Consider the Lilies..: What day is it?   

Jun 3, 2016

What day is it?

I overslept again..  I seriously hate it when I do that, I feel like a zombie all day and then I go to bed really late so I have to force myself to get up early the next morning, and then I feel tired all that next day..  bleh..
I had sort of a rude awakening too..  Once I dragged myself outta bed and into the bathroom, I discovered that Sky's cat had peed on the bathroom rug..  Naturally I discovered it by stepping in it..  Gross..

I finished Isaiah's blanket and started on one for Chance..  I went to Hobby Lobby a week ago to look at the yarn, I wanted to make it with neon blue yarn and black yarn with neon blue specks..  Hobby Lobby had exactly what I wanted and I should have bought it then because when I went back the next day to buy it, they were all out of the black..  And of course it was the only color they were out of..  
There is another Hobby Lobby in Omaha and one in Papillion but it was starting to look like it was going to rain and the top is down on the Jeep so I didn't have time to go see if the other stores had the yarn I wanted..  But I did find black with silver specks that reflect the blue so I got that instead..
I'm probably boring everyone who doesn't give a darn about yarn..  Sorry..

Clay will be home early!  Two whole weeks early!
But he's only going to be home for 2 weeks..  
He'll be home for Father's Day but not his birthday, so he gets double presents on Father's Day..

I'm seriously trying to think of something interesting to blog about, but I got nuthin'..  
My life is pretty mundane..
(not that I'm complaining, I like it that way)

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