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Apr 2, 2017


I planned on going to church today.
We are still in the book of John, and the sermons are so good that I hate to miss it.
 But Gunner decided that 5:AM was a good time to get up.
Usually it's not a problem because he gets up, goes outside, and then goes right back to bed until 7:AM.
But this morning all he wanted to do was run around the house and bark at Keisel.  Plus I have a splitting headache, so I'll be staying home today..

Clay called this morning to tell me that he should be receiving a job offer from Russia in 3 to 5 weeks. 
We don't know yet if it will be a live-in position or a rotation yet.  Hoping for rotation but right now, just knowing there is another job lined up is enough.
If it's a live in position, we will make it work.
Clay was pretty worried (although he would NEVER admit it).  
He had a physical the other day and his blood pressure was much higher than it should be.  
With his boss laid-off and him running everything, along with the added stress of knowing that he could be laid-off at any time, it was getting to him.
So I'm super glad that he got a heads up from Russia!

Well..  I guess I don't have anything else to blog about..
Excuse any typos.  I'm sleepy.

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