Consider the Lilies..: New Floors!   

Apr 27, 2017

New Floors!

Clay started on the floors!
Gunner is helping.  He even got the hang of pulling up the carpet :)

We moved my stuff into the yellow room and Sky back to the basement.
I love this room!  It's so bright and cheerful and yet, still indoors, whoo hoo!

And these floors!
The picture doesn't really do them justice.  They aren't really brown but gray.
I think the color is aged oak?  Something like that.
He's going to eventually change out the baseboards and doors to better match the floors.

He did his room next.
I forgot to take an after picture but it looks great too.

He hasn't had time to organize everything yet, but he's going to set up his loading bench and other manstuff in here.

It started to rain while he was working on the green room so now we have a big blue canopy on the deck to keep his tools dry.

He pulled everything out of our bedroom last night and we spent the night in the living room.
He just needs to put the baseboards back and we can move the furniture back in.
I'm so happy that this room is done.  While we were still in the process of housebreaking Gunner, he peed somewhere in our room while I was sleeping and I couldn't find where.  
But now it's clean and does't smell like puppy pee. Yay!

So tomorrow Clay going to take a break and relax.  Or so he says.  He can't sit still for long so I don't really expect him to kick back. 
Saturday he's going to do is the hallway and living room and then he'll be finished.
Whoo hoo!
Well, at least with the laminate floors.  He wants to tile the bathroom floor too.  Plus he's gotta make several trips to the dump to get rid of the carpet, and all the stuff I'm gonna throw out while I do the spring cleaning and decluttering.

Oh, we got the itinerary for our trip to Israel, now I'm even more excited! 
I'll tell you all about it next time.
Y'all are probably going to get sick of reading about it.
But hey, it's my blog.
Sorry not sorry.

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