Consider the Lilies..: Slacker..   

Jan 17, 2017


I've been soo lazy these last couple weeks.  
Slacking off on everything:
Bible study
You name it..

Going to bed too late, getting up too late.
Not eating right, not drinking enough water.

Too much sitting on the couch crocheting and watching far too much Netflix.
Too much Facebook.
Too much carrot cake.

When I slack off on my Bible, everything else seems to come to a stop too.
Strange huh?

This infected tooth isn't helping either.
I had an appointment for a consultation with the oral surgeon yesterday but the ice storm put a hold on that.
They rescheduled it for Friday.
The antibiotics are working though and it's nowhere near as painful as it was.
Still, I've used it as an excuse not to really do anything.

Elaine stopped by and dropped off the scarf she made for me.
It's so pretty!!

Ok..  Enough whining..

I have a bunch of Bible and laundry to catch up on.

Happy Tuesday!

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