the reputation and defame many innocent people.. However, none lived with any better moral character than Jesus—and they still assaulted His reputation.. Just be sure the rumors are false or in the past and keep on living..
You can’t help where you’ve been, but you can help where you’re going..

Dec 21, 2012

How much?

For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance. He will not regard any ransom; neither will he ret content, though thou givest many gifts.
Proverbs 6:24-25

As much as you need to be affirmed and understood, at some point you must ask yourself, “How much am I willing to lose in order to be accepted?” People do not always want to see you move upward.. Can you endure the pressure they will put on you to come down? Be like Nehemiah, who said, “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down” (Neh. 6:3b).. God may be grooming you right now for a new level by exposing you to opposition and criticism.. God builds your immunity so when the greater blessing comes, you won’t break..

Successful people tend to be passionate people.. You can be passionate and not be successful.. Passion, basically, is raw power.. If it is not focused, it becomes an animalistic force.. But if you can focus passion for a divine purpose, you will be successful.. The central point is: “How bad do you want to be blessed?”

Dec 20, 2012

Do you ALWAYS have to be right?

Confidence is not being afraid to share your opinions; Wisdom is not being attached to them.”

~ LB Shannon

It is easy to get caught up in sharing your point of view with others. It’s a natural mode of communication. I share what I think about a subject and you share your thoughts about the subject. This type of communication goes on all day long. While it can be quite pleasant to talk to someone who shares your view, it can be frustrating to talk to someone with an opposing view.

More often than not, unhappy people will hold on to their opinions to the point of arguing. They would rather be right than let it go. They have convinced themselves that if they can’t get others to agree with them, they feel that their point of view is being threatened.

Agreement from other people is not necessary. Believe what you like, and let others do the same. Overly opinionated people haven’t learned that when others have an opinion that may be different from theirs, it is the other person’s right. They also haven’t learned that it is perfectly normal for other people to have varying opinions about many aspects of life. This type of closed-minded approach to communication can result in pompous thoughts of being smarter than the other person: “Obviously they are wrong and are too stupid to see it.” These thoughts of judgment, the aggravation, the bitterness that can arise from these confrontations is all because they had to show everyone that they were right. It was more important to be right than to be happy.

So how can we interact with others who have conflicting points of view from our own without conflict arising? It starts with being flexible with our own beliefs. Listen to their opinions. Ask questions like “Why do you think that is?” or “Where did you learn that?” The second key to interacting with opposing viewpoints is to understand that it is not always necessary to share your opposing thoughts. It isn’t your job to teach everyone around you to see things like you do. It’s okay to allow them to think differently than you do.

The most noticeable instances in my life concerning differing opinions are always politics. I’ve reached a point where I no longer put my two cents in these conversations. People are entitled to see the world from varying points of view, as each of us is unique in our perspective and life experiences. By not attempting to invalidate other’s opinions, I maintain peace of mind among some very opinionated people. Sometimes I even listen and ask questions so that I can begin to understand why they see the world the way they do.

Example #1:
Joe: “I think the moon is a spaceship for Martians.”
Mark: “That’s an interesting point of view! What makes you think that?”
Joe: “My grandfather told me when I was young.”
Mark: “Your grandfather sounds like an interesting guy. What else did he teach you?”

In this example, Joe shared an unpopular point of view about the moon. Instead of attempting to dispel Joe’s belief, or belittle him for his belief, Mark chose not to challenge the point of view that the moon is a spaceship. Mark asked for more information about Joe’s belief, which showed interest and also revealed the root of Joe’s odd belief. When Mark heard that Joe’s grandfather told him that the moon was a spaceship, he steered the conversation toward the grandfather. This technique of redirecting conversations is a useful tool for avoiding heated discussions when you come across a potential conflict of opinion.

Example #2:
Jane: “I can’t believe you are still married to John after he cheated on you again!”
Mary: “It’s understandable why you would feel that way. So how’s the new job going?”

In this example, Jane shared her unsolicited opinion about Mary’s marriage. Mary, in an attempt to avoid the subject, validated Jane’s right to her opinion but neither agreed nor disagreed. Instead, she changed the subject. Mary knew that it wasn’t necessary for her to defend her personal choices. She let Jane’s comment go, not choosing to start a debate on the subject of marriage and infidelity.

It’s not necessary to validate your actions and viewpoints to others. Be confident in your life choices and beliefs, but be willing to hear different points of view.

Lesson :

It is unnecessary to defend your point of view. Allow others the right to have their own opinions.

Ponder these questions. Be honest with yourself.
  • Do you take yourself so serious that when you meet people with a difference of opinion you feel the need to set them straight?
  • Do you feel irritated or even threatened by listening to opposing points of view?
  • Is it your job to teach everyone to think like you do?  

The next time someone shares an opinion or suggests an idea that is different from your own, see if you can resist the urge to share your point of view or push your own agenda. This exercise can be as simple as not being a backseat driver when someone else is driving or as challenging as listening to someone with a completely different political viewpoint.

