Consider the Lilies..: Every bunny was kung fu fighting..   

May 12, 2017

Every bunny was kung fu fighting..

So we have a crazy bunny that spends most of the day in our front yard.   I was watching Clay do man stuff outside and noticed that one of the rabbits that wander around the neighborhood was following him..  He stayed back a few feet but wasn't afraid of him at all.  Then later in the day I happened to look out the window and saw that he had become quite territorial, chasing squirrels and other bunnies away whenever they ventured into the yard and then later that evening I saw him again, but this time he was hopping around the yard with a big tuft of fur in his mouth.  Apparently he is the boss of the yard now.

The Dumpster was delivered yesterday. Yay! 
Clay is finished with the floors. He just needs to finish the trim on the seconds set of stairs and it will all be done :)  Then we get to clean out the garage, attic, yard, and declutter.  I looove to declutter!  There is something satisfying about purging all the junk we've accumulated.  It's crazy how much stuff a family can manage to collect in just two years.

Sky looks a little different now.
She had her hair chopped off because it was too hot at work.  They don't have a/c which is insane to me. Seriously, they work with fire, heating up metal all day wearing welding hoods, heavy gloves, and welding jackets all inside a metal building.  I would think that a/c would be a requirement.  But no.
Even with her hair in a ponytail it was still on her neck and making her uncomfortable so now it's all gone.
I snapped this picture of her in the kitchen and was kind of surprised to see how much we look alike.
People say she looks like me all the time but I don't usually see it.  This picture I really do though.

 She decided that she didn't want her garden in pots on the deck anymore so we went to HomeDepot to get some fencing to put around the little garden that she wanted to build. 
I honestly don't think she has ever walked through a HomeDepot before.
So before she left for work she planted the garden..

She planted a rosebush on the other side of the yard too but I forgot to take a picture.

I haven't been doing a whole lot, just mopping up puppy prints and having staring contests with Gunner..

I had to unravel about 32 rows of Alyssa's blanket.  I was so mad.  I didn't realize until I was over halfway finished that I hadn't made it wide enough.  Dang it.  

It occurred to me that I haven't been doing much at all for quite some time now.  Crocheting and playing with puppies all day is a pretty cool gig, but I really should be doing something a little more productive, so I registered at Ligonier Academy.  
I'm not going for another degree this time though; I'd have to write a dissertation, and I really don't wanna do that!  
So I'm just going to take whatever courses I feel like until I don't want to take them anymore.  I have about a bazillion to choose from (might be exaggerating a little) and not just biblical studies either, I might even take some Christian living courses and some book studies too.  There are some classes on a few books written by puritan authors that I would love to learn about.  I'm thinking about starting with Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.  I love the book and everything else he has ever written, so an actual class on the book would be pretty awesome..
So anyway, I'm a student again :)

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