Consider the Lilies..: Happy Mother's Day..   

May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day..

I love Mother's Day..
I get presents and I don't have to cook or do any cleaning or laundry..

So, what I got..
I have cut sugar from my diet (lost 5 pounds in 5 days!) so that meant no candy or cupcakes for Mother's Day so Sky got me tea instead..

And a bookmark..

Alexis (friend of Sky's) snuck in and left me some orchids while we were out today..

And Sky gave me some blue ones..

And a new bird feeder :)

The back deck has become almost a menagerie with the 2 squirrel feeders I have out there..  
Blue jays, cardinals, doves, finches, robins, and a whole flock of grackles..  Hopefully with a hanging feeder, the Ralph's (squirrel family) won't have to fight for their food..  It's sorta funny to wath though :)

We had a good day..  Went to church then we went to Wahoo to shoot for a while, then we stopped for lunch on the way home..

Clay started some laundry and has promised to organize the linen closet AND under the bathroom sink!

And I think I'll put on my P.J.'s and crochet for the rest of the day..
Best Mother's Day day ever!

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