Be aware of how it feels to rein in your ego. The uneasiness you feel is your ego fighting for control. As you practice ego awareness, it will become easier to recognize the ego’s controlling manipulations and easier to ignore it. When you can come to a point of humility, not always having to prove your opinions and allowing others to have alternate views, it brings more peace to relationships and to your own mind.

Practice being an observer or a listener without getting into debates. Make an effort to hold your tongue without putting in your two-cents point of view, even if you think they are totally wrong. This is a valuable skill that will provide much less drama in your life.

Written by Be Happy Now

Dec 6, 2012

What the heck??

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
Ephesians 5:22-24

Even before I was a Christian, I had no problem submitting to my husband..  He is a very strong, intelligent man who never makes a rash decision..  His decisions are never for selfish reasons, are always made for the good of his family, and are always well thought out..  He is not a spontaneous person to say the least..
He very rarely says no and usually lets me have my way..  So on the rare occasions that he puts his foot down, it's for a good reason..  I can trust him completely, and have no problem submitting..  And now that he knows that he has God to help him make his decisions, it's even easier to go along happily with whatever he decides..
Until recently..

See, Clay has always had a dangerous job..  He was a Marine Corps sniper (ooh-rah!) when we got married and has been in some pretty dangerous places (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, etc.) and in some pretty dangerous situations..
After that he was a prison guard in the same town where both his older and younger brothers are police officers and very well known by the inmates .  Let me assure you, being the brother of 2 cops in a room full of convicts five days a week is not exactly a safe place to be..

Then he went into the oilfield and has been there for the past 14 years..  The oilfield is his happy place..  He knows his job, he excels at it, and he absolutely loves what he does..  But it is not without it's dangers..  There is a lot of pressure, I mean that literally, if the pressure goes up to far, wells explode and people die..  As a matter of fact, it's Clay's job to make sure that doesn't happen..  There is a lot of pressure in maintaining the pressure, if that makes any sense..

Now, he has been in several dangerous locations in this field..  He has worked in Africa among rebels and in the middle of diamond conflicts..  He has been in the middle of an ocean when the rig caught fire with no where to go but into shark infested waters..  He caught malaria twice..  He's been in places where people would kill you if they knew that you had $2.00 in your pocket..
Sure I worried some, but I have always been pretty OK with where he went and what he did..  I trust him, and know that he knows his job and how to handle himself..

A while ago he was offered a job in 2 different locations..  One was Australia, the other other was in a more dangerous location..  More dangerous than anywhere he has ever worked before..  Well, with the exception of the Marines, but he had several guns and a bunch of other Marines who also had guns..  But this would be a place where there was a danger he has never faced before..  He has never been in a location where his religion might get him killed..  Where carrying a Bible through customs, or the cross tattooed on his arm could get him arrested..  So this time I was worried..  Really worried..
It wasn't long before he decided on Australia..  Whew!  I was pleased..  Nothing dangerous about Australia..  He was doing everything he needed to do to get ready to work in Australia..  We just needed one more piece of paperwork to come in the mail and it would be all set..  I was even a little excited about it..  Life was good..
Until Clay dropped a bombshell..  We were on the porch and he said "I have been thinking about it, and praying about it for 2 months, and I have made a decision..  I need to go to the other place instead."


I was shocked..  Floored..  And immediately panicked .  "What do you mean you 'need' to go?  What about Australia?  Are you crazy?  Are you high?  What the h*ll are you thinking??"  Or something like that..
He repeated what he said about praying, and a lot of thought, blah blah blah..  
So I regained my composure and replied (very calmly and in my sweetest voice) said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  NO WAY!  ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO NO NO NO NO!  YOU ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA!  PERIOD!  END OF DISCUSSION!"
Yeah, that totally didn't work..  He is going to that other place, and after much prayer and revelation of my own, I am on board..  Not thrilled with it, but on board..  

Now, this post is long enough already, and it will take an even longer post to explain what made me change my mind, so I'll do that in the next post..
Stay tuned!

Dec 3, 2012

They that sow tears shall reap in joy. Psalm 126:5

Greatness has a tremendous thirst. This thirst is quenched in the tear-stained struggle toward destiny. There will be a harvest at the end of your tears!

On the other hand, you must know when you have shed enough tears. It is important that you don’t get stuck in a state of lamentation. Don’t overwater the promise! Tears are for the sower, but joy is for the harvester.

Everything has a season and a purpose (Eccles. 3:1). You need to understand that God is just and that He appropriates opportunities to advance according to His purpose. I don’t know whether this is true for everyone, but usually obscurity precedes notoriety.

The Psalm teaches that the blessed man meditates on the Word while he waits. It says that you bring forth fruit in your own season. It is good to recognize your season and prepare for it before it comes. But the fruit will not grow prior to its right season. Don’t demand fruit when it is not in season. Even restaurant menus have a notation that says certain items can be served only when the fruit is in season.

T.D. Jakes