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Jan 29, 2017


I'm so sleepy..
I stayed up late watching a movie and then for some reason, woke up two hours early this morning.
I would like to go back to bed but because of my tooth, I haven't been to church in 3 weeks and I really need to go.
I've been listening to the sermons at home (soo good by the way!) but I really should go to church rather than just listen to it.  
Even though I would much rather stay at home in my pajamas not surrounded by people and listen to the lesson online so I can sit at my desk, press pause whenever I want, and make as many detailed notes as I'd like.

My tooth is fixed though.  Now there is just a huge whole in my mouth where my molar used to be.
I have more dental work to do though.  I have 2 broken teeth on the right side (seizures make you break your own teeth) and they will need to be crowned.
It's a good thing I don't mind going to the dentist :)

I haven't really been doing much else.
Just the usual.
I had hoped to finish Katelyn's blanket by now but I lost the hook I was using (I have no idea how) and had to order a new one.  So while I wait for the new hook to arrive, I started a blanket for Sky.  
We were at Walmart a few days ago and she saw some yarn that she really liked and asked me to make her a blanket.  
She's never asked me to make her anything so I jumped at it.

I supposed I should get dressed.  Even though it reeeeeeaaally feels like a pajama day!

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