Consider the Lilies..: Happy Thanksgiving, I guess...   

Nov 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, I guess...

We don't do Thanksgiving..  To tell you the truth, we don't really do holidays..  Not for any particular reason, we just don't..  Maybe it's because Clay is rarely home on a holiday so it's easier for us to just treat it like an ordinary day..  Except Christmas and Easter; we have a reason for not celebrating those..  We give each other presents sometime during the week before Christmas, because we like presents, but that's about it..  
I think holidays are dumb.
I know, I'm such a buzz-kill..
This Thanksgiving is a good one though..  Not because it's Thanksgiving, it's just another Thursday to me, but Clay will be home today so yay!

I have so much housework to do before then!  I've been slacking off since Sky got the puppy..  I can't take my eyes off of him while she's at work or he'll eat the house or pee everywhere..  So mostly I've been sitting on the couch crocheting..  
I've managed to loose 16 pounds though!  Not exactly sure how, but I'm not complaining :)
I finished Kylee's blanket..  Sort of..  I ran out of yarn halfway though the border so I'm waiting for Clay to get home so he can go to all the Walmarts in search of more..  The one closest to my house ran out..  

I made 5 more scarves to take to the park and leave for the homeless too..
I think Clay and I will go hand out backpacks full of stuff tomorrow and hopefully some blankets too..

I've been doing a Scripture writing challenge this month..  Did I blog about this already?
Ami shared it with me on FB..  I'm really enjoying it..  It's from a blog called Sweet Blessings and she does a new one every month..   This month's is 'thankfulness'..  

I'm enjoying it so much that I decided to do last month's too..

I'm sort of excited about next month's (yeah, nerd.  I know.)

I'm using the journal that Elaine made me to write the verses

Have I mentioned how much I love these journals?  
I've filled up 3 so far. :)

I made a daily bible reading plan too (I really do think I blogged about this a while ago)..  It's chronological and took me forever to put it all together- it's 7 pages! #OverAchiever 
I'll have to think of another plan before July :)

Oh! Look at this!
Isn't that the coolest doodle you've ever seen?  Elaine made it (duh)..  I'm gonna frame it as soon as Clay gets home and tells me where I put the frame..

Sky has the next 4 days off work..  I can hear her in the kitchen doing the dishes (because she's awesome) so I should probably go help..

Have a great day!

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