Consider the Lilies..: Pig ears and puzzles..   

Apr 22, 2017

Pig ears and puzzles..

We were going to start ripping up the carpet yesterday but we had a bunch of errands to do and time got away from us.  Then we decided that we would start early this morning, but we noticed yesterday that some of the boards on the fence need to be replaced because the dogs can almost squeeze through. So now Clay is in the neighbor's yard fixing the fence.
He is determined to get started on the floors today though.

We are going to move some rooms around while we replace the floors, so that's going to take some additional time.
Sky wants to move back to the basement, Clay wants to move his loading bench into the green room where my office is, and he wants to move my office to the yellow room where Sky is now.
Right now the basement is full of stuff so Clay has a lot of heavy lifting to do today.

Gunner and Keisel start school on Sunday.
 I'm not really looking forward to it because it means that I have to be all stern, and that's next to impossible with this puppy because he's so freaking adorable..
(he's pouting because he can't have Buster's pig ear)

The other day Sky decided that she wanted to put a puzzle together so she went to Walmart and bought 10 of them.. Yeah, seriously, 10.  2 boxes that each had 5 different puzzles in them.
So I'm thinking that we would set up the card table, spread out the pieces and leisurely put some puzzles together.
Well it turns out that Sky can't just put a puzzle together leisurely.  Once it's out of the box, she has to  sit there and work on it until it's finished and glued.
So she started and finished a puzzle yesterday.
(5 of the puzzles are Disney villains)

She started another one last night but I made her stop and go to bed. I'm sure it will be finished before she goes to work today.

Oh, speaking of Sky..  She gave me Mother's day gifts yesterday. We really suck at waiting to give presents!
 She gave me Burt's Bees stuff, this absolutely fabulous Star Trek charm bracelet,

These little solar powered hummingbirds,
That light up when the sun goes down,

I watched them for about an hour last night :)

And this basket to hold all the stuff I keep by my bed.

I guess that's it for now..  I have laundry to do and carpet to rip up (some time today).

Have a happy Saturday!

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