Consider the Lilies..: Sunday   

Mar 26, 2017


I have about 20 minutes before I gotta leave for church.
It's only 40 degrees right now and the top is down on the Jeep, so it's gonna be a cold ride.  But hey, Jeeps aren't for sissies.

It rained all day yesterday.  Turns out Gunner hates getting wet.  So he wouldn't go outside unless I carried him and then he wouldn't potty,  just stood next to me looking all miserable before he would bolt back up the stairs. 
But Keisel loves the rain so he spent most of the day playing outside and then tracking mud all over inside.
It's not raining today so both dogs have been in and out all morning.  The yard is still muddy so they are bringing all that lovely mud in with them. 
My floors are horrible.  
I'm so glad Clay is tearing up the carpet when he gets home! 

The new yarn for Katelyn's blanket arrived. 
I really, really want to get started on it but I HAVE to finish Sky's blanket first.  I'm playing yarn chicken right now..  I have one skein of yarn left and only about 20 rows until I'm finished. 
I found a Joan Crawford movie that I haven't seen on YouTube so after church and after I mop the floors (again) I'm gonna plant myself in a chair and finish the darn thing.

Have a happy Sunday!

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