Consider the Lilies..: More thoughts..   

Feb 18, 2017

More thoughts..

  • You can take just about any kind of leftovers, mix them together and stuff them into an orange bell pepper, and it is going to come out pretty darn good.
  • Some puppies learn their name right away, and some puppies don't. 
  • A pulled groin muscle is one of the most awkward things to deal with. 
  • My husband and daughter will never stop leaving stuff on the kitchen table.
  • Little Australian shepherd wiggle-butts are adorable. 
  • Clay and I can empty all the trash cans and sweep and mop all the floors in our church in less than two hours. 
  • A doggie door is totally worth the money. 
  • I love LipSense lip color
  • Hollywood should stop making X-Men movies. 
  • It's taking me a lot longer to finish crochetting this blanket than I hoped it would. I think it might be a little too big too. 
  • I didn't expect it to be, because I'm a coffee snob; but Dunkin' Donuts' coffee is pretty good.
  • I think Clay likes to shop for meat almost as much as he likes to shop for tools and guns. 
  • Separating meet and putting it into freezer bags sort of makes you lose your appetite for it. 
  • I really like audiobooks. 
  • I came up with a new way to make pork roast. It involves apple butter. It's so good!
  • I'm probably going to stuff pepper with the leftovers. :)

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