Consider the Lilies..: Monday..   

Jul 25, 2016


Clay will be home on Thursday, I'm not sure when exactly..  I'm ready for him to be home though..  He was only home for 2 weeks last hitch so it seems like he's been gone longer than he really has..
I know that he's ready to be home too; the other day when he called he actually complained (he never complains.. ever)..
He's getting tired of Angola..  They are considering him for a position in Canada right now and there is a possibility that he may still be needed in Russia..  But right now oil is not doing well..  People are being laid off by the thousands..  Schlumbeger laid off sixteen thousand workers last week..
Sixteen thousand!
I'm super grateful that Clay still has a job even though every time he calls I sorta brace myself expecting him to tell me that he will be laid off as well..  Right now though, the only jobs running in Angola are completions and that's his department, so they kinda have to keep him..
The oilfield is going to get much worse before it gets better (if it ever does) so I  Clay is considering  looking into other employment..
It'll be weird though..  He loves what he does (just not where he does it) but there isn't a whole lot of stability in the oilfield anymore..  It will most likely mean moving..  Darn it..
Our lease is up in a year, so he has that long to formulate a plan..
I know he's been thinking a lot about New Mexico and has been for about a year now..  
I just don't want to move away from Sky..  Finding work for a welder in New Mexico wouldn't be difficult at all but she's determined to stay in Omaha..
But like I said, he has a year to figure it all out..

Well this blog post turned out to be sort of a bummer huh?


  1. Hey Ren!!! Long time, no hear! Lol! Wanted to stop by to say hello! I've finally gotten back to blogging, well, a little...but hey, I'm back. Take care my friend...blessings!

    1. I'm so glad! I'll be right there!


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