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Nov 4, 2016

Crochet & Cabinda..

So I saw this on FB yesterday and thought, what a great idea!
Elaine told me about a park where a lot of homeless hang out, that's pretty safe in the daytime..  I'm going to go there and hand out some bags and I thought "why not leaves some scarves in the park too?
I have a few donated to me by a friend and a bunch of left over yarn from other projects so I can make scarves too..  I finished one and and a half of one yesterday..
I won't get many done this year but I will have a head start on next year..
I'm still working on Kylee's blanket..  I am close to finishing but I ran out of the yarn I was using..  Turns out, no one in Omaha has it anymore.  So I went on the website of the company that sells it and they were out of stock..  Just my luck..  I finally found it on Amazon, but not on prime so I have to wait a couple of weeks for it..
After that, I won't have any more nieces to make blankets for..  Well, Suzanne has two girls, and I would love to make blankets for them too but Suz is so much better at crocheting than am so they probably already have super fabulous blankets..
So Suz, if they don't; let me know their favorite colors :)

Clay is flying to the island of Cabinda today..  He may be there already..  
I think they are going to transfer him to run the yard there..  It's smaller than the one in Luanda, but 2/3 of Angola's oil comes out of Cabinda and since they have laid off so many people, they need someone who can run more than one department..  
I'm not sure who is running the yard in Luanda now though..  The guy who is in charge is on vacation so Clay has been running the yard while he's been gone..  I'm guessing Clay will probably be running Luanda from Cabinda..
I guess that's all I have to blog about :)

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