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Mar 8, 2017


My new washing machine plays a song when the cycle has ended. 
    I don't think I will ever be tired of reading Little Women. 
    I am tired of Emma Watson though. 
    But I'm really digging John Bunyan again.  I read a couple of his books and a couple of his sermons but then set them aside to read Bonhoeffer. 
    I started reading Pilgrim's Progress again. 
    I'd forgotten how good it is. 
      I thought I paid the rent on the 1st but it turns out that I didn't. Now we have less in the bank than I thought we did. Darn it. 
        There are a lot more businesses that support Planned Parenthood than I originally thought.  

        Clay bought all the materials for new floors today!  He won't start on it until his next hitch home though.  
        He got a trailer for his Jeep the other day, he's pretty happy about it. Now instead of renting a dumpster he can take stuff to the dump.  De-cluttering is about to happen!
          I really need to start working with Gunner, he's becoming incorrigible.  It's super hard to discipline him though because everything he does is so cute regardless of how bad it is.
            Speaking of dogs; I made homemade dogfood for Buster!  I hope he likes it because the food we switched him to is pretty expensive.
              I've reached the point where I don't just need my glasses to read. Used to be that when I wasn't reading, the glasses made everything sort of out of focus. 
              Now they make it easier to see everything. 
              I'm getting old. 

              I just realized that there is a Bette Davis movie that I haven't seen and the only way I can watch it is in 10 separate YouTube videos. 
              Dang it.
              Later- I just watched 10 separate YouTube Videos.

              I'm almost at the point where I can start decreasing Sky's blanket. When I'm finished with it I'll go back to working on Katelyn's. I finally found more teal yarn but then Gunner grabbed it and ran all over the house with it and now it's all one big tangle. 
              Darn adorable dog..

              We paid our deposit for the trip to Israel. Just think, this time next year we will be on a theological study THROUGH Israel!  I'm totally nerding out!  My pastor and his brother (incredibly brilliant theologians) will be leading/teaching the group. I'm gonna learn so much!!  Yay!!

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