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Jul 12, 2017

More remodeling..

Clay is home and has started remodeling our bathroom.   So, before pictures..
(I don't normally keep toilet paper there, but he had already started moving stuff before I snapped the picture)
I'm not really sure why I snapped a picture of the toilet except that we got a new one. I'm pretty sure it doesn't look much different from this one though. :) Then he pulled everything out and ripped up the linoleum. 
 And he found someone or damage under the toilet and had to fix it, yuck. 
 And then he ripped out the medicine cabinet  
 He was able to get quite a bit of the new tile laid down before it got too late. 

 He's not able to do much work on it today though, so  for now we are using Sky's bathroom downstairs which isn't too big of a deal except when you have to pee at two in the morning. We have to go through her bedroom to get to her bathroom and naturally the dogs have to follow us. Apparently Sky doesn't appreciate Gunner standing on her head while she's trying to sleep.  

Clay's cousin Vicki is in town and we had lunch today. We haven't seen her in almost 18 years and we've never met her son (he's 14 and super cute) so it's been really awesome catching up.  We are going to meet for dinner this evening before they start for home.  

 Anyway, I am hoping the bathroom will be finished by the end of the day tomorrow, mostly because I would like to get our old toilet off the deck and hauled away to the dump (no pun intended). 
Nothing says white trash like a toilet on your deck. 

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