Consider the Lilies..: Ambien   

Mar 20, 2017


Since my doctor perscribed Ambien, I have been sleeping all through the night. 
8 full hours!
I don't lie awake for hours, I don't wake up in the middle of the night any more.
I just drift off to sleep. 
Or I thought I just drifted off.. 
Apparently my brain shuts off before the rest of me does.  
According to both Clay and Sky; we have conversations that I don't remember having, watch entire episodes on tv that I don't remember watching (we watch an episode of Star Trek in bed before we go to sleep, don't judge me) and I've even had conversations through texts with a friend that I don't remember having.  
Apparently I think I am far more alert than a I really am because I think I can crochet after taking Ambien too..

I thought that I had almost finished Sky's blanket and was pretty impressed with myself that I had made so much progress.

I had to cut out 10 rows.  I was so mad.
So I won't be bringing my crocheting into the bedroom anymore.

Dang it.

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