Consider the Lilies..: Adventures in dehydrating and other stuff..   

Apr 26, 2016

Adventures in dehydrating and other stuff..

I love dried cantaloupe..  
So I decided to try to make my own in my Nuwave Oven..  I can buy it at the store, but I can't seem to find any without added sugar and I'm trying to stay away from refined sugar..
So we went to Costco and got some cantaloupe. Clay sliced it up and I put it in the Nuwave. 
It's been in there for an hour and a half and it looks to me like it has a long way to go.  The instructions say that it needs to dehydrate for about two hours. I think we may have sliced the cantaloupe too thick. But at least the kitchen smells good. 

It didn't work. The slices were too thick. I had it going for three hours and they still weren't dehydrated. 
So I made stuffed peppers (with balsamic glaze) and mushrooms instead. 
That turned out perfectly :)

I asked Clay to put up a clothesline today.  He will do anything if it involves a trip to the hardware store for supplies. 

A day later..

We went to see Phantom of the Opera tonight. 

I snapped a picture of the truck as we were driving by. 
Because I'm a total theater geek and I got all excited when I saw it. 

The show was so good!
Even Clay liked it..

Ok, so back to dehydrating. 
Since the cantaloupe was a total fail we decided to give jerky a shot. 
We found three different methods of making jerky after it's marinated; dehydrating it in the Nuwave
 This takes about four hours. It has been in there for about an hour and is starting to look like it should but as you can see, you can't do much at one time. We marinated 5 pounds of meat so this way is going to take a long time. 

Dehydrating it in the oven
 This also takes four hours but can be done a bigger more quantity than the Nuwave. 
Or rather it could, if I had another wire rack to go with my other baking sheet. But I don't so this is also going to take a long time. 

And dehydrating it Alton Brown style. 
This method takes 12 hours but we can dry a whole bunch at once. 

Oh my gosh the house smells so good!

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