Consider the Lilies..: Monday..   

Mar 6, 2017


So it's Monday.
That doesn't really mean a whole lot to someone who doesn't have go to a job, but it's still Monday :)

Sky is staying home from work today.  She made sure to take the day off to recover from the tattoo she got on Saturday.
She really is the toughest girl on the planet.  It took six hours and she did it all in one session. It covers her right side from the middle of her shoulder blade to about four inches below her hip.  
I'd post a picture but there's just no way to do that without showing too much of the rest of her.
It looks fabulous though.
She had the artist freehand it, so it's unique.

Clay may or may not be going back to work today.  He is still waiting on his Visa.  It was shipped from Angola and is supposed to arrive today, but there is no guarantee that it will. 
He was up at 2:AM this morning arguing with Angola over flights.  He's still in bed right now so I'm not sure how it went.
He's just about finished with Well-Control school and already sent his resume to Saudi Arabia.
Now before y'all start panicking; he wants to go to Saudi.  
So nobody freak out because is going to work in another scary, dangerous place.
There is a position opening there and it's a position he has wanted for a long time.  
Plus it's on a roving land rig and that means no more working in an office.  
If you know Clay at all, you know how he feels about working in an office.
There's another reason he wants to go to Saudi too.
It's full of Muslims who don't know Jesus.  
He wants to change that.
So there you go.

Gunner is pretty much housebroken.  YAY!

I want to say completely housebroken since there hasn't been any accidents in two days, but I don't wanna jinx it :)

I was worried about Buster for a few days..
Poor old dog.
About 4 days ago he started vomiting and became lethargic, then he stopped eating. He didn't want to go outside either.  When he stopped following me everywhere I went I became really concerned.  He's been following me around for 16 years!

We kept offering him food but he wouldn't eat so I boiled some chicken and rice and offered him that.  
He nibbled a little on the chicken but wouldn't touch the rice.
Then he peed in the house 3 times and would hardly move.
Yesterday was day three without eating so Clay made 'the call' to the vet and told them that he would be bringing him in the next day.
I was soo bummed!  
But I had to be honest with myself.  He's 18 years old and completely deaf, and blind in one eye.
He's not going to live forever.
But up until 4 days ago he's been agile, happy, and had a good appetite..  
He had no problem with stairs, went with me for a walk every day and even chased Keisel around the yard a few times a day. So I figured he was still OK.

Last night Sky tried one more time to get him to eat.  She mixed some boiled chicken with his regular food.  He ate all the chicken but spit out the other food. 
So she thought that maybe his regular food just didn't agree with him any more and perhaps we should try the more expensive dog food (the stuff that you have to keep refrigerated) and see if he would eat that.  So Clay ran to Hyvee and got some.  
He ate it!  
This morning he was up before the alarm went off, alert, happy to go outside and was excited about breakfast.
So he's gonna stick around for a while longer..

Our tax return was finally approved!  That means we can put in new floors when Clay is home next hitch..  No more carpet!  
Whoo hoo!


  1. I was like....NO...You are not going to tell me Buster is GONE...ugh. :-(

    1. I had no idea how I would deal with it.. I've had him almost as long as I've had Sky!


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