Consider the Lilies..: Antonio, gates, yarn, and I Love Lucy..   

Dec 26, 2016

Antonio, gates, yarn, and I Love Lucy..

Steelers are going to the playoffs!!
(Elaine, the whole post won't be about football, I promise)
We were all dressed appropriately for the game, including Keisel (who is named after a retired Pittsburgh Steelers player).

Last night's game was intense!  Steelers played the Ravens and it was literally down to the last 30 seconds..
Anonio Brown made an amazing catch and an even more amazing touchdown.

He caught it, reached out so the ball broke the plane (while Eric Weddle face masked him) and then pulled the ball back in.  It was crazy!
So Pittsburgh won by 4 points, they are the AFC North champions, are one of only 4 teams to win 600 games, and they are going to the play-offs!

So, Christmas is over (yay!) and we can all go back to normal life again.
I got an awesome gift from Elaine the other day.
2 seasons!  
I'm going to binge-watch them all while I crochet washcloths for her (Elaine, not Lucy. lol) after Clay goes back to work.

Speaking of crochet..
Katelyn's blanket is coming along.
It's folded in half, and the camera doesn't really pick up the color (it's actually teal).
It's almost as wide as I want it to be, then I can start decreasing on one side.  It seems to go faster once I start decreasing.

Something sorta weird is going on..
Someone keeps trying to get into our backyard.  We aren't really sure why though.
One night about a week ago while I was letting the puppy outside,  I (too late) noticed that the gate was open.  Both Buster and Keisel ran out and I had to chase them, which wasn't easy because Buster, who would have come immediately when called but is completely deaf now didn't hear me so he kept walking; and Keisel, who thinks that running away whenever we get close to him when he's outside is a game, kept doing just that.  So it took me a while to catch the puppy and get Buster's attention so he would follow me back into the yard.
Anyway, I thought that maybe Clay didn't shut the gate all the way the last time he walked though it and then I forgot about it.
The next morning the gate was open again.  Ok, so maybe it was the wind, maybe the gate doesn't latch all the way and we need to be more careful about making sure it's secure?
Every day for the past week the gate has been open, and also when we take the dogs out at night (at random times) the gate is open. 
At first we thought that maybe someone was trying to steal the puppy, but then it occurred to us that our neighbor's gate had been left open several times because Sky has caught their dogs wandering around and has put them back in their yard.  So someone is getting into their yard too.
So the other day Clay put a lock on the gate.  Yesterday Sky noticed that someone had tried to force the gate open.
We think it's a peeper.  
The neighbor's wife is pretty young and attractive; and Sky is, well lets just face it, she's a hottie.
So for now, Sky doesn't take her dog outside without her gun and today Clay will be reinforcing the gate. 

We are going homeless hunting today..  We are going to try the park again..  We have a few more bags and blankets to hand out and we are hoping that since it's cold out, there will be fewer Pokemon hunters and more homeless.  
Not that we want there to be homeless people.  We would rather there weren't any at all, but since there are, we would like to find them today :)

Happy Monday!

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