Consider the Lilies..: Thursday..   

Jul 7, 2016


It's Thursday already?  

Not much to report..  Clay has been at work for a week, so three more to go..  He has put in for two positions, one in Trinidad and one in Canada..  Canada is a live in, I'm not sure about  Trinidad..  Russia is still on the table too..  I know he will be happy to get out of Angola..
With oil doing so bad right now, we are just thankful that he has a job, even one in Angola!

I had lunch with a friend on Tuesday..  We went to Leadbelly's and I had the Razzle Dazzle pizza..  Grilled chicken, bacon, poblano peppers and raspberry jam instead of pizza sauce..  I know, it's sounds weird, but it's really yummy..  Lots of sugar though, bummer since I have cut sugar out of my diet; but if I'm going to leave my house and drive all the way downtown in super hot and way too humid weather, I'm going to make it worth my while!

I went to see Elaine's new house Tuesday evening..  Major improvement!  Her last house was horrible and in a not-so-nice part of town..  This one is pretty and clean, room enough for all of them, and in a much safer area..

Sky is doing well, although she isn't happy with her job at the moment..
 Because she can't do any work on the welding floor until the cast comes off, she has been moved to the front office and is filling in for the receptionist who just retired..
Let me tell you, she does NOT enjoy sitting at a desk answering phones all day..
Right now she refers to her job as "being a damn secretary"..
Not to put anyone down who is a receptionist, but this just isn't her thing..   
She sent me this picture from work the other day..  
She said she had spent the morning spinning in her chair..  Poor girl..
Boredom aside though, I'm glad she is working at the front desk for the month..  There is no air conditioning on the welding floor and its so hot right now..  So at least she's comfortable..
Her hand has been bothering her a lot lately..  The damaged nerves are starting to wake up and repair themselves..  She actually complained about it  a couple times and she's had to take a pain pill every day this week..
The doctor said it would probably hurt for three months or so..

I guess that's all for now..
Happy Thursday :)

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  1. Leadbelly is literally across the street from my office. Just sayin'.


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