Consider the Lilies..: Hospitals, yarn, and toilet brushes..   

Nov 30, 2016

Hospitals, yarn, and toilet brushes..

So this happened..
Let me tell you..  If seeing your kid like this doesn't scare the hell out of you, you have no soul.
Sky went to work Monday afternoon at 1:45.
She sent me a text at 5:30 saying that she was on her way home because she felt nauseous.  She said that she was inside a pipe repairing it and wasn't wearing a mask.
By 6:00 she had lost all her color, had a raging headache, was shaking uncontrollably, almost crying because her neck and back hurt so much, and couldn't stop vomiting. 
Clay took her to the emergency room where they did chest x-rays and blood tests.
Carbon monoxide poising..  By the time they put her on oxygen she was fading in and out of consciousness..  
Clay sent me the picture along with an update and I freaked.  I felt sick..  It was horrible..
Luckily, my friend T's mother is a respiratory therapist and through texts between Clay, myself, T and T's mother, she was able to ask questions and give information that was incredibly helpful and reduced the level of panic that kept creeping up on me.
Since Sky is an adult now, the doctors weren't really talking to Clay and were being stingy when it came to telling him what was happening.
She was on oxygen for 4 hours and then they were able to come home.
She stayed on the couch yesterday nursing a headache and sore muscles, but is doing much better and is going back to work today.

  The night before Sky's latest visit to the emergency room, our friend Jake came over for dinner and and we played cards and a couple boardgames..
Keisel is learning how to play Gin.

I started another blanket..
This one is for my niece Katelyn.
It looks green but it's actually teal.

And I'm making washcloths for Elaine..
I'm trying to teach myself how to make different borders so I figured that washcloths would be the easiest way to do that.  
Plus Elaine always wants washcloths so it's a win/win :)

Clay started attending the men's bible study group at our church..  
It's every Tuesday at 6:30 in the morning..
It's a really good study group lead by the senior pastor and you don't have to attend OBC to go; so if you live in Omaha and like getting up really early on Tuesday mornings, you're welcome to join.
Since Clay was with Sky at the hospital until midnight, I really didn't expect him to get up and go so early the next morning but he was determined..
They are studying the Westminster Confession of Faith.
Tuesday's lesson was on freewill.  I read Clay's notes..  
It was really good!
I'm super glad that he is able to attend this bible study, but I have to admit that I'm a little jealous too.
OK, I'm a lot jealous..
Women's bible studies are so dumb.  
They aren't even real bible studies; more like social/support groups who get together over brunch, with a few bible verses thrown in.
But the men's group?  Waaaaayyy different..  
There is a table with some black coffee and some paper cups. 
That's it.. 
No fruit trays, muffins, breakfast casseroles, or fancy coffee creamer.   Just plain old black coffee.
 Then they all sit down and discuss the lesson.
No one talks about their problems, relationship issues, jobs, their wife, or their kids.  
No one cries, no one hugs each other, and no one talks about their personal struggles..
They learn theology.
I'm starting to realize that It doesn't matter what church it is; all women's bible studies are the same.  Because that's how they like it.
Except me.  I hate it..
A lot.
I'm definitely in the minority on this one.
So I'll just keep learning from the pastor on Sunday's and on my own at home.  Fortunately there are lots of resources nowadays :)  
Plus Clay can teach me whatever he learns from the men's group and that's pretty cool too.

Oh, my latest cleaning hack:
I use this thing to scrub the toilet..
But I always feel like I'm wasting the little scrubby thing because there's so much soap in them and you're supposed to throw them away after using them once.
And who would want to save it to use again?
So I used it to clean the tub and the shower walls..  
Before you say "ew", I used it on the tub before I used it in the toilet.
Sky is usually pretty dirty when she comes home from work so the tub and shower walls get really dirty too..  I scrub them every day.  It's a pain.
Literally..  The stretching and bending to get all of it does a number on my back after a while.
But with the wand, I don't really have to do either.  Plus it's a scrubby, so it gets all the dirt off.
And there is enough soap left over to scrub the toilet..
So there you go :)

I just remembered another one.
I made reusable cleaning wipes.
I got all of my old, stained washcloths and put them in a gallon size Ziploc bag.  Then I mixed together peroxide, alcohol, and vinegar and poured it in the bag and put the bag under the sink..  
Now every morning I just grab one and wipe down the bathroom..  Takes less than a minute..

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. You haven't had a problem with the scrubby things popping off the end of the want? Because I did. was in the toilet...and I was NOT going in after it. (PS, this was right after the toilet got fixed from the cow hoof that got stuck in there thanks to Kira, but seems to have gone down ok, thankfully.)

  2. Weird. Twice in one day for me, so I have been afraid to use them again.


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