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Apr 14, 2017


I finished Katelyn's blanket and then made a scarf with the leftover yarn while I waited for the Yarn for Alyssa's blanket to get here.
It came yesterday and I love it!

I started on the blanket right away.
It's hard to see in the picture but it's mint green and gray.  So pretty!
When I finish, I will have one more niece to make a blanket for, and then I'm all out of nieces.
I guess I'll have to work on my own blanket after that :)

I think Gunner is pretty much housebroken, at least there haven't been any accident's for a few days.
Well, there was one at about 4:00 this morning but it was on the floor right in front of the doggy door, which was locked, so he couldn't get outside.  But he tried!

 I found a new book that I want to get.  I found it on Amazon.  
I have't ordered it yet because I have a dozen other books on the shelf that I haven't read.
I really like this guy though.
I stumbled across him on YouTube about a year ago and I've learned a lot from him.
The problem though; I can't hold a book and crochet at the same time, and the books that I want to read aren't on audible.
I know, rich people problems right?

Right now I'm listening to 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'
I've seen the movie s many times I have it memorized; Bette Davis AND Joan Crawford in the same movie?  Seriously, how could I not?
Anyway, oddly enough, I haven't read the book before now.
I'm surprised at how well the movie followed the book, I wasn't really expecting it to.
Then again, it's an old movie and they did a better job of its back then :)

Clay will be home on Thursday!
Seems like he's been gone forever.
He has a couple more positions lined up at the moment.  One near Pittsburgh, one somewhere in Texas and one in Colorado.  And still the one in Russia.
A contract between Chevron and Cabinda was signed just the other day so they will probably try to convince him to stay in Angola and also run things in Cabinda.
I don't see that happening though, not unless it's his only option.  He's pretty sick of Africa. 

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