Consider the Lilies..: Monday..   

May 1, 2017


Clay is working on the hallway today.  He pulled up the carpet on Saturday and then took a break on Sunday.  The padding underneath the carpet was really nasty so naturally I'm posting it for you all to get a good look at it too. Yay for you!  
Knowing that I have walked barefoot on this carpet seriously grosses me out now.  But Clay will be finished with the new hallway in a couple minutes.  
 Then he just has to tear up the living room carpet, put down the floor, paint the railings and put them back up, and paint the baseboards and put them back. Oh wait, he's gotta do the stairs too. And tile the bathroom floor. And put in the new vanity. And a bazillion other things :) I'm not doing much at all, just hanging out on my bed working on Alyssa's blanket while binge watching Criminal Minds. 
Gunner is working hard on a pig ear.   
I had no reason for posting this picture other than he's the cutest puppy ever and I don't want y'all to forget it. 

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