Consider the Lilies..: Thursday   

Mar 10, 2016


We went to Sky's appointment yesterday for her knee, we thought they were going to scope it but it was just an appointment to talk about scoping it..
They scheduled the actual procedure for tomorrow morning at 7:00..  We have to be there at 5:30..  bleh..
The doctor said she will be on crutches for 7 to 10 days..  She's not really thrilled about that because she won't be able to stand at work and weld..  Instead she will have to do desk work..  Or as she put it "I have to do Gordon's (the boss) job and he gets to do mine"..
But knowing Sky, she will figure out how to weld on crutches before too long.  

After her appointment we went to get my blood work done, then stopped at Walmart to buy dog food..
I made the mistake of walking past the yarn aisle on the way to the dog food..  
I'm going to make a blanket for Evelyn (my niece)..  I'm thinking blocks this time..

Well darn..  I thought I had more to blog about today..  Turn out I don't..

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