Consider the Lilies..: We had fun but it sucked..   

Dec 4, 2016

We had fun but it sucked..

Last night Clay and I went to the Ballet.  We bought tickets for the Nutcracker months ago and I was super excited..  
I even wore earrings!

Dinner was amazing.  I was going to take pictures, but it looked so yummy that I forgot.
We went to one of my favorite restaurants; Pig and Finch.
I always order the espresso rubbed pork shoulder. But Clay ordered the pork chop.
I was thinking that he would be disappointed, I mean who goes to a restaurant and orders a pork chop?  Let me tell ya, it was the best pork chop I ever had!

So then to the Orpheum..  
The show was by the Nebraska Ballet company.
Now don't judge me for being too snobbish, but when I saw that it was a local company I had some trepidations.  They are a professional dance company in the sense that they do performances and get paid for it; but not in the 'this is what they do for a living so dancing is all that they do' sense.
And it shows..
It was horrible.  The people sitting next to me didn't even com back after the first act.
There were several changes that were pretty dumb, like a Rat Queen instead of a Rat King. Then they tried to make the show cute and comical and it just didn't work..
The girl who played Clara was an actual girl, maybe 12 years old, and she danced pretty well for a 12 year old, but not well enough to star in a production at the Orpheum.
There were cute parts too, like this little girl dressed like an angel. Her make up was terrible and she had what looked like a Joker smile painted on her face (someone went overboard with the red lipstick).  The poor thing was out of sync with the rest of the angels, couldn't find her mark, and kept going right when the others would go left.
So like I said, we didn't enjoy the show and will definitely go to the Omaha Playhouse and see A Christmas Carol next year rather than the Nebraska Ballet Company; but Clay had me laughing through the whole show and I had fun with him so it was still a win.

Look what came in the mail!
This came 2 days ago and I was all excited about it, but I had ordered a special pen to write in it and it hadn't come yet so I was bummed.
But check out the inside:
 There is a place to write an introduction and...
On every few pages there are questions to answer for reflection, so when you're finished, you not only have your own hand written copy of the Bible, but you have your own hand written copy of a study bible!

I can't tell you how much I'm geeking out over this!

And then last night when we got home from the ballet there were three more boxes on the porch.
Ok, now I'm really geeking out!
It's going to take me years to fill them and I can't wait to get started, but I'm not sure which ones I want to start with..  At first I was thinking Psalms, but then I thought that John would be a good places to start since we are learning John at church..
Have I mentioned that before?
John is a pretty popular book.  If you ask any pastor which book of the bible you should start with, there is a pretty good chance he is going to say John.  I've read it several times and studied it for school, and really didn't think it was all that special..
Don't get me wrong though, it's God's word and it saves; but I didn't think it was any more spectacular than other books of the bible..
But then our pastor decided that he would take an entire year to go through the book of John.
Oh. My. Gosh!
It's soo good!
Our pastor is an incredible bible teacher. His sermons are definitely not the sort of sermons I was used to.  I was used to a guy getting on the stage and giving a motivational speech with a couple of bible verses thrown in for good measure.  
But not this guy.  His goal is to teach the bible.  So he goes verse by verse.
He reads the verse and then he tells you what it means.  If you don't like what it means, or you want it to mean something else, too bad.
He's not afraid to pull any punches either.. If the bible offends you, he's perfectly OK with that.  If what the bible says convicts you, great, it's supposed to.
Anyway (sorry, I rambled) ..
Today will be sermon #12 and we are just starting chapter 5.
I am learning so much!  I fins myself wondering how I've missed it!  I mean I've read John a lot.
A lot!  
I find myself asking "how did I not know this?  how did I just skip over that?"
So, if you have time, and you're interested, check out the series..
You won't be disappointed!

Yeah, so I think I'm going to start with John.

Happy Sunday!

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