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Dec 16, 2016

More favorite things..

I have new favorite things!
(I also can't think of anything else to blog about)

If you haven't noticed by some my previous blog posts, I really like the Pioneer Woman kitchen stuff.
These are salt and pepper crocks. I keep them by the stove so I can just grab a pinch while I'm cooking.  Super convenient.  
And adorable too :)
I snagged this picture offline because I don't want to get up and go into the kitchen to take a picture, but they look just like these (except mine has pink salt instead of white in it).

My hair got to that awkward length again where I start looking like Javier Bardem from 'No Country for Old Men'.  Seriously..
 So Clay shaved the sides and part of the back and I like my hair again.  
Now I can do funky stuff with my hair, even a mohawk if I want.
Not like Clay's though, we can't all be Clay :)
 Right now this is my favorite hair stuff.

It's not sticky at all, doesn't look wet, and I can comb through it or just use my fingers to tease my hair how I want it.  
It's not heavy like gel and doesn't make my hair all poofy like mousse.  It's really easy to use too.  Just spray it on dry hair, and style.
Easy peazy. 

My next favorite thing..
Elf clear primer.

I got a sample of Smashbox clear primer in the mail a while ago and I loved it but when I ran out and went to buy more I learned that it was $36.00 for one ounce.  
I just can't come to terms with spending that much.
So I ran across the Elf primer at Target.  It was only $6.00 so I figured "what the heck, I'll give it a try".  It works just as well as the Smashbox primer.  
In fact, Clay is at Target right now getting me some more (I ran out this morning).

This puppy.
Oh my gosh, I just can not get over how cute he is. And smart!
But hyper.  Sooo hyper!
Everyone told us that this breed was very active so I was prepared for active.  
I was not prepared for crazy-hyperdrive-active!
He has 20 different toys and he plays with every one of them.  
All. Day. Long.
He learned to fetch the day after we brought him home and he NEVER gets tired of it.
He never walks.  Everywhere he goes, he's running.  
When we take him outside all he wants to do is run, which is ok except when its really cold outside and you want to go back in.  He knows his name and comes when he's called- when he's indoors, but when he's outside he pretends like he doesn't know his name or can't hear us.  I guess we are going to have to start some obedience training..

My new artwork..

Ok, it's not really new.  I posted a picture of the doodle Elaine made me a couple blog posts ago, but now it's in a frame!  And I think it's the coolest doodle ever.
Yeah, I have framed Star Trek stamps (thanks Z!) too.  Don't judge me..

The Insanity of God..

It's out on dvd.  I've had it preordered since I saw it in the theater.  I've read the book twice and watched the dvd twice (so far).
For real, if you are a Christian you really need to watch this.
And if you're not?  Maybe you should watch it too.
Life changing.
Not even kidding.

My favorite yarn..

Well, my favorite brand of yarn.  Lion Brand Landscapes.
They have several different colors, this one is called Apple Orchard.
I took a break from Katelyn's blanket and made another scarf for Elaine.
I love how it works up, and it's so soft!

Yummy tea..
Sky ordered this for me.  It's really good!
I love The Republic of Tea company.  
I learned about them when a friend of mine told me about a tea called Mrs. Padmore's tea.  It was a tea from their Downton Abbey line (I like the Downton Legacy tea the best).
Anyway, Sky gave me some 'Earl Greyer' tea and this 'Comfort and Joy' tea which I wasn't sure I would like because it has cinnamon and apples in it.
I don't love fruit, or the smell of cinnamon (long story) but I love this tea!
I'm going to be sort of bummed when I run out.
Hopefully they will have it again next year.

The Crown
It's a new series on Netflix.  I finished the last episode yesterday.
It's so good!

Ok, that's all I can think of. 
I know, lame post.  Sorry.

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