Consider the Lilies..: Recovering   

Mar 12, 2016


We checked in at the surgical center at 5:30 AM, they brought us right back and gave Sky a few minutes to get comfortable..  They told her to come in comfortable clothes so she wore her p.j.'s..

 Then they brought her an insulated paper gown and what she calls 'surgery socks'..

She was calm and collected until it was time to start an IV..  She's horrible about that..  She's weird about medical needles..  It's not just any old needle because she has tattoos and piercings, but medical needles are a different story..  
They gave her a shot to numb the area before inserting the IV but then missed the first time and had to try her other hand..  By the time they got the IV going she was sweating and turning green..
It's a little strange to see since she's the toughest girl I know and not really shaken by much, but when someone at the doctor's office or a hospital comes near her with a needle, she sorta freaks out..
But after laying down for a few minutes she was back to herself again..

They walked her back to the operating room and 30 minutes later the doctor came out to tell me that he had found that tissue had grown where it shouldn't have and was pressing against the nerves which was what has been causing her so much pain..
So he "cleaned it up" and said that she should be fine from now on and won't require another surgery..

She was only in recovery for about 20 minutes and in that time she had eaten a container of applesauce, 2 pieces of toast and cranberry juice..
She still had a lot of drugs in her system so she was feeling pretty happy for the rest of the day :)

Jacob met us at the house after the surgery and carried her up the stairs and into the house where she spent the rest of the day either conked out on the couch or watching Kung Fu movies.

She's not in much pain today and made it up the stairs without crutches, but her leg is a little swollen..
She should be up and moving around normally by Monday :)


  1. Brave girl. I know how she feels about needles. I go into a panic mood also. Amazing what meds do for you.

  2. Well, I certainly miss a lot on your blog when I'm working! Surgery?!Yikes!! So glad she's all good now. YOu should sign onto my account. maybe you'll like the books I have downloaded. I'll text you the info


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