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Sep 16, 2016

Taking a blog detour for a moment..

I hear a lot of these American Christians--especially so-called "end time" prophecy Christians--talk about coming "Christian persecution." Here's the truth of the matter:
The vast majority of Christians in this country are such a non-threat, non-factor, irrelevant, non-resistance group of people that, on the whole, our spiritual enemies don't even give them a second thought. Plus, they (our spiritual enemies) recognize that most Christians and the entertainment centers they attend on Sunday (laughingly called "churches") are completely compliant with their agenda. Why in the world would they waste their time persecuting people who are giving them aid and comfort?
What are they going to be persecuted for? For being addicted to football? For being addicted to "Christian Rock" bands? For being addicted to their campers? For being addicted to gossip, slander and backbiting? For being addicted to global wars of aggression? For being addicted to the Zionist State of Israel? For being addicted to social gatherings, fried chicken dinners, and "mom's night out" parties? 
To be sure, Christians around the world are ALREADY suffering persecution--REAL persecution. The thing is in those places those are REAL Christians. Their Christianity hasn't been "Americanized."
Forgive me for sounding so critical of my brethren (at least they profess to be Christian brethren) but for over a half century I've tasted the bitter, harsh reality of America's Christians up close and personal. So many, many of them are spoiled, lazy, indifferent, duplicitous, dishonest, and lack even the most basic principles of ethics, integrity, and honor. Thank God, this is not true for all of them--but it DOES seem to be true for MANY of them. WAY TOO MANY. 
Furthermore, so many of these American Christians will be (when the time comes), and ALREADY are, the ones doing the persecuting, THEY ARE THE PERSECUTORS. 
They murder and kill with their tongues. They steal people's honor and reputations with their tongues. They are neck deep in slander and backbiting. Their telephones and emails spew forth the most cruel gossip imaginable. 
Some of these spiritual murderers like to say they are part of the "Remnant." But the truth is they wouldn't know what the Remnant was if it came up and bit them on the nose. In reality, they are the dividers and destroyers of the Remnant. 
The unchurched world has NOTHING on the modern American church. In fact, it's almost impossible to tell "churched" people from "unchurched" people today. 
For these folks to talk about persecution is downright laughable.
By Chuck Baldwin 

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