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Dec 18, 2018


I won a book from Spurgeon College and they threw in a study on Jonah too.
I'm going to start it after I finish my Ecclesiastes study.
Which I've been slacking off on lately.  
My only excuse is that the bible I am using for the study is in the garage and I don't want to go get it.
But after actually typing that, I feel guilty so I'm going to go right now and bring it inside.

Clay got me a dust-buster before he went back to work.
Yes, this is one wife who appreciates it when her husband buys her cleaning products..
I love it!
It's super light, cordless and the hose makes it easy to reach stuff.  
I use it for the stairs, cleaning crumbs off the counter (even vacuumed the toaster), behind the toilet and under furniture where the Roomba can't reach.

Speaking of cleaning stuff..
I got my first box from Grove Collaborative last week.
Grove Co. is a website where you can have cleaning supplies sent to you automatically.  You can set it up to have stuff delivered every month, or every two months, six months, whatever.  
You can even have some stuff delivered every month like dish soap and laundry detergent and other stuff every six months like all purpose cleaner and hand soap.
Anyway, I got a couple bottles of peppermint dish soap.
It smells so good!
Not like peppermint candy but like real peppermint.
The lavender scent is still my favorite but I thought I would change it up a little.  
Glad I did.
Of course I'm sure I'll be tired of the scent before I've used it all up an want to go back to the lavender  like I did with the apple scent I got by mistake, but that's ok because I can always dump it in the toilet  cleaner container :)
Then again, I might not get sick of it.  I have been using peppermint oil in the diffusers for months and I'm not tired of it.

It's all I use now.
Well that and vanilla..
If you mix them together the whole house smells like butter-mints!

I fired the pooper-scooper a couple weeks ago.
Not that I particularly enjoy cleaning up dog-poop but they stopped coming at the same time every week and sometimes they wouldn't text or call before they would show up.
Both dogs are aggressive and they absolutely HATE the pooper-scooper guy.  
We have a doggy-door so if they don't call me first and just walk into the back yard the dogs attack him.
So now I gotta clean up after my own dogs.
I know, rich people problems..

Sky took Loki to doggy day care today.
We made the agreement that if she got another puppy that she would have to take him to day care twice a week.  
But first she had to get all of his shots taken care of so today is his first day.  
I'm happy about that.
Gunner is sort of rough with him and although Keisel pretty much ignores him for most of the day, around 3:00 in the afternoon he's tired of him and starts trying to hurt him.
We also don't want him to become so territorial, anti-social and aggressive like the Aussies are so hopefully a couple days at day care will help with that.
I don't mind how horrible the Aussies are because we don't have people over and lets face it "I have really mean dogs" is a good excuse not to invite anyone 😁

Well.  I guess that's all I have to blog about.
Which wasn't really all that interesting.

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