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Oct 12, 2016

Catching up...

I haven't felt like blogging lately. 
OK longer than lately. 
Weeks maybe?
 I can't even say that there hasn't been anything going on, because stuff has happened. 

Our big, lovable, most sweetest dog in the world, had to be put down.  
He was born with a birth defect and his back legs did not bend properly. As he aged, they started to bother him.  At first it was just the back stairs leading down into the yard that were too hard for him so we would walk him out the front door and around to the back. But then even the front steps became too hard for him. He began to struggle just to get up from a sitting or laying down position, he couldn't keep traction on tile floors, and could no longer stand for more than a few seconds  before his legs would get tired and he would have to sit again. 
 It was a hard decision for us to make, because even though he couldn't get around very well, he was still so darn happy and lovable. 
 So Clay talked to the vet and asked her what we should do. She said that it would be better to put him down while he was still happy rather than to wait for him to be miserable.  So he made an appointment for a Friday. 
 Sky insisted on going with Clay.  He had been her dog since the fourth grade. She was so sad. 
She had cried all the night before, did her best to stay cheerful for him the next day, and then cried for the rest of the weekend.   
  Sky said that the vet had told her that it was very easy to see that Copper was a very happy dog and that she had given him a very good life. 
 That helped a little bit. 


  She is officially moved out and living on her own like a grown up. 
 She moved a whole mile away from us.  
 She moved in with her boyfriend Ryan.  I can't say that I love the idea of her living with someone she isn't married to, but she IS an adult. 
So it is what it is. 
 And she bought a new car. 
 A 2012 Chevy Camaro  
 All by herself..  She knew exactly the car she wanted and what she wanted her monthly payment to be.  She just wanted her dad to go with her so they would take her seriously, and it worked out just the way she wanted it to.
  On one hand: I am incredibly proud of her.  She's responsible, independent, motivated, ambitious, brilliant, a hard worker, beautiful, confident, and fearless. 
 On the other hand: my baby my only child has grown up and moved out of our house. 
 When I went down to the basement and stood in the middle of her empty bedroom, I sort of felt like I had been punched in the chest.
But this is life right?

So now, we are "empty-nesters". 
 The first thing we did was rearrange practically every room in the house. 
 We cleaned out the junk room and turned it into an office. 
My desk and my books were taking over the living room anyway. 
We set up the treadmill and Clay's loading bench in the basement and set up a storage space for our street ministry.
We have teamed up with another couple to go out and bring food, blankets, etc, and the gospel to the homeless.  
When we can find them that is. 
Panhandlers are easy to find in Omaha but the real homeless aren't..  You have to look for them, in parts of town you'd rather not go to.
Plus, they are very distrustful of people who just walk up to them and offer to help.
So it's a process.

Sky left her futon when she moved out so we turned it into a bed in the basement too.
Buster thinks it's his.

I had a birthday.
 I am 43.
 I don't feel any different than I did when I was 42. 
 I'm not sure if I was even expecting to feel different. But there you have it. 
 Sky gave me a new journal for my birthday. 
(FYI, Pittsburgh is #1 in the AFC right now) 
 Clay gave me this ceramic teapot and this adorable tea box..
 I stuffed it full of Downton Abbey tea. 
Which  by the way, is the best tea I have ever had. 
 For real, if you've never had it you really need to try it!

I started another C2C blanket.  Yeah, still hooked on this pattern.
Hooked, get it?  Because it's crochet and you use a hook..?
I'm making it for our niece Kylee.
Her bedroom is turquoise and gray.  So far I'm loving it :)

Oh this poor dog..  
He started acting strange a few hours after we said goodbye to Copper.
First he started itching, then it got worse, and worse.  By 10:00 that night he was scratching, biting, and chewing on himself non-stop.
Then the whining started. 
It was sort of faint and random but soon grew constant, and then louder.  
He followed me everywhere.  
Seriously.  It was constant..
All night, all the next day, and all that night..
I can't tell you how much I love this dog, but I was ready to throw him out the window.
Oh, and he wouldn't go near Clay.  Any time Clay went near him, he would run and hide behind me.
So back to the vet.
The diagnosis?  Anxiety.  
First Sky took all of her stuff and moved out, then Copper didn't come back, then we moved all of the furniture in the house around..  The poor little guy couldn't take it anymore.
So he's now on anti-anxiety meds.
He still doesn't let me out of his sight and follows me everywhere, but he's calmed down considerably..

 He's been moving furniture and hunting.
And being perfect.
Because that's what Clay does. :)

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