Consider the Lilies..: Friday.   

May 20, 2016


So Clay has gone back to work and I have gone back to my P. J.'s and yarn :)
He's not good at sitting still so when he's home we are usually out doing something, when he goes back to work I recharge; which means I pretty much stay in pajamas and hardly ever leave the house.  
Thanks to the wornderful world of Amazon Prime and a grocery store that delivers, the only  reason I leave the house is to go to church. 

This time I thought I would be smart and buy him a work bench for the garage. I figured that it would take him a day to put it together, then he would want to re-organize his tools which would take another day (he did) then after the tools he would realize that he needed to clean out the garage (he did) which would take him a couple of days, and then he would stay busy for a while building things or fixing things on his new work bench, with his newly organized tools, in his newly cleaned out garage. 
I was right about all of that. 
He spent several days building guns. He built himself a new AR, and then he and Sky built one for her,.

And then he surprised me by building one for me too. 

I thought I was pretty clever by getting him the work bench, thinking that he would be so busy in the garage that he wouldn't want to go anywhere. But what I didn't realize was that every time he built a gun that he would want to go shoot it, and that meant a trip to Wahoo to the gun range. 
And naturally when you have a new work bench, you will have about a bazillion different reasons to go to the hardware store. Plus all the other errands that come up when he's home :)

Anyway, as much as I absolutely adore him and love being with him when he's home; and even though I start missing him five minutes after his taxi pulls out of the driveway (I don't take him to the airport because I can't bear to watch him walk away from me with his luggage) I do enjoy the month long, shut-up-in-my-house-with-my-yarn-and-my-books time too :)

I'm working on a blanket for Isaiah at the moment.
Another C2C. I'm still not tired of this pattern..
And I'm alternating between 2 audiobooks. The Girl On The Train (really good!) and Roots (much better than the mini-series, which was really good). 

Even though we have been super busy driving around to every place that popped into Clay's head for the last 5 weeks, we  managed to do our bible reading every morning together and start a new study. You know, because I already have about 7 other things I'm studying, why not another?

The Exemplary Husband and The Excellent Wife. 
It's really informative and there is a lot of work but I'm really enjoying it. I am sort of surprised that Clay is enjoying it too. So much that instead of leaving it here while he's at work, he took it with him. 
Seriously, best husband ever :)

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