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Mar 25, 2016

Hi :)

I got a letter yesterday from Biruck, one of the kids we sponsor through Compassion.   I sent him some money for his 5th birthday and he sent me pictures of his birthday party.
 The candle says 4 which sort of confused me at first because I know that he turned 5, but then I learned that in Ethiopia (where he lives) they celebrate the year they just completed as well as being a year older. 

Oh!  My newest favorite thing..  My Nuwave oven. I gotta tell ya, I love it!  I've used it every day since it was delivered. I haven't used my regular oven at all. It makes everything, and super easy. It roasts meat, even from frozen and cooks it perfectly) veggies, and I read that you can bake in it too. 
I got an extra one for free when I ordered one so I gave it to Elaine. I don't know if she uses it it as much as I do because she has a big family to cook for and there isn't a ton of room in it, but for just me, sometimes Sky, and sooner or later Clay; it's perfect. It cooks with way less fat, faster, and yummier! (You should check it out Vickie!  Lestie too!). 
This ends my infomercial. 

I'm finally finished with Clay's blanket!  Yay!!

Now I only have 3 other projects to finish!  Well, at the moment..  I have 2 more I want to start, as soon as I learn Tunesian crochet :)


  1. See, I thought the same thing about the Nuwav oven - it just doesn't hold enough for the amount we cook. Maybe once the boys graduate and move out!

    Biruck has a beautiful family! What a blessing.

  2. You are the crochet queen! I love the cooker but I don't use it every day. A couple times a week when a couple people in the family are gone


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