Consider the Lilies..: You know how nothing bad ever happens until Clay goes to work?   

Mar 7, 2016

You know how nothing bad ever happens until Clay goes to work?

Yesterday I got up and got ready for church and then just before it was time to leave, Sky hollered at me from downstairs because her toilet was overflowing..  
All over the bathroom..
I tried plunging but that didn't work so we ran to Menards to get a better plunger and some liquid plumber..  While we were waiting to see if it would work, the washing machine started to drain..  The next thing I know, black, nasty, smelly water starts coming up through the shower drain..  
I ran the snake through it but that didn't help, all I managed to do was cut my finger..
I called Daniel (brother in law) and he zoomed right over..  
He plunged and snaked..  And plunged and snaked..  And plunged and snaked..  
He worked on it a lot longer than I was willing to, I was ready to call Roto-rooter about 10 minutes after he started but he was determined..  
And he did it :)
Yay for Daniel!
So an hour and a bottle of bleach later, everything was back to normal..

Clay might have to stay in Angola for an extra week..  I'm not absolutely thrilled about it but I'll deal..  Considering that 5000 oil workers are being laid off this month and Clay isn't one of them; I'm grateful he still has a job, so there won't be any complaining from me!   

Sky didn't have her knee scoped last Wednesday, she got the flu instead so it's rescheduled for this Wednesday.

I'm not doing a whole lot myself..  Just studying, housework, crocheting, and listing to books (which is the perfect week as far as I'm concerned)..  I finished 'The Revenant' while I was working on Elaine's blanket.  It was so good!  I haven't seen the movie yet but the book is so good I don't feel like I'm missing anything if I never do..
Before that I listened to 'The knitting circle' which was really good too..  Right now while I'm working on Clay's blanket I'm listening to "The kitchen house"..  It's good but really depressing..  It's like nothing good ever happens to anyone in the book..  It just gets worse and worse for them..  After a while it becomes too much so I listen to 'Fried green tomatoes" for a while..
When I finish with them I'll need to find another audio book, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

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