Consider the Lilies..: Good morning!   

Apr 2, 2016

Good morning!

Finished Evelyn's blanket last night.
It's fluorescent yarn so it's much brighter than in the picture. 

Then I started one for Savannah
I was going to make hers in a different pattern but I'm really loving the C2C pattern right now. 
I'm making one for my friend Tina too. I may have mentioned that already. 
Her's is coming along much slower though. It's the project I take with me when I go places (yeah, I'm that weirdo who crochets in public) and since I hardly go anywhere I haven't worked on it much. 

Clay has to stay an extra week at work, sorta bummed but he said that he will insist on an extra week home so that's good. 

I had to shampoo my carpets at 6:00 this morning. Buster pooped everywhere, and then Pumpkin barfed everywhere else. Definitely not the way I like to start my morning!


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