Consider the Lilies..: Tendons, trash bags, & athletic tape.   

Jun 18, 2016

Tendons, trash bags, & athletic tape.

If you are friends with either myself or Sky on Facebook, you know that Sky hurt her hand last Tuesday. 

She severed her tendon, broke all the way through the joint, destroyed the nerves and damaged an artery. 

She spent 3 hours in the emergency room getting X-rays and stitches, then saw a specialist on Wednesday who scheduled surgery for Thursday morning. 

He put two pins through the bone and reattached the tendon but couldn't repair the artery so she may or may not have full feeling or mobility in that hand. 

The pain has been manageable but she's having a hard time adjusting to using only one hand. 
Showering was interesting. Since she can't get her cast wet AT ALL, we had to get creative. 

We wrapped the cast in Press'n Seal, then put a plastic trash bag over it, then tapped it to her arm with athletic tape.   It worked!  
She needed me to wash her hair and help her dry off, but other than that she did pretty good in her own :)

I have to give this girl kudos though. She hasn't complained about the pain at all, not even in the emergency room. I asked her yesterday what her pain level was between 1 & 10 and she said "about a 7 1/2" and that was after a Percocet!  
She really is the toughest person I know :)

She will go back to work on Monday but doing any welding is out. She'll be doing administrative work until her hand is workable again although she's pretty sure she can work the forklift with one hand. 

She's nothing if not determined!


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