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Feb 6, 2016


We went and got a Costco membership the other day. We already have a SAMs Club membership but I like Costco's produce department better. They have some other things that SAMs doesn't have, and SAMs has some stuff that Costco doesn't. They let us walk around before we got the membership to see what they have. 
Neither one of them has Copper's dog food though.
He's a really big dog and goes through a bag of food pretty quickly. It would be nice to be able to buy it in bigger bags.   We can get his brand at Walmart, so you'd think it would be at SAMs too. 

I miss my laptop. 

Clay hurt his back over the weekend. He was shoveling the driveway after the blizzard. He didn't want to use the snowblower because he's "not a girl and can shovel the snow himself". It was wet, heavy snow and while he was twisting to toss the snow off the shovel, he pulled something. 
Because he's Clay he didn't say anything (he never complains) so I didn't know he was in pain until I noticed him walking a little slower than usual. When I asked him what was wrong he said that his back was "a little sore, no big deal". 
But yesterday he went to the doctor. We have been married for almost 20 years and I can count on one hand how many times he has actually made an appointment and gone to the doctor. Three. Once because he got malaria in Africa and woke up in a dirty hospital so he wanted to make sure he hadn't gotten an infection or anything gross. Once because he cut his head open and needed stitches (that wasn't an appointment though, he was bleeding everywhere so he had to go), and yesterday..
So apparently his back was more than "a little sore". 
The doctor gave him pain pills and some muscle relaxers. He took one of each when he got home and slept for six hours. They warned him that he might feel a little drowsy. I think that was an understatement. 

Since I can't do my schoolwork without a laptop I started studying the book of Hebrews. It's a difficult book for me, I've  never really understood it. I mean, I get the basics of it but it's just a difficult book for me. 
I began with researching what other pastors I admire think about it. I felt a little better when John MacArthur and Phil  Johnson both said that Hebrews is the most difficult book in the New Testament. 
So last Sunday while I was sitting in the conference room at church waiting for the membership class to start I asked the pastor if he had a good commentary on Hebrews that I could look at. 
The conference room is full of books and they have a library full of theology books too. *I had a total nerd moment when I was told that I could borrow any books I wanted from the library*
He handed me an old book from the bottom shelf and told me I could take it home. The introduction was about 80 pages and made so much sense!  It put Hebrews in proper perspective and made my reading of it so much easier. 

I'm having a lazy day today. Don't plan on getting out of my pajamas. I might even leave the dishes until tomorrow!
(I won't, it'll drive me nuts knowing they are sitting there). 

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