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Apr 10, 2017


Bully sticks do not smell good.

Gunner loves them and they keep him occupied for a while, but they certainly do not have a pleasant aroma.
Then again, considering what a bully stick really is, I shouldn't expect them to..

I'm almost finished with Katelyn's blanket. 
As usual, the colors don't show well in the picture, but it's really pretty.
It's super soft too..
I might even have enough yarn left over for a scarf :)

I think I'm getting bronchitis.
I had to sleep sorta sitting up last night so I could breath, my chest is kinda tight, and the stuff in my throat isn't exactly fun either (gross).
Fortunately Clay keeps us supplied with Z-pacs (one of the few perks of working in Angola) so whatever it is will hopefully be gone in three days.

I only have one more shade of LipSense to buy and I will have every color.  
Well, not every color, but every color I want.  
The problem is, they no longer make the last color that I want, so my LipSense person is looking everywhere she can to find it.
She will though, I'm sure.
I got this color yesterday; Crimson Red (diamond)
Oh, speaking of LipSense.. 
Ami- We were talking about Bella the other day.  I wore it yesterday and it lasted for 13 hours!
I know, it sounds like I'm selling it and I'm trying to get you all to buy some.  
I'm not selling it, I just really really love it.

Well, I gotta go to CVS and buy some Mucinex..
Happy Monday!

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  1. Well now I am glad I didn't come try to raid your caramel vodka the other day! Keep your bronchitis to yourself!!


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