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Apr 13, 2016

One more day..

Clay sent me a text this morning to let me know that he was on his way to the airport..  He'll be home tomorrow evening..  It's been a rough hitch for him this time so he's glad to be on his way out of Angola..  Yesterday he told me that he noticed that a position has opened up in Canada..  He really wants to work in Russia but that probably won't be for another year, and if oil doesn't pick up soon (we aren't really expecting it to) it may be even longer..
He said that he was thinking about putting in for the Canada position..  That's about as close to complaining about something as he gets..  
When Clay says:
"I'm thinking about putting in for the Canada position"
What he means is:
"I hate it here so much and I just want to get the hell away and never come back."
So Canada may be in our future..
I'm thrilled that he's on his way home, but I hate that it won't be until evening..  Tomorrow is going to drag by.. 
So today I'm going to try not to do any housework or laundry so I will have something to do to pass the time tomorrow..

So that means that I get to crochet all day..

I am almost finished with Savannah's blanket..  I ran out of one of the colors so had to order more and now I'm waiting for it to arrive..
I added pink to it after I took the last picture once I found out that pink is her favorite color..

While I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive, I started one for Isaiah..

I'm working on one for my friend Tina too..

It should be twice the size as it is by now but I got mad at it the other day and frogged the whole thing so I had to start over..
Once I finish Isaiah's, I'll start one for Chance and then Kylee (another niece) and so on and so on..

I still have another I'm working on, I'm going to send it to Suzanne when I'm finished, if I ever finish..  It's big and all single crochet and right now I'm obsessed with the C2C pattern..

OK, enough crochet..  Moving on..

Sky has been working more than usual..  Lately whenever something new comes along, "Sky can do it" seems to be the mantra..  Aside from her regular job (assistant manager of the welding department) she is also in charge of inventory, she's the only one who can drive the fork-lift now, she's responsible for keeping the computer system up to date (she's younger and understands the computer better than the older manager and coordinator and they always mess it up) and now she is also personal assistant to one of the head corporate guys..  He tried to get her to work for him full time but that would mean she would be behind a desk all day and wouldn't do any welding so she told him that she would help him with his paperwork and keep things organized, but she would only do it when she was already on the computer..  He gave her a cubicle and her own computer in the hopes that it would convince her but so far it hasn't..
The guy who is in charge of the night crew had a minor stroke so until he recovers, Sky is in charge of his crew too, so now she goes to work at 5:30 in the morning, leaves at 3:00, goes to school at 5:00 in the evening until 10:00 at night, then stops at the shop on her way home to hand out work orders to the welders, drive the forklift around to get parts for everyone to work on, and makes sure that no one needs anything before she goes home..
I tell ya, this girl is a machine..  Just like her dad..
Oh, she is also in charge of representing the company at job fairs and meet and greets..  An older guy was in charge of it until recently but he wasn't attracting much interest..  All of the people who go to these job fairs are young, mostly in college or just getting out, and a stern looking 65 year old guy doesn't really say "Hey, come talk to me, I'm relatable!"
So they sent Sky to the last couple job fairs..  
She revamped the booth, brought free stuff to hand out, and got more attention..
I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that most of the people who go there are guys, and Sky is a pretty girl..
However, once they get past staring at her boobs and actually listen to her they are surprised to find out that this pretty little 19 year old girl is a badass welder who runs the welding floor, then they start to ask questions and take an interest in the company..

The company is in the process of building a learning center in the shop where they can teach and intern welders on site, so she will be teaching in the future too..

So, if Clay does end up working a live-in position in Russia or Canada, I know I won't have to worry about her during the months that I'm away :)


  1. Sheesh! I hope she's making lots of $$ for wearing all those hats! Sounds like they got about 4 employees when they hired her. I can see why she says she's tired!

  2. Those blankets are gorgeous! OMGosh! WTG Sky :)


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