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Dec 1, 2016

Ditching the writing plan..

So today I should be starting this month's writing plan (I mentioned it in a previous blog post).  But I decided not to do it because my friend Tina sent me a text yesterday asking me if I had ever heard of a "Journible".
So I googled it..
Oh.  My.  Gosh.
How have I not known about these??
Check out the video below.  It's less than 2 minutes long.
Go ahead, I'll wait.

Why copy just a few select verses when you can copy entire books?
Seriously, I'm totally nerding out over these!

Since we are super broke this year, and we don't really do Christmas or even like it very much (and I suck at doing anything for Christmas or birthdays for people anyway) we (Clay, Sky, and myself) are each buying one gift for each other and that's all of the shopping we are doing this year.
We are going to the Nutcracker too, but we bought the tickets months ago..
Betcha can't guess what I'm getting?


They are pretty cheap on Amazon with free shipping (if you have Prime) so Clay ordered them for me last night.
Not every book of the Bible, I mean, who wants to copy Chronicles?  But he ordered the ones that I wanted.  All but Romans.  We had to go to a different website to find Romans because they are way overpriced on Amazon. Just Romans though.
Not sure why..
I'm getting Psalms, Proverbs, John, and then Romans through Jude..

So when I'm finished (it'll take me years) I'll have my own set of hand written bibles..

I'm so excited!!

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