Consider the Lilies..: Floor is finished :)   

Jul 14, 2017

Floor is finished :)

The bathroom floor is finished!

He finished laying the tile Wednesday evening

Then did all the other stuff yesterday

And he put in the new toilet..  YAY!

He did such a good job.  I really don't think there is anything he can't do..
He put the new vanity/sink in yesterday but it's not completely hooked up yet.  He still needs to touch up some paint, put the medicine cabinet in, put a seal on the floor, and put in the new towel racks and stuff like that. Oh, and put the baseboards back on.
He still has three weeks left at home so I might have to find more stuff for him to do so he doesn't get bored :)

I finished Alyssa's blanket, nothing at all compared to remodeling a whole bathroom but hey, I did something!
Oh, I also finished my eschatology course (finally!) and started a course on the Sermon on the Mount.  After all the amill, postmill, premill, pretrib, midtrib, posttrib, preterist, futurist, dispensationalist, historical, etc. I'm more than ready to move on to something else!
Besides, who doesn't love the sermon on the mount?  I've taken 2 other courses on it but I know I'll learn something new; plus this course is taught by Sinclair Ferguson.  Bonus!

Sky is having her stitches removed today.  Did I blog about that?  
She got hurt at work. Again.  Dropped a huge piece of metal on her hand. Again. 
Wrapped it with packaging tape and went back to work. Again.
Came home thinking it was no big deal. Again.
And then went to the hospital because her dad told her she needed stitches. Again.
I'm telling ya, she really is the toughest girl on the planet.

She started doing yoga yesterday, even though she calls it "stretching" because according to her she's not a "grass-juice drinking hippie who spends my time aligning stupid chakras and all that crap"..
Gunner likes to help.

Clay will be going back to Angola for at least one more hitch, and then after that we aren't sure what is going to happen.  Right now it looks like either Other Africa or Colorado.  He said something about Iraq and I think Pakistan?  To tell you the truth, I never know (and won't know) until he gets a work VISA in the mail.
That's life in the oilfield y'all.

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