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Sep 4, 2019

Hope Planner Review

I received a free Hope Planner by Hopefuel in return for an honest review.
*I told them that if I didn't like it I would tell y'all*

Let me start out by saying that I don't have any idea about Heather Vreeland's (the creator of the planner) theology.
I also don't know who she may be affiliated with so I want y'all to understand that I'm not endorsing her teaching methods, whatever she teaches. I don't even know IF she teaches.
 I have absolutely no idea.
If she has written any books, spoken at any conferences or anything like that, I don't know about it.

I don't have a busy life and I don't need to organize my Bible time so I don't personally have a use for a planner...
But if I did, I would use this one.

It's not cheaply made, it's not full of a bunch of stupid pages that you don't have any use for and best of all, there's no pre-written devotions or prayers.
None of that Jesus Calling stuff..

  There are pages for your daily prayers, scripture reading and a to-do list..

One page per week for doodling, art, or whateves..

And a monthly calendar..

So there you go.
If you use a planner and are in the market for a new one or if you just need to get yourself into the habit of reading and praying, I honestly would recommend the Hope Planner.
Plus, it's already October and the new year isn't too far away so you'll probably be needing a new planner anyway right?

It really is the best one I've seen so far and this one kinda makes me want to start using a planner just because of how practical it is. 😁

It would make a good gift too.  
You know, for the people you just never know what to buy for so you just give them a coffee mug with a gift card to Starbucks stuffed in it?
I'm sort of thinking about ordering a couple more to give away..
(I'm not just saying that either)

Happy Monday! 

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