Consider the Lilies..: Done!   

Jul 15, 2017


The bathroom is finished :)

So..  The floor before:

And the floor after:
I know I've already posted pictures of the floor but Clay did such a great job that I'm posting another one.

The vanity (he put the baseboards on right after I snapped the pic).

The sink (duh)

The absolutely adorable faucet.  
I took the picture with the water running because I like how it pours out like a miniature water pump).

He even got new towel holders that match the faucet :)

Medicine cabinet (and other new towel rack, lol)

And this...
Go ahead and judge if you want, but I'm gonna tell y'all straight out; if you don't have one of these, you need to get one.  For reals.
I am not ashamed ;)

So that's it.  The bathroom is finished, and my husband is the most amazing guy on the planet.

